Horse riding lessons: All you need to know

Breeches, Chelsea boots, kragi &# 8211; riding dictionary can cause you dizziness. You dream of riding riding? Find out what you are behind these words and do all these accessories need at the beginning of your equestrian adventure.

Equestrian equipment can be expensive, and the clothes for equestrian sports can also be dear &# 8211; it can scare those who are not sure that this is a sport for them &# 8211; wants to try, but does not want to invest more money at the very beginning. Therefore, we will tell me that really need newcomer.

How to dress for the first walk on the horse?

On first lesson It is absolutely optionally to dress from the head to the fifth in a professional equestrian store. Usually enough convenient leggings or sports suit &# 8211; Mandatory with long pants, t-shirt and comfortable sneakers. Helmet, of course, will also need, but for the first trip it is usually You can rent In a riding school, a protective vest is also important, especially for children. First lessons &# 8211; this time to meet a horse, learn to balance and walk slowly with the fall, so the lack of professional clothes is not an obstacle. Before the first trip, you should also explore the basics of riding and gait.

Riding pants and boots

First buying after you decide to do horse riding for a longer period, should be jodhpurs &# 8211; Bridges and shoes &# 8211; that is, Chelsea boots. Price range both trousers and shoes are huge. In popular sports stores you can buy them in just a few tens of rubles, in specialty stores prices can reach several hundred. Initially enough basic configuration.

Breeches. Buying Galife, it is worth paying attention to whether the material is sewn the so-called lei, preferably suede, due to which it is easier to hold the equilibrium on the horse. Some pants are additionally equipped with Silicon Leay, which is definitely the most convenient solution. To begin with, it is more convenient to buy trousers with a full seat.

Riding boots. Chelsea boots can be made of rubber &# 8211; cheapest version or leather &# 8211; much more expensive solution. Elegant leather boots in training are used infrequently &# 8211; Rather, they are an element of equipment at competitions or exams, so they do not need newcomer. When buying first shoes, it is important that it be comfortable and in winter a fat sock can fit into it, because during winter workouts, the legs can freeze.

Horse helmet and vest

Horseback riding &# 8211; This is a traumatic sport, so absolutely necessary gear &# 8211; this is Tok-helmet &# 8211; riding helmet. You should not even sit on a horse without him, and best wearing it, even when you care, clean or saddle horse. It is definitely not worth saving here, and although you usually take it hire at the first trip, It is worth to have their own, and be sure that he is good quality.

Vests for horses. Vest is not obligatory while driving, but recommended &# 8211; Especially for children, when skating in the field or with more complex training.

Having a helmet and vest, be sure that falling from a horse I will not attend your health and end with one or more bruises.

Riding accessories that are not necessary, but who are worth knowing

Riding lessons all you need to know

Leggings or cape. So usually leather leggings wear on Chelsea shoes. They are intended to protect the Rider ICR and ensure the proper seizure of caviar. They can be especially useful when we are going to ride shorts, for example, on vacation or in hot weather. However, they are not common equipment in amateur education.

Warmed vest. It is useful in spring and autumn when the temperature drops slightly. This is not necessarily, but plus that you can very quickly take it off when it becomes too hot.

Riding socks. No need to buy special socks for riding, but golfs are usually more convenient to drive. It can also be ski golf &# 8211; especially in winter.

Riding gloves. In winter, gloves will definitely use, but, as in the case of socks, they can be just gloves &# 8211; It is important that they were comfortable.

Whip. This is one of those accessories for riding, which usually is on the stable, but the riders often have their own &# 8211; your favorite color and preferred length. Since it is an accessory that breaks quickly, the presence of one’s own &# 8211; Warranty that it will always be in good condition.

Horse equipment taking into account your skills

Complete equipment and rider equipment can cost several thousand rubles or even a few tens of thousands. First training equipment can be collected for very little money, so it should not be an obstacle to the beginning of your adventure in this beautiful sport. Only as skills will develop There is a need Replace equipment to better, convenient or durable, but thanks to the experience you can make a more informed choice, adapted to the real needs of equestrian sports.

Riding lessons all you need to know

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