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Gorgeous city Riga – Pearl of the Baltic and the capital of Latvia. It is located in the mouth of Daugava, on the coast of the Bay of the Baltic Sea. At the capital of Latvia an ancient history and a rich cultural heritage. Riga has always been a trading crossroads, a concentration of culture of different nations. In Riga, there is something to see – a variety of Baltic architecture, buildings in Yuggendstil, unusual houses, vintage picturesque streets, monuments and cathedrals. Riga included since 1997. On UNESCO World Heritage List as a city, in whose architecture, the whole story was reflected from 1201 to the present day.

A unique wooden building in the central part of the city of Riga is very valued, and the historic center (Old Town) is the heart of Riga. His narrow streets paved by ancient cobblestone allow the guest of the city to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, long ago of the past centuries. Today, the majority of Riga’s main attractions are concentrated in the area. The greatest impression produces a Riga castle, the current residence of the president of the country, the Swedish gate, the house of the Blackheads, the powder tower – By the way, the only medieval fortifications remained to today. The magnificent architectural ensemble – the Church of St. Peter, is considered one of the most beautiful attractions of Riga.

Travelers will be interested in visiting the central market of the city of Riga, which is one of the oldest and largest in Europe and America. In Riga, many gardens and parks, the oldest of which is the Verper Park. Garden Viestura was laid by Peter I in 1721. and became the first public garden in Riga. The city is also famous for its restaurants and cafes – prices here are much lower than in Western Europe, and the kitchen is great. Nightlife Riga – Bright and diverse, because this city is very rich in concert halls and cultural centers.

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What is interesting to see in Riga?

Top sights Riga

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

The Dome Cathedral

Riga History Museum and ..

House of Chernogolov

Three brothers

St. John’s Cathedral

Powder tower

Quarter of Yuggendistil

House cats

Riga Castle

Riga: Excursions and events

Being in Riga, it is worth going on a pedestrian tour of the old town, the duration of which about three hours. This is a fascinating tour in Riga, during which it will be possible to walk through the narrow streets of the old city, the names of the streets of which are preserved from the Middle Ages to the present day, learn a lot of vintage urban legends, see the houses of a variety of eras and styles: the famous black house, original Koshkin House , House «Three brothers», Beautiful churches St. Peter, St. John and St. Jacob, Magnificent Disc Cathedral, Vintage Riga Castle, Swedish Gate, Jacob barracks, powder tower and much more.

Excursion in Riga Lachy Kinogodok-Ragatiems-Yanupils lasting about 6-7 hours. The most interesting journey, during which the group will see beautiful landscapes of Kurzeme, and the first stop on the way will be a bakery «Lači», in which the best bakelies and confectioners work around the round. Here they bake on the ancient Latvian recipes traditional rye bread, which can be enjoyed in a cozy cafe «Lači». Next stop in the course of the excursion – cinogodok «Synevla». Here every tourist will be able to travel to the past, changing the characteristic costumes of the 19th century. The group then arrives in the medieval castle of Yanupils with an interesting story and a real knightly meal at the end of the inspection. Also in the program visits to the fishing village Ragatiems, where it will be possible to watch the process of smoking the fish.

Fascinating journey along the route Sigulda – «Latvian Switzerland» And Turaida Castle will last about 6-7 hours. Sigulda is a small town in one of the most beautiful places of Latvia, which is sometimes referred to «Little Latvian Switzerland». Hilly banks of the Gaui River, the ruins of ancient castles, mysterious sandy caves make Sigulda a popular destination for tourists and locals. At the excursion is a visit to the Turaid Museum-Reserve.

In addition, from the city’s excursions in the city of Riga, it is worth noting a trip to the coastal Jurmala with a visit to the largest water park, located in Northern Europe. The duration of such an excursion is about 4-5 hours.

History of Riga

Riga, Latvia Reviews, Reviews, Hotels of Riga Tourprom Travel

Climate in Riga

The climate in Riga is pretty wet and, in general, soft: summer here is without strong heat and winds, winter warmer and strong frosts do not happen, thaw in winter frequent, but in the cold season, mostly cloudy weather. In winter, the temperature in Riga is rarely lowered below -10°WITH. -15°C, in summer – above +25°C, which is explained by the proximity of the Baltic Sea and its influence on the climate in Riga.

Average temperature indicators can be seen if you look at the weather in Riga for months. Riga climate is characterized by high humidity and large number of cloud days – about 300 days a year here is cloudy and warm weather.

Riga: Entertainment and Activities

For lovers of outdoor activities and walks in Riga, complete freedom of choice. You can visit the Riga Zoo, which spread out on the territory of the Microdistrict Mezapars, that the west of the lake Kishchers. Based on the zoo society «Riga Zoological Sad», which arose about a hundred years ago, in 1908. In October 1912. Zoosada doors opened for visitors, and 267 animals of 88 species were presented to their attention. From the buildings of those times, only entrance doors, mountain cafes on the shore of the lake and the administration building.

One of the preferred holiday destinations Riga and citizens is Mezapark. On his huge picturesque territory there is a lake Kishsers, a large recreation area, an expensive residential area with beautiful mansions and a zoo. From the 19th century, the construction of cottages and mansions was carried out on this territory, but in Soviet times the development stopped, the constructed villages were launched and later nationalized. In the 1990s, almost all the houses returned to their legitimate owners, Mezaparkk again became the most prestigious area of ​​the city of Riga. School ski school, large rink and ski distance are also located.

AKVALANDE water park – a huge water complex located in Riga on the left bank of R.Daugava, just three stops from the old Riga. There are several pools of different sizes, including children’s, baths of three species, water slides of different heights and tilt, jacuzzi, bar. Trolleybus number 28 is walking in the water park from the Arrow Square. Unique and very beautiful Verper Park — Great place for walking, especially at the beginning of autumn. This is the oldest park in Riga, it was founded in 1813. At the personal order of the Marquis of Philippe Osipovich Paulche, the former Riga Grador. Funds for the construction of the park allocated Anna Gertrude Verman.

Transport features of Riga

Main types of public transport in Riga – These are buses, trams and trolleybuses. Most routes converge near the central market, from here you can go anywhere in Riga. All kinds of urban transport operates a single travel card.

Route taxi – Special view of transport in Riga. Minibuses are popular with Rizhan, most of the routes connect the sleeping areas of the city and the center, some routes run between the bedroom areas. The fare in the route taxi is close to the cost of public transport, sometimes it happens higher, depending on the length of the route.

In addition, in Riga, you can move on a taxi, rented car and bike (old city).

Riga, Latvia Reviews, Reviews, Hotels of Riga Tourprom Travel

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