Right hotels with a good view of Eiffel Tower

On the one hand, finding hotels with a view of Eiffel Tower is not difficult, in Paris they are not enough. But on the other, most of them can only be seen from the tower or it is very far away. We decided to figure it out, Where better to stay with a good view of the Eiffel Tower.

Book carefully: the description of the room should be written that he overlooking the tower. In one hotel can be numbers and without a view.

Eiffel Tower can be seen even with Montmartre – somewhere in distant it can be seam. But we need not. We want to know where to stay in Paris so that and to see the tower from the room and the subway there was a good area.

Such hotels have got into this selection.

Eiffel Hotels with Tower on the map

I’ll tell you about prices.

The fact that you remove the number overlooking the Eiffel Tower does not mean that you pay huge money for it, although of course the price will be higher than the average hotel.

The price rather depends on the distance to the tower and, of course, from the level of service.

1. Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

The most luxurious with the best view

First listed and luxurious hotel with a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower – Hotel Shangri-La. From the windows of his numbers Tower is clearly visible, it will be on the opposite coast of the Seine.

If you decide to stop here – keep in mind that the tower is visible not from each number. When you boast, Look inscription "View on Eiffel Tower" In the description of the number.

Shangri-La – five-star hotel, Located in the former Prince Palace Rolend Bonaparte ; He is not a particularly well-known historical character, but nevertheless wore a famous last name. He was the grandson of the native brother of Emperor Napoleon I ; Lucien Bonaparte.

Naturally, that You will reach the tower in a few minutes, You only need to pass the garden trocadero and go bridge. The metro is also near, although if you are seriously considering the opportunity to stop here, you are unlikely to use the subway.

Room rate overlooking the Eiffel Tower begins from 90,000 rubles per night. It is more expensive than other hotels overlooking the Eiffel Tower in this selection.

To tell about free Wi-Fi and other additional services does not make sense – Everything is here, Including the pool and staff that speaks all languages ​​distributed on this planet.

  • Address: 10 Avenue D&# 8217; Iéna, 16th District: Passy, ​​Paris
  • Telephone: +33 1 5367 1998
  • Prices: from 90 thousand rubles

2. Eiffel Trocadéro

Budget analogue of the previous one

Hotel Trocadéro

Very close to the previous hotel there is a variant much cheaper ; Eco Hotel Eiffel Trocadéro. In terms of location, it is as close and convenient as Shangri-LA, but the prices are here several times.

Eiffel Room The tower will cost B 17000 per night (Look in the description of the phrase "beautiful view").

Of course, this hotel is not as luxurious as the previous one, but nevertheless ; 4 stars. The tower is seen from here not completely, the bottom closes the neighboring building.

  • Address: 35 Rue Benjamin Franklin, 16th District: Passion, Paris
  • Telephone: +33 1 5370 1770
  • Prices: 17 thousand rubles per night

3. Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Close to the tower and cheap

On the third place Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel – It is often mentioned in different reviews.

This hotel could be in the first place, but The Eiffel Tower Firstly, it’s too close to see it entirely, you will have to go up to the window, secondly, the lower part is hidden by neighboring buildings.

The cost of living overlooking the tower begins with 20 000 rubles. Some rooms overlook the garden ; When you boach read description. Book, by the way, you can without prepayment.

The rooms have TV, air conditioning and bathroom ; all as in a good hotel.

  • Address: 18 Avenue De Suffren, Entrée Au 22 Rue Jean Rey, 15th District: Port de Versailles, Paris
  • Telephone: +331 4438 5600
  • Prices: from 20 thousand rubles


Aparthotel ; His kitchen in the room

Number overlooking the tower at the hotel Adagio

On the fourth place Four-star Aparthotel Adagio in the 15th district. The hotel is good not only by the view of the Eiffel Tower from some rooms, but also the fact that each hotel room is planned by the type of apartment. This means that you will not only have Own bathroom room but also kitchen.

Walk to the tower you will reach in 15 minutes by the Embankment of the Seine. The cost of apartments overlooking the tower begins from 18 000 rubles per night.

  • Address: 14 RUE DU Théâtre, 15th District
  • Telephone: +331 4571 8888
  • Prices: from 18 000 rubles per night

5. Le Metropolitan A TRIBUTE PORTFOLIO Hotel

The most harmonious view

View of Eiffel Tower from the top floor of the hotel

I liked the view of the Tower at the hotel Le Metropolitan.

Right hotels with a good view of Eiffel Tower

But view of the tower only from one number, but as in the picture. The hotel is located on the side of Torocadero Square, a little further on Elio Avenue.

The very number on the top floor overlooking the tower 41 000 rubles per night. This is a number for two with a large bed. When you come, in the room you will be waiting for a bottle of champagne.

  • Address: 10 Place de Mexico, 16th District: Passy, ​​Paris
  • Telephone: +331 5690 4004
  • Prices: 41 000 rubles

6. Résidence Charles Floquet

Closer than all to the Eiffel Tower

Strictly speaking, this is not a hotel, but a building in which you can rent an apartment or if you are so familiar, apartments. Closer to the Eiffel Tower you can not settle.

Why only sixth place? Too close.

Beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower is not only its presence in your window, it is also its background and environment and even the window itself, as in the case of the previous hotel. You will not be able to see her whole sitting in the chair.

You can remove the apartment with the desired view 40,000 per night.

  • Address: 8 Avenue Charles Floquet, 7th District: House of Disabled, Paris
  • Telephone: +331 4566 8691
  • Prices: 40,000 per night

7. Hôtel La Comtessa by Elegancia

Better location and good price

From the point of view of location – it is very Comfortable hotel.

Here, near the Museum of the Army, the house of persons with disabilities, Marso Field and the Eiffel Tower itself. To the metro station just a couple of minutes walk. And the area is good. The hotel itself is located in an old building .

Prices for four-star hotel are not high – from 16 000 rubles per night.

The tower is visible almost entirely, with the exception of the foundation itself, it is hidden by the building opposite. Therefore, the hotel ranks 7th.

  • Address: 29, Avenue De Tourville, 7th District: House of Disabled, Paris
  • Telephone: +331 4551 2929
  • Prices: 16 000 rubles


Best panoramic view of Paris

View of the tower from this hotel is very good – Panorama of all Paris and Eiffel Tower on his background.

This hotel farther than all the rest of the hotels overlooking the Eiffel Tower in this selection. It is located at the most Paris ring, but Metro Station almost under the hotel, yes and boulon forest near. So, remoteness in this case is not so minus.

Hotel 4 stars and a view of the Eiffel Tower is worth from 20 000 rubles per night.

  • Address: 3 PLACE DU Général Koenig, 17th District: Batinol, Paris
  • Telephone: +331 4068 1234
  • Prices: 20 000 rubles

nine. Duquesne Eiffel

Another hotel with very Convenient location. It can be an alternative to what it stands on the 7th place. This little further from the subway, but it is also close to the house of the disabled, the army museum and the tower itself.

The view of the Eiffel Tower lightly blocked nearby houses, but still, it can be seen almost entirely. Prices are at the same level ; about 16,000 per night

  • Address: 23, Avenue Duquesne, 7th District: House of Disabled, Paris
  • Telephone: +331 4442 0909
  • Prices: 16,000 per night

ten. Hotel Le Relais Saint Charles

Low price and close to the subway

The main advantage of this hotel ; Price per room overlooking the Eiffel Tower begins from 7000 per night. He is slightly removed from the center, but the station Metro right across the road. Of course, the tower is not visible entirely, but this kind of need is still creating.

  • Address: 72 Boulevard de Grenelle, 15th District: Port de Versailles, Paris
  • Telephone: +331 4058 0057
  • Prices: 7000 per night

In conclusion I want to say that I personally liked the very number on the top floor of the hotel Le Metropolitan. It’s probably you already understood.

All hotels that have come to our rating can be bolded to name the best hotels in Paris. All hotels overlooking Eiffel Tower more expensive than, for example, with the same number of stars, but without a kind. However, prices are not at all transcendent (for some exceptions).

Good trip to Paris.

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