Right of Middle Ages

Meet the Russians with the Czech Republic, as a rule, is limited to Prague or Karlovy Vara. Meanwhile, there are many interesting attractions in this country, among which castles and fortresses are especially attractive for tourists. Mighty fortified locks surrounded by Water Rips were built at the beginning of the XII century in the estates of the feudal. In most cases, strategic places were chosen for construction, from where a good view of the surroundings opened.

From the XVI century, the castles-fortress, having lost defense importance, became the residences of the aristocracy. Each palace reflected the power and wealth of the owner. About two thousand castles and palaces have been preserved to this day, most of which belong to national cultural monuments. In many, old interiors have preserved, now exhibitions are held in their halls, as well as folk holidays.

Czech Museum Business Card – Famous Carlstein – Gothic Fortress, built in the middle of the XIV century on high mountain Emperor Carl IV for storage of royal treasures. There is a castle about 40 km south-west of Prague. The proximity to the capital led to the popularity of Karlstein, where dozens of thousands of tourists go in summer. One-day excursion to the castle offers almost any Czech receiving firm. Despite the fact that Karlstein was rebuilt many times, it is still possible to see unique frescoes and a meeting of 127 paintings depicting saints, angels and prophets.

Some firms take tourists and on other castles, as well as serf ensembles. For example, in Cesky Krumlov, located near the city of Ceske-Budevitsy, in the south of the country. This fortress, one of the most famous in the Czech Republic, was founded in the XIII century, and three centuries later reconstructed in the style of the Renaissance. Sometimes the Russians also fall into Ceske Sternberk, also located near Prague, which still own the descendants of the noble sternberry. Castle is curious a large collection of ancient weapon and a huge exposition of hunting trophies – skins, hoofs, stuffed deer, bears, roe deer and other animals. Over each trophy hangs a sign with an inscription when and under what circumstances the beast was killed.

In order to see the authentic masterpieces of the castle architecture, you need to go to the deep province – the further from Prague, the better. In the north of the Czech Republic, not far from the border with Germany, the castle of Lemberk built in the style of early baroque. Another castle, a tinnier, erected by the merger of the Vltava and Elbe rivers, in the Middle Ages was known as the Generic Fortress of Czech Korolev and Prince. This castle placed an exposure dedicated to winemaking.

Deserves interest and romantic water castle Chervena Lgota in the south of the country. It appeared as a result of the spill of the river, in the midst of which the unapproachable fortress was built on the rock. Baroque Castle Cooks in Moravia for four centuries. By architecture, it looks like an Italian villa, stretching in the middle of the French garden. Not far from the beer Czech capital Pilse stands a hunting goal castle, built in the style of new classicism and surrounded by a picturesque fleet. And not far from the resort capital of the Czech Republic Karlovy Var over a small town of Lakes proudly rises a harshone monofitable castle, the basements of which for a long time were prison. Excursions for prison chases in which "Sit" Wax prisoners and unclean power, very popular from Chekhov and foreigners. Every year, folklore-medieval festivals are held on the location, on which Knight’s tournaments, vintage dances can be seen, and also buy products of folk masters.

Right of Middle Ages

Similar concept of using vintage locks to attract tourists, called "Right past", Widely become applied in recent years in the Czech Republic. In summer, the castles really come to life – members of all kinds of voluntary societies for the preservation of historical crafts, groups of historical fencing, cooks, offering dishes by antique recipes, and musicians. In the ancient interiors of locks, tourists show theatrical ideas, on unusual tools performed medieval music, knightly tournaments and battles are held. Regularly, such holidays are held in the castle. The diversity (average Czech Republic) is held in the castle, on the largest ruins of the Rabi’s fortress (Western Czech Republic), in the castles of Bowzov (Middle Maurevia), the death (average Czech Republic), Gel Phttin (Northern Moravia) and T. D.

In most castles and palaces, the tourist season begins on April 1 and ends on October 31, day off – Monday. It is curious that recently "inside" Some locks are rebuilt under hotels and guesthouses. Already now you can spend a couple of days in Cesky-Krumlov, Straps, Strizhin and some other vintage castles. The Germans, Austrians and Swiss are often used by a similar service. In Russia, almost no firm offers similar tours.

According to managers of metropolitan agencies, the castles excursions are sold until rarely. Although some architecture masterpieces Our tourists still examine during the weekly tour of Prague Charles Vary. The cost of such a week trip in March is from $ 500 (with flight, accommodation in a three-star hotel with breakfast and visa). However, tours of the castles are offered mainly in the summer, so the prices for most of the majority of firms have not yet been determined.

Right of Middle Ages

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