Rights and duties of train passengers

Earlier, "my planet" talked about "non-obvious train services". This time – about the rights and obligations of passengers, which you may not know.

Location: according to the purchased ticket

Lower shelf belongs only to one passenger. To the one who bought the corresponding ticket. And let or not let her lie on it / sit someone else – his goodwill, and nothing else. So, if you persistently ask you to give way, because "the elders need to be given", "this is for the sake of the child", "you are younger than adult" Et Cetera, you can send everyone to send to the rules of travel.

Moreover, the passenger who bought a ticket to the lower place has an advantage of luggage accommodation under the shelf. His companion from above will have to be content with the remaining place or put things in the upper luggage compartment. Excuses "I am uncomfortable / hard / little space" do not work.

Blanket: when buying bed linen

If you go four hours, and besides, you can safely refuse bed linen when buying a ticket. Just be prepared for the fact that in this case you will not be allowed to use the blanket, pillow and mattress. Do not give you bedding and in the event that you decide to sleep on your underwear. Conductors do not encourage their bed linen at all, appealing to the fact that it has not passed San Drops.

Animals: No Documents

From January 10, 2017, Russian Railways allowed the transport of small pets and birds in all internal trains without presenting a veterinary certificate. True, only for a fee, which depends on a kilometer, which will have to overcome your small fellow traveler. Exceptions are conducting dogs. Do not pay for them.

Fans of exotic is more difficult. Python, shovels, poisonous spiders and other animals, birds that can threaten the life and health of other passengers, are still not permitted. Neither the cell nor carrying nor the persuasion will help.

Bicycle: disassembled

If your favorite pet is a bike, take it with you to the train in an unemployed form will not be able to. Bicycle can only be transported in a commuter trail. In long-distance trains, he can travel only in baggage. And it should be packed in such a way that the sum of its length, height and width was not more than 180 cm.

Stop crane breakdown: only conductor

Deciding to buy seeds in the bail kiosk, it is worth calculating the parking time. The passenger’s backlog from the train is not considered a valid reason for breaking the conductor of stop-crane. (Especially since you have not even had to buy a new ticket – he will be able, a little surcharge, go on the next train. About other non-obvious Lifehaki – in our article "10 myths about trains".)

It is possible to use a stop-crane only to prevent crashing, accidents, rolling stock, human victims. Saving a stop-crane, a person will instantly stop the train, since the brakes in this case are triggered along the entire length of the composition. But almost also quickly gets and check.

Each case is logged and, if the reason for stopping the train was not respectful, the conductor and the crane passenger was fine. According to the Code of the Russian Federation on administrative offenses, an administrative penalty from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles is imposed on the passenger. If, during a breakdown, someone was injured, can go to the progress and criminal code for causing harm to health.

Photographing: for personal use

Deciding to make selfie at the station or in a car, you may not ask permission to take pictures. RZD rules say that you can photograph for personal use if you do not violate the rules of location on the railway, do not interfere with employees and passengers and do not interfere in the technological process.

True, excessive interest in detail can cause a suspicion from the security officer.

Smoking: on the platform

Smokers – Fight, announced in Russian Railways, and on February 15, 2017, the internal regulatory act of a federal passenger company entered into force, which prohibited "the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic delivery of nicotine" in long-distance trains. The prohibition does not apply only to suburban trains, which run for a distance less than 200 km.

The usual cigarettes in the trains can not be smoking since 2014. Smokers left one legal way out – platform. But also on it is possible to smoke only in the case before the station building at least 15 m.

Beer: in the dining car

Going on vacation, is worth a hundred times to think before starting to celebrate the long-awaited vacation right on the train. Drinking beer and wine can only be in the dining car. If you decide to skip on the glass of out of place, you know that, according to the Administrative Code, you shine a fine of 100-300 rubles., and connoisseurs of drinks stronger – from 500 to 700 rubles.

Rights and duties of train passengers

Song: only during the day

Karaoke lovers will have to wait for the bar. At least from 23:00 to 06:00 in the train must be maintained silence. But the day you can try to negotiate with the other passengers. If they do not mind, you can sing. But only until such time as no other indignant.

Checkers: instead of cards

To play the fool in the station will not work. Since 2009, gambling is prohibited in Russia. On cars the ban does not apply formally, but Russian Railways does not encourage such a passion, and a policeman escorting the train, for sure there a few questions. Suddenly, you are covered by an article on fraud?

Instead of cards better ask the conductor chess, checkers or other board game. As a rule, keep them in the staff car, which goes to the head of the train. Number of table games is limited, but they have the right to ask passengers, and second-class and compartment cars.

Collection of linens: at will

Hearing the call of the conductor to pass clothes, can recommend it to re-read the job description. There, in black and white that clean bedding – duty wire. And not an hour before arrival, but only after the passenger exit. In exceptional cases and only with the consent of the passenger – half an hour before arrival at the station, but not earlier. Guides also be asked to provide underwear because do not have time to assemble it yourself.

And in the beginning the conductor himself must bring linens and lay it at the request of the passenger. At least, older people, people with disabilities, children, pregnant women and sick people can contact her, and the category of the carriage here. This is completely free.

If you do not like the condition of the lingerie or you accidentally shed coffee on it, you can take fresh. True, for an additional fee.

Set alarm clock: to the conductor

"Citizens passengers wake up! Wake up, citizens passengers!"- often wakes the conductor two hours before the arrival of the train. At the same time, the rules of transportation, where his duties are enshrined does not violate. It says that it is obliged to wake passengers no later than half an hour before arrival, he wakes up.

It happens that at 4 o’clock in the morning you need to go out, but you and you, and the conductor slept. In this case, the head of the train is called, an act with signatures of the conductor, the boss of the train and passenger. The conductor gets to catch up with a prize, a fine and deprivation of award. And the passenger with the act goes to the head of the station in the city, to which he was rolled, and there he is given a free ticket for the nearest train or train to the desired station.

Rights and duties of train passengers

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