Rio de Janeiro

The name of the beautiful city is translated as «January river». Today Rio de Janeiro It is in second place in magnitude in Brazil. The city entails the crowd of tourists with unusual landscapes, golden beaches, and, of course, numerous colorful processions and carnivals.

Rio de Janeiro is located in the south-east of the country, near the picturesque bay. The city is born in the second half of the 16th century. Local residents believe that Jesus created the city on day 7, after the creation of light. The concentration of the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the city is so great that Rio’s attractions would have enough for several more megacities.

The city extended along the coastline a few kilometers. The names of the beaches are world names, and the mountains decorated with the statue of the Savior are forced to return to the paradise of the corner again and again. Nature boasts green rainforests, blue lagoons, rivers, hills. And still need for idyll and decent rest? Despite seeming peace, in the city there is no little much more than 7 million people live. Rio de Janeiro enters the top of the most densely populated cities of our globe.

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What is interesting to see Rio de Janeiro?

Top Sights Rio de Janeiro

Statue of Christ in Rio

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Sugar head in Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Beach in Rio

Laguna Rodrigi Di Freutash

Tijuka Park

San Sebastian Cathedral

Historic center Rio de Janeiro

Maracan Stadium

Selaron staircase

Rio de Janeiro: excursions and events

Rio de Janeiro curious city, and most importantly versatile. He is exactly what to show an annoying tourist. As a rule, one worthy excursion will have to spend at least 7 – 10 hours. After the traveler is breaking fire, it is worth going to the historic center of the city, where the opportunity to get acquainted with architectural complexes, and stroll through museums, exhibitions, gallery.

In the afternoon, the excursion route will be laid in Botanical gardens, where the famous palm alley is growing, once belonging to the emperors. An excellent idea for holding an evening walk will be a sunset on one of the beaches or the Embankment of Rio de Janeiro. At the excursion, it is necessary to include the route to the top of the sugar head, on which travelers delivers the funicular. From the observation deck you can clearly consider the statue of the Savior, Mountains, the Ocean Islands and Kapackana.

On a small train you can go on a little journey in the neighborhood of Mount Corcovado. Over your head, the power of Jesus with widely stretched hands. From here, from a height of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, the city looks like a palm.

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History of Rio de Janeiro

Climate in Rio de Janeiro

The climate of the Rio de Genrero is influenced by the flow of the Atlantic Ocean. As a rule, summer in these parts is very hot and sultry, and winter is soft, often with positive temperatures. The climate is characterized by high humidity. Best, in Rio come from November to April, when the sun warms the air to optimal marks.

A favorable climate allows you to rest in this city almost all year round. The only thing that from early April until mid-September is cool, and often go. Winter period falls on June and August. Although it is difficult to call it in winter, because the average temperature reaches +20 degrees.

Rio de Janeiro: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Rio de Genrero will never be bored in any way of tourist. First of all, the coast is decorated with numerous beaches with white, soft sand. Water throughout the year remains warm and pleasant to swim. In some coastal areas, you can do diving or ride a yacht. Since nature is extremely unique, it is worth walking through the rainforest and visit the Botanical Garden.

Be sure to climb the mountain where the observation deck is located. From there I will manage to view Rio in all its glory. If you have found yourself in this city in the midst of the carnival, you are doubly lucky. It is unlikely that in another corner of the world will be able to see such a riot of paints. During the period of carnival processions, a large number of competitions passes, the sounds of music and local residents will dance the sambe.

All day is worth visiting the walk through the streets of the old part of the city, where many historical objects have been preserved. Undoubtedly the symbol and the central landmark of the country – statue of Christ located at the height of the sea level bolee2000 metrovnad. From here, no less impressive views are opened than with «Sugar head».

Transport features Rio de Janeiro

Mostly urban transport Rio de Janeiro is represented by buses. In this case, the driver does stop only at the request of passengers. Pay for travel during the entrance to the vehicle. Also in the city there is a subway, but it is not at all big, only 2 branches. Although some parts of Rio will be more convenient to get on underground transport. Metro opened from 6 am until 11 pm.

As a rule, tourists love to use a taxi service. You can find it in the red color flag installed on the car. At the end of the way, we recommend to give a tip shovel in the amount of approximately 10% of the full cost of the trip.

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