Rio de Janeiro: in white pants and without pants

In this action there is no separation for artists and viewers. In each – whether it is a respectable clerk, father of a family or a tourist, far from Brazilian culture, are awakening such instincts, the existence of which no one suspected. This is the carnival originating in February before the great post.

Researchers of Brazilian cultural traditions believe that the beginning of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and in all Brazil put the came from Portugal "A fun day", when all each other fooling out, drank water, sprinkled with flour or sand, dirty with chalk and coal. Later this day began to open the carnival. In 1900, wagons appeared on Carnival for the first time, then still harnessed by horses and bulls. On them, the peasants were brought to the city the fruits grown and demonstrated their successes in every way, and the peasant girls danced and sang.

We gradually formed a modern form of carnival: with Samba schools (the first of them appeared in 1928), ritual, painted by day and hour, hierarchy of acting persons. Celebrations start at six in the evening on Saturday. On the sambadom (stadium built specifically for dancing) one after another speaks schools. Each shows the performance to which the whole year is preparing and for which the scenario, music, words songs are specifically written. Strict jury to choose among them the winner. After the parade of participants, fun on the streets goes on increasing. The incendiary rhythms of samba, not silent for a minute, force everyone without exception to extract incredible knees, pulling the sounds that can rather be called not a song, but an expression of primitive joy.

These days in the city there are heat and humidity, comparable only with the steaming atmosphere. Therefore, firstly, you need a clinch with a big visor or a hat to cover up the cockpit sun. Secondly, I advise you to easily forget about costumes, closed dresses and synthetic fabrics. Best of all cotton shorts and shirt with short sleeves and large pockets on buttons or "Lightning". In them (and not in pockets of trousers) and should keep documents and cash. Brazilian pockets – one of the most virtuoso in the world. Representatives of this profession say that they own fingers, a razor or acutely honed by a nickel coin is no less artistic than the greatest football players of the country – the ball. And you will not believe, but the best "artist" In this area has a nickname "Pele". Indeed as they say in advertising: "All the best in Brazil is called "Pele".

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, there is a traditional ball in the municipal theater where guests are going to know. However, wishing to get into the review of the secular chronicle can be a couple of hundred dollars to buy an entrance ticket and have fun until the morning. Carnival continues for another day to complete at five in the morning on Wednesday.

Now it is "Museum of Montmartra", There are decorative "Republique de Montmartre" with his president and government. Anyone wishing for a completely reasonable amount can get paper with impressive seals certifying that he is her citizen.

Naturally, at this time no one works and does not study, after the holidays – "depart". Last year, the President of the country Fernanda Enriki Cardozu, on returning from a trip to Italy, where he left for the time of Carnival, did not find any minister in the workplace. They were justified by the fact that they rested after the carnival vacation.

If for hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, tourists and climbing celebrities Carnival – Entertainment, then for Samba Schools He is the main event of the year. Big luck – get to the night festivals of the winning school: there is a real orgy and rampant feelings begin. However, we won’t get to the party without trickening.

Rio de Janeiro in white pants and without pants

Last year, as expected from the very beginning, the school of Samba won "Mosidadi Independence Di Padri Miguel" And her program "Creator and its creation" – The history of the emergence and development of a person in the frivol dance. School scored 300 points. Just half a point behind "Imperatris Leopoladomini" And on one – "Baja Flor". It can be imagined how tense was the struggle in which all possible funds were going on.

For example, "Unidus Yes Tijuka" I chose my princess 125-year-old Maria do Karma Zheronim, the oldest woman of Brazil. Grandmother Maria, as her is affectionately name in the city, squeezed in a beautiful dress on the carnival wagon, and behind just in case the ambulance car drove. By the way, Maria was born the slave, since childhood he learned the subyqual labor and gave a lot of valuable advice to the leaders of the series popular in Russia "Slave Isaura". After the carnival, the long-liver admitted to journalists that her streams are confused by the current fashion when "a lot of body, but little clothes".

In recent years, the Brazil has been acute controversy in Brazil about whether the carnavals are not revived, which they were in the past – less professional and more chaste. Holidays in Rio are more and more counting on rich tourists, most of whom come to Brazil to dispel and relax from wives. Participants of the carnival ideas that catch the requests of the public are becoming increasingly greasy, and a sexual topic dominates in production. The old anecdote about the eccentric, who asked the largest condom in the pharmacy, to play the role of male genital in the carnival. In Rio, such a story became a reality: During the last carnival, there was such a hero, which pulled on herself a sticking forward almost half a meter for men’s pride from foam.

But even more anecdotic headlines of serious polemical articles look. For example, such: "Show us genitals or hide". One author writes: "What to hide to us? We are all – Children of Nature". Another answers him: "Or designed by nature, if you start considering us from the head". In one word go hot "Genital" Spore. Many residents of Rio, without waiting for the results of the debate, began to take children to the cottages for the time of Carnival. During the past carnival, the city left more than 300 thousand people.

After watching five or six carnavals in Rio and a few more in other cities, I can convinced that truly people’s festivities pass away from tourist centers – in Salvador, Recife and Fortaleza. If Rio Carnival is a beautiful, expensive and saturated spectacle for guests of the country, then in the outback it is truly folkly walking. Adults and children are involved in it, and instead of frivolous plots, historical scenes are played out: the conquest of America by conquisites, performances on the topic of slavery. The mutual influence of the three cultures of the European, Indian and African cultures in Brazil – there is truly visible. In addition, the carnival acquires a cognitive nature, without losing his fun.Naturally, Carnival – Engine Trade. Travel agencies, airlines, beer manufacturers – everyone collects their crop. And in the last year, the firms producing condoms and caution of the sexy spirit of carnival were especially distinguished. They installed in the city automata selling "Shirtaches", how they call them here. These "Sellers" work without tired day and night. 20% revenue goes to a treasury for fighting AIDS. To the carnival of the 98th year in Rio de Janeiro, there will be 316 such automata.In the next after carnival Saturday Sambu’s school, which took the first five places, show the best moments of their performances in a shortened program. Many tourists prefer to visit the festivities in other cities, and then see this mini carnival. In addition, the celebrations in Rio are completely broadcast on television to the whole country, it can be seen on video tags that appear on sale immediately after its end.

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