Rioja – Country of Vineyards and Wine in Spain

The most famous winery region of Spain, awarded status "DENOMINACION DE ORIGEN CALIFICADA" – This is the highest category by classification. Journey to Riookhu will introduce the famous varieties of Spanish wine, the process of their preparation. Popular wine routes are introduced to the large old vineyards, architectural monuments. A visit to this part of Spain is rich in interesting events and vivid impressions.

In the capital of the province of La Rioja Logrono day festival takes place June 11 in honor of St. Barnabas (San Bernabé), patron of the city. Since 2008, residents of the city carried out an idea to recreate the siege of the city by the French (1521).

Feast of the atmosphere of those times: costumed theatrical productions, fake camp longronskih and French troops, medieval markets. Once in Logroño, at this time, you will plunge into the atmosphere of significant historical events.

In addition, you can experience the Spanish belief. At the beginning of the street Calle Portalles arch decorated with boxwood leaves. After passing three times through the arch, you get lucky in love affairs. If you want to dreams, go through the arch limping.

Wine Battle in Haro takes place on June 29 and is connected with the veneration of the memory Felices Bilibiyskogo. Freelancer of all possible tools (boots, bottles, pots, water guns) fired at the wine following them on Bilibiyskie rock marchers.

After two hours of battle (pictured left), all sent to the monastery of Saint Felices. Mass is held, then all enjoy the performances of brass bands, bullfights, a delicacy of snails.

September 21 Logrono greets guests at the Feast of the grape harvest, or the Day of St. Matthew – the patron of trade. You will find a fun week, the colorful traditional entertainment, including: trampling on grapes (feel like Adriano Celentano), flower battle ceremonial burning of the vat in which the grapes were trampled, the performance of folk groups.

Not only entertainment the earth is full of Rioja, but also for historical monuments: the monasteries of San Millán in Suso and Yuso, once the capital of Navarre kingdom – Nájera, fortification in LaGuardia, Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, where the relics of St. Dominic.

For lovers of outdoor activities, we will advise you to walk through the snow-covered mountains in the resort of Valdevkaray, located in the picturesque Mountains of Sierra de la Demanda.

In any case, La Rioha is a place that will satisfy both the body, and the soul of all wandering in Spain.

Road to the wine cellars (how to get there)

La Rioja is located in the center of Spain. Connects with the rest of the country by highways and railway messaging. The N-111 freeway will lead you to Madrid and Pamploau. The N-232 road goes along the bank of Ebro in Virtus and to the Mediterranean coast. On it is the airport. Choosing the N-120 track, get to Galicia. "Motorway path of St. Jacob" – This is the track a-12. She connects Pamplon with Burgos. Will not be much difficulty getting into Rioja from any city of Spain.

In the capital there is airport. On the bus station there are many carriers in different directions. They will be delivered to any point of Ryoi.

Railway stations are located in Aro, Logrono and other settlements. You can take advantage of car rental, taxi services.

Expensive wine pleasure (prices for transport and entertainment)

Passage on the area by bus will cost no more than 45 euros. The cost of railway transport depends on the day of the week, the time of year.

Excursion service will cost cheaper if you travel a group of more than 6 people. But specify in advance whether the cost of tickets in museums and wine tasting is included.

If you want to surprise friends and native bottles of good Spanish wine (in the photo on the right), then get ready to significantly empty your wallet.

Spanish wine – one of the most popular gifts from Spain, what we wrote about in the article "That tourists are brought from Spain". Read more about prices in our article "How much money to take to Spain".

Everything is provided and included

Bus schedule of bus routes can be found at the train stations, travel agencies, showcases of cafes and shops near the station. On the yellow-green shields at stops are placed cards of bus lines in the city. Blue Blue Buses, Krasnoye – Routes in the city center. During the tourist season, buses run every hour.

In Spain, a network of long-distance buses routes is well developed, it is fast, reliable, inexpensively and convenient. Modern buses, an example can be viewed on the photo on the left.

Schedule international and long-distance bus routes Specify on the websites of travel companies and carriers.

Move on a taxi in Riookhe cheap, if compared with other regions of Spain. The price for landing is 2.1 euros, the price per kilometer is 1.06 euros. There are surcharges for night trips, baggage, 5th person in the cabin. Details in our article "Taxi in Spain – prices and rules". Payment in the official taxi strictly in the meter.

Rentally take a bike. If it turned 16, then you can take a motorcycle. Convenient, economy.

Stretched, Stretched, Wine Pleasure! (how to plan time)

If you do not take into account the time for flights, transfers, movement of the Rioja towns (around 5-6 hours), for a visit to La Rioja will take at least a day. We recommend purchasing a tour of 5-7 days the main attractions of Spain to include a visit to the grape paradise.

Passing the tasting of Spanish wine masterpieces, be sure to come back to try to try a few more varieties of this drink of gods.

Rioja is the path to perfection and worldwide glory (figures, facts and history)

La Rioha – the smallest area of ​​Spain with an area of ​​about 5 thousand square meters. km, located in the north of the country, in the Valley of the Ebro River. The name of the region received thanks to the river Oh, the influx of Ebro (in Spanish it is written as Rio Oha). Until 1980, the region was called Logrono. Two years later, La Rioha gets the status of an autonomous province.

From the north Rioja covers the ridge of the Sierra de Cantabria, in the south – Sierra de la Demanda. Seven beautiful valleys (one of them in the photo on the right) crossed by small rivers, planted with vineyards. For Rioja grapes – the best place: the mountains protect the winds, the rivers – from frosts.

The centuries-old history of the region is famous not only by historical events, architectural monuments, but also by the development of winemaking, bringing it to perfection and global glory.

Thanks to the ancient Romans, the vineyards appear on the land of Riochi. Romans teach local residents of grape cultivation. The kingdom is ready replaces the Romans in the field of office. To change, they come in the 8th century Arabs, who survive from their territory Spanish rulers Fernando I and Alfonso V.

In the Middle Ages, Rioja becomes the subject of disputes between Aragon and Castile. An important role in the enlightenment of Rioja played by the path of St. Jacob (pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela). As "mushrooms after the rain," the monasteries grow on this path, which became cultural and educational foci for the population. It is in them the first texts in Spanish appear.

In the 16th century, Rioha is already exported to wines to other countries.

1560 – Logrono winemakers are developing wines quality emblem. In the following stages of the development of winemaking, protecting the interests of winemakers decrees are created. In 1787, the Royal Economic Society of Ryoi farmers is based.

The city of Aoo becomes the center of the winemaking, near which most wine plants are built. Here is the Wine Museum of Riochi (Wine Interpretation Center). A small town in 10 thousand inhabitants is proud of the oldest winery "Rioha Alta". She works and now, in the photo on the left you can see one of her cellars.

The 19th century brings the epidemic of phylloxers to France, and the views of French winemakers appeal to Riookhu. The production of red wines begins. 1945 – the region acquires the status of the first wine-making district of Spain. At the top of the hill rises the town of Lagward. It was built in 1998 a winery "Bodegas IOS".

In Elsiiya placed "Marquis de Riskal" – The oldest winery. Built here already in our century tourist complex "Vina city" attracts tourists with unusual forms of hotel, museum, spa complex.

Wine "Rioha" – the most popular Spanish wine in the world. Two and a half thousand grapes work on its creation. Fifty winelers "Talk" In their walls over the creation of a miracle named "wine". Rioja won the world name and did not lose their position to this day.

The trip is not only for wine … (sights)

Tasting wine in famous winery Ryoi, do not forget to pay attention to several attractions of this area.

Rioja - Country of Vineyards and Wine in Spain

The world’s largest wine museum in more than detail will tell you everything about this amazing drink.

Ancient dinosaurs left their traces in the Paleontology Center of Enkiso.

Nakhera will be remembered by pink cliffs, the Gothic monastery of Santa Maria La Real (in the photo on the right), probably the only estimated landmark of the city. Building is recognized as the best sample style of Manuelino in Spain. In the monastery there is a Pantheon rulers of Leon, Castile and Navarre.

The Church of Santa Maria de Palacio will hit the Gothic-eight-marginal tower-needle of the 18th century, which can be seen from almost any point Logrono.

Church of Santo Thomas became the main symbol of ARO. Her pride is the 18th century altar in the Baroque style, the power of Felix from Bilibao – Patron of the city, a plateresso facade, ancient organ of 17th century and the Coffin of the Mernel of the Lord with unique frescoes.

Architectural masterpieces are creating not only people, but nature itself. An example of the throat of housing in the rock in Tierra de Cameros.

Briones At the Museum of wine culture Vivanco dynasty in an area of ​​9 km2 of the exposition of wines, tasting room, wine shop, restaurant. This municipality built the newest winery Ryoi "Bodegas Miguel Merino" (1993). Here they produce in small batches of wine high quality brand "Reservation".

Walking in Parks and Reserves Riochi Remarkable Beautiful Landscapes.

Order gastronomic excursions in Logrono, named in 2013 the capital of Spanish cooking. Acquainted with delicious dishes of national cuisine of Spain, who gave the world the Rioja: potato in riohski (pictured left), marzipan from Soto, pintxos, tapas and delicious local wines.

The town is also famous bullring of La Ribera. For its construction spent 12 million. Euro. Arena holds 11,000 people, its shape resembles a flying saucer. In the Rioja it is impossible not to find something for everyone.

Fishing, hiking, hunting, skiing, paragliding, bungee jumping, traveling by canoe, ballooning and even yachting in the reservoir Gonzalez Lasaka.

First, contemplation, then – tasting (Travel Tips)

– In the city of Logrono on Angel Bayo area look for the tourist office (look for his insignia – a black letter "I" on a yellow background). It issued free city map with the addresses of basic infrastructure, with an indication of all the attractions of the schedule of their work;

– Hiking in the small town of La Rioja will be a lot, so think in advance your wardrobe and contemplate comfortable shoes. What else to take along for the ride, read our article "What to take tourist to Spain";

– If you plan to participate in the battle of the wine, please be a change of clothes (better to wear something that is not a pity, because the stains are difficult to remove from the wine);

– wine tasting, transfer to the end of his tour to fully experience the pleasure of seeing all the beauty of the area;

– Among the brands of wine advise «Marques de Riscal», «Vina Alarde», «Gran Reserva Castillo»;

– Do not forget that La Rioja – is a provincial region. Here, many places are closed for siesta. Read our article "What is siesta";

– Although Rioja and the provincial region, but the risk to travelers is the same. Read our article "What not to do in Spain ‘.

A trip to La Rioja – not the most chosen tourist route, but it can be the most fun and memorable.

We wish you an interesting trip to Rioja, and read other interesting articles about Spain (Links below).

Rioja - Country of Vineyards and Wine in Spain

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