Riviera Maya – Mexico, exciting spirit!

Maja Riviera – New and most attractive resort on the Mexican coast of the Caribbean. This is a tropical paradise with crystal clear waters that remind us of the virgin purity of nature, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the rainy tropical forest is choshat by rare wild animals.

How to get to the resort of Riviera Maya?

Next to Riviera Maya are 2 international airports, so tourists do not have transport problems. It is not difficult to get from Moscow, there are two ways:

  1. Airplane to Cancun – Transfer in New York, ticket prices – about 850 USD, then 60 km to Playa del Carmen on a bus or minibus, the fare will cost 2 USD, to a taxi – up to 30 USD;
  2. By plane to Cozumel – Flights are rare, cost from 1000 USD, transplanting in Miami, then ferry from the island, travel time – over 2 hours.

Russian tourists are more convenient to fly to Cancun Airport – it is more profitable for time and price.

Maja Riviera for Romantic Rest

Riviera Maya is an ideal place for a romantic leisure where you can engage extreme sports or enjoy nightlife in numerous bars and restaurants.

Maja Riviera is a long coastline that extends 80 miles of white sandy beaches and washed by turquoise waters of the Caribbean, on the eastern border of Mexico, this resort is located in Kintana Roo. This area of ​​tourism consists of separate beaches, as well as modern resorts with hotels, coaches for yachts, sports facilities and restaurants.

This area has become a first-class destination for tourism of foreign and domestic travelers who come here from different areas of the globe, including from Russia. There are jungle, rivers, underground lakes, savanna, lagoon, mangrove forests. Pyramids, steles, ball courts, temples and squares, just some of the remnants of the Great Civilization of Maya. Their heritage is part of the live culture of the modern people of Maya, who still live in the area, appreciate and keep many customs, traditions, religion and social traditions of their ancestors.

Excursions from Riviera Maya and Attractions

There are many tourist attractions that can be viewed in Riviera Maya. How to take yourself on vacation?

Riviera Maya - Mexico, exciting spirit!
  • Visit Private parks, Take part in eco-tourist activities and in competitions on extreme sports;
  • Visit Golf or tennis tournaments;
  • You can order Excursion to jungle Or go and see the archaeological treasures of Maya;
  • Rest on Maja Riviera Start with Playa del Carmen, which is considered the heart of the economic development of Riviera Maya;
  • You can visit Historical center of civilization Maya is the city of Puerto Morelos, located halfway between Playa del Carmen and Cancun, the former fishing village;
  • Next in the south you can find Tulum and Punta Allen as well Puerto Aventuras With its first-class hotels and golf courses.

Riviera Maya in Mexico is a vacation for 5 points, rich, exotic and interesting. For those who bored Turkey, and European resorts are entitled, these places will definitely like.

Best Hotels of Riviera Maya

The most impressive and popular hotels in Maya Riviera attract travelers from around the world. Among the frequent guests are Europeans, therefore, difficulties with the translation usually do not occur. In the ranking of the best hotels in the resort, they entered:

  1. SandosCaracolEcoEXPERIENCEResort 5* &# 8211; Located on the first line, the airport is 19 km, an abundance of entertainment for children, including water park with 17 slides;
  2. DOSPlayas 3 * &# 8211; A city type hotel on the seashore, to the airport can be reached in 25 minutes, entertainment is a bit, but special attention is paid to the service and atmosphere;
  3. AllegroPlayacar 4* &# 8211; Hotel for nightlife lovers, impresses the number of restaurants in the territory and colorful animation for guests;
  4. RiuLupita 5* &# 8211; The hotel is removed from the sea for a distance of about 3 km., But here are sports entertainment for children and adults;
  5. Grand Bahia Principe Coba 5* &# 8211; Paradise on the seashore, there are 4 restaurants and 8 bars.

Prices for accommodation in the best hotels are quite high – get ready to spend from 1500 USD for weekly rest. However, such costs are justified by excellent service and a good location.

Weather Riviera Maya

You can relax in the resort of Riviera Maya all year round, however, the high season lasts from February to May – this is the best time to visit, when thousands of tourists come here, hotels are filled, and restaurants work for all power. Also allocated a few more seasons:

  • Rain season – From August to November, most often the sediment falls in September and October;
  • Beach season – lasts 12 months, as the water temperature, regardless of the time of year, keeps at a mark of +28 degrees;
  • Low season – from June to December, prices are put up lower below, but it does not affect the comfort of rest, moreover, vacation promises to be calm and measured.

Maja Riviera in Mexico is an interesting exotic resort where all the conditions for impeccable stay are created. Gorgeous hotels, the best beaches, luxury restaurants, exciting sights – here you will like the most demanding tourist. However, the prices should be expected to expect a budget recreation.

Riviera Maya - Mexico, exciting spirit!

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