Day 14-15: Road in Selchuk and Treasures of Ephesus.

The next part of the report again combined two days. The first day was completely dedicated to rest and road, so as a separate story will be little interesting and useful. But on the second day we went to watch the famous Ephesus and other attractions of the city of Selchuk. But, according to tradition, let’s not run ahead and everything in order. For two weeks, how we are on vacation, almost daily we go somewhere, but despite the fact that we love the road very much, sometimes you want to run anywhere. We decided that today we will not hurry anywhere, just put forward in the direction of Ephesus, and we have time to get there or not – it is not so important.

View of the evening city of Selchuk

When you travel for a few weeks, you are full of things, and not all of them are needed constantly, so it is time to reconnect things, remove those that will not be needed and, on the contrary, get the time for what time. In Ankara, the bunch of things for Maxim, who on vacation we do not need and until arrival in Moscow and the offensive of winter we definitely do not need. We decided to remove them so that every time they do not stumble. It seems to be a simple process, but sorting things and their laying in the car takes a bunch of time. This time our puzzle was formed almost 4 hours and we left the campsite only for dinner.

While parents are packaged – the child is busy. The blanket on the head so as not to be distracted by the noise, and not from the cold

From Pamukkale to Selchuk is only 200 km or 2.5 hours of the way. Hurry nowhere, watch something we do not plan today, so we can go to your pleasure, but first you need to eat, and then breakfast was long ago, and before dinner for a long time. Chose a roadside cafe near the town of Nazilly, and it turned out that there are excellent Ciefs, and in general the place is popular. We have a pretty standard set of dishes for Turkey: salad, soup and meat. Everything was delicious and inexpensive.

Restaurant Menders in Nazilly

And meat – everything is predictable

The road to Selchuk is the most common, nothing pictorial. But it turned out to be very informative for Max – showed him how the pomegranate and cotton grows, the whole lecture on the production of clothing.

At the beginning of the 8th, we arrived in Selchuk – the nearest settlement to Ephesus. Here we booked the Ephesus Palace Hotel for 2450 rubles a day for three times with breakfast for some kind of super promotion from Booking.COM, the usual price of this room is about 5000-6000 rubles. We got a giant suite number, which despite all his pompousness, we liked so that we immediately decided to stay here not for 1 day, but for a couple to watch not only Ephesus, but also surroundings.

Family Suite in Efesus Palace

The hotel is excellent, its only minus – it is on the hill and, if you are without a car, your suitcase and other parts of the body will have to drag on yourself. But the view from the balcony is simply awesome. We settled and decided to go eat. Asked the hotel’s owner of the hotel, and he sent us to his relative. Looking ahead Let’s say that this is really the best restaurant in the Selocheca by a combination of price-quality. The choice of dishes is small, but what are they all delicious, and the price is very affordable.

Cafe Mehmet and Alibaba

Deliciously having, we went to rest. Tomorrow has a long day – you will go to watch Ephesus. In general, our journey was 4 places around which we built a route: Lake Salda, Ephesus, Asthma Caves, Paradise and Hell, and, of course, Cappadocia. Lake we looked at the turn of Ephesus. It is clear that this is a completely pop place where tourists from Kusadasov, Izmir and other tourist cities are caring, but we really wanted to see the Celsi Library.

We are going to watch Ephesus

Ephesus – one of the oldest cities on the East Coast of the Aegean Sea. Attentive tourist will say that there is no sea in Ephesus, the sea is almost 6 km from the ruins of an ancient city. That’s right, for a thousand-year history, the sea retreated, and the coastline is now pretty far away. Actually, precisely because of this, a large shopping city has fallen into decline, and then empty and was buried under the thickness of the earth. Archaeologists refused him only in 1869.

Tourists who come to centralized excursion are planted from the southern entrance to the complex (where the gate of Hercules and Odeon is located, they pass the whole complex through and take them away from the northern entrance. In our case, we had to first pass the efes in one direction, and then return to the car. At the forty-degree heat, the pleasure is quite dubious.

But for lazy individual tourists there is a free bus that will take you to the southern entrance. True free is quite conditional, for it you pay time. After all, at first the bus will deliver you to some carpet or jewelry center, so you bought there. However, the purchases are completely optional, so spend you only your time. In fairness It is worth noting that 30 minutes in the air-conditioned room with carpeting inspection are much more pleasant to the half-hour walk under the scorching sun.

Despite the honest recognition that we will not buy anything we will, we had a full-fledged excursion in the carpet kingdom

And specifically for Max showed the whole process of making carpet from cocoon processing to rowing

About the history of Ephesus and its buildings we will still write a series of articles, otherwise the report is spread for a long time. It should be noted that, firstly, Ephesus was well preserved, secondly, what was not very well preserved – it was perfectly renovated. Now an antique city is one of the most visited ancient cities in Turkey. We, on the contrary, more like a non-resistant authenticity and ruins, but for general development to see Ephesus, definitely stands.

Small theater in Ephesus

Gate or Temple?

The main pearl of the ancient ruins in Ephesus is a Celsius Library. We are just just for the sake of her arrived in Ephesus. Ancient Roman library was built during the Emperor Adrian’s Emperor in honor of the political figure of Tiberius Julia Celsius Paulmean. The building was intended for storing 12,000 scrolls, which were placed in special niches and shelves. We represented that this is a giant structure, but only the facade looks like a gigantic, inside the book store is very compact.

Facade of the Celsius Library after restoration

For Turkey, it is characteristic that there are still a museum on the territory of the archaeological complex, the visit of which is paid separately. So it was in Pammukhal, the same story awaits us in Cappadocia. There is such a museum and in Ephesus. For the entrance, we paid 60 Turkish lira ($ 9.7) for each adult, for the entrance to the "terrace of Ephesus" we had to pay for another 30 lir ($ 4.85). The most unpleasant thing is that the museum card does not affect these museums, which greatly saves on museums.

Tourists who visited the terraces of Ephesus were divided into two almost equal groups: some say that it is useless to spend $ 5, others admire the stunning mosaics and paintings they saw there. Our opinion, somewhere in the middle: Mosaics are very cool and it cost them to see, but $ 5 for the entrance is a very inadequate price if it was worth 10 lira, then tourists who wanted to spend their blood money would be much more. During our visit to tourists who want to walk along the unique terraces, almost no.

Mosaics in houses on the terraces of Ephesus

Ephesus is a terrific pattern of an ancient city, with a well-preserved architecture and after the magnificent work of the restorers. If you have never been to such places, you can safely go with the excursion – enjoy. We, unfortunately, have already watched more than three dozen ancient cities in Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Crimea and other places and at some point they all became typical. Library of Celsius – amazes with its monumentality and beauty, but the rest of the city, quite banal.

Big Theater in Ephesus

After visiting the archaeological complex of the Ephesus, we went to watch the cave of seven sleeping or, as they also call them, seven elongs of Ephesian. These are the seven Christian martyrs who were alive in the cave, in which she slept for several centuries.

We decided to see this cave. Officially accurate location of the cave is not determined, but 2 main candidates are distinguished: the grotto in Ephesus and the cave in Amman (Jordan), with which the Muslim narration is associated with. There are still non-mining versions related to the caves of Front and Central Asia, there is even a Spanish candidate.

Cave of seven sleeping departures in Ephesus

Road in Selchuk and Treasures of Ephesus

The entrance to the cave is closed with a grille and come close to the throat there is no possibility. Moreover, most tourists do not understand what has already achieved the goal and actively investigate the surroundings. We are not an exception – the surroundings were in search of a grotto, well, I could not believe that a small grout behind bars and there is a place of our destination.

In search of a grotto

Sometimes you find real caves, but there are no relationship to the random raids

After the cave of seven departures, we go further – to the house of the Virgin Mary. According to Christian sources after the crucifixion of Jesus Mary Mary, together with John theologians moved to Ephesus (Christ bequeathed John to take care of his mother). Maria settled not far from Ephesus on Mount, where she found shelter. Not all religious surrenders support the version that Holy Maria died in Ephesus, many call the place of her death Jerusalem, and the burial place – Garden. However, the house of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus is very popular with tourists.

House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus

House of Virgin Mary very contradictory place. On the one hand, a source with holy water and Mary’s house is very religious places that always produce a rather strong impression, on the other hand, there is a huge number of souvenir shops with some transient prices. If in the north of Turkey, the souvenir bell is worth 10-20 lire ($ 1.6-3.2), here to find something like this cheaper $ 10-15 at all is not real. You realize that here only business and no religion and holiness here does not care about anyone.

Wall with notes and requests

Evening we decided to spend in the village of Sherjnzh. A small village is located about 9 km from the villagers in the mountains. It is believed that the settlement here appeared in the V century BC. Tourists go here for delicious Turkish coffee, souvenirs, a juice from a mulberry, wine and other snacks. Some part, over, go here to see the XIX century mansions in a typical Ottoman style, but their very little.

Typical view of Sherry and his mansions

Souvenirs and restaurant with homemade wine

Fresh pomegranate juice and mulberry juice

Sheronzh is quite a pretty place, but very tourist. Restaurants and market, more to watch especially nothing. But for evening walk what you need. Dinner We went to Selchuk, and then drank coffee and read books on the balcony with a beautiful view from our Ephesesus Palace.

View from our window

It may seem that we didn’t like the Ephesis, Sherook and other places that we visited today. In fact, it is not. We liked it, but some wild delight they did not cause. It is connected with a huge number of tourists. As true introverts, we are quite straightforward to carry mass clusters of people, so after such days we usually require a vacation somewhere in a deserted place and silence. We decided that it was time to take a break away from a crazy rhythm and stays for a couple of days in the hotel "All Inclusive", which Turkey is so famous and which fiercely brand all bloggers and individual tourists.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

We will not brand – such a rest is also a great option, not everyone jumps, ride thousands of kilometers and watch hundreds of museums, some it’s just not interesting and why build someone you are who you are. Much honest to do what you love – even if it lie on the seashore in the hotel "All Inclusive" and do nothing. People in this hotel will be a lot, but the book and the music perfectly sandwiches us from the outside world. Continued – Do not switch!

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