Road of trolls, Romsdalen and Ontalsnes

Road trolls ; One of the most famous pictures of Norway. Photos taken from the observation deck over steep serpentine can often be seen in guidebooks and blogs in Norway. This is a miracle of modern expensive construction located in the heart of Mountain Norway ; Valley Romsdalen. Little town ondalsnes ; The inslace capital of the region is located 15 kilometers from trollisigin on the shores of Romsdalsfjord, where the fjord dissects the valley of the River Rauma. It is definitely worth the stop of those who do not oppose the influx of adrenaline in the blood again, going down on a cool serpentine bike or rising high in the mountains on steep slopes Ridge Romsdalseggen.

Do not miss Romsdalen in the valley

  • Admire perfectly beautiful species that are opening from the road Heiangerger ; Trollsigen.
  • Climb on the viewing platform over the road trolls to make your beautiful photo of one of the most photo-haired serpentine roads of the world.
  • Overcome on electric bike 11 steep turns on the way to the highest point of the road trolls, Park the bike near the observation deck and raise on foot to the BispevatNet Lake, before testing your nerves in a mad bicycle ride down the serpentine road trolls.
  • Climb on the viewing platform Rampsteken, from the sheer bridge of which offers a wonderful view of Romsdalsfjord.
  • Find out, finally, where all the trolls are hiding, having visited the wall of trolls ; the coolest vertical cliff of Europe.
  • Ride on the train through the Valley of Romsdalen and / or admire the views of the old railway bridge, spectacularly laid through a mountain gorge.
  • Follow the ridge of Romsdalseggen ; One of the most spectacular trekking routes of Norway or climb the mountain Litlefiell ; According to a simple but mega-picturesque route ; for teapots ;.
  • Visit the Norwegian Alpine Center in Ontalsnes, which you can easily learn about modern forms that are distinguished against the background of traditional wooden houses.

National Road Geyranger ; Trollsigen

Heiangerger ; Trolstigen, probably, the most popular and famous species road of Norway. This road is obliged to be its popularity as a serpentine road of Orlov and the viewing sites of Heiranger and the spectacular road of trolls (trollstigen) ; steep serpentine with eleven turns on a plot of about 5 kilometers.

Total length of expensive ; 104 km. Conditionally, it can be divided into two parts of Heiangerger ; EidSdal (Eidsdal) and Valdalen (Valldalen) ; Ondalsnes (Åndalsnes), which are connected by the ferry message Eidsdal ; Valldalen. The most picturesque part of the road begins at the entrance to the mountain range of trolls, somewhere 20 kilometers from Valdalen village. If you are traveling by car, on the road from the Waldalen region, make a stop near the Gudbrandsjuvet gorge, to which the species platform is laid (approximately 15 km from the ferry crossing, see signs on the main road).

The road through the mountains of trolls words are difficult to describe. Slowed moss stone cliffs, dozens of small waterfalls flowing on the slopes of mountains, dark waters of mountain lakes, dome-shaped peaks.. Along the road at the entrance to the valley there are quite a few parking pockets, in principle, here you can leave the car and stroll along the gentle hill. The closer to the trollsigen, the steeper and the road is already becoming. At the highest point with which serpentine begins Trollstigen is equipped with a large observation deck. Farther ; Descent down the serpentine, from which about 15 kilometers to the town of Ontalsnes.

All the way with your own move on the car with stops takes at least 3 hours, so planning, respectively.

The road is open only in the summer (from the end of May to October).

Observation platform over expensive trolls

Observation platform over expensive trolls ; By itself, landmark. From parking to the actual observation deck, hanging at an altitude of 200 meters above the trollsigen is laid a rather long pedestrian trail. In design, architects skillfully connected steel, wood and stone, clinging up a modern architectural solution in the surrounding landscape.

Road of trolls, Romsdalen and Ontalsnes

You can get to Trollstigen by car or bus from Heiangerger on the Gayranger National Road ; Trolstigen or from Ontalsnes on a rented car, bus, electric bike or local tour. Parking at the observation deck is big and free.

Trekking on the mountains of trolls

In the info centers of Heiranger and Ontalsnes, you can take a card with pedestrian routes around the mountains of the trolls, with start from the Trolstigen viewing platform. The easiest route leads to Lake BispevatNet ; very picturesque hour walk. The most serious (red) route Stabbeskaret leads through a mountain range to the edge of the troll wall (see below). This route requires a good physical form, proper shoes and experience of mountain trips. Plan at least 6 hours on the route (back and forth).

In principle, by planning a stop at least an hour on Trolstigen, you can enjoy stroll through the mountain paths of trolls. This place is beautiful ;

By bike on the road trolls

If a bike trip on the road trolls was only available to experienced and hardy cyclists, today, thanks to the presence in Ontalsnes, the rental of electric bikes, this pleasure is available to anyone who knows how to drive a bike and copes with minimal loads. You can rent bikes through the local info center. Electroux bikes also offers Hotel Aak, which also organizes bicycle and combined tours on the road trolls.

Tracking on the ridge ridgedalseggen

Tracking on Romsdalseggen Ridge (Romsdalseggen) ; One of the most spectacular trekking regions of the Fjords of Norway. This is a complex trail, only for those who have experience of mountain trips and is not afraid of heights. Plates trail very cool ; We’ll have to climb, part of the trail passes through a very narrow ridge. Descent from the trail can be slippery (especially after the rains). In bad weather, refrain from the trekking.

The trail begins near Vengedalen parking (12 km from Ontalsnes) and ends on the descent from Rampsteken’s trail within the city. Occupies a trekking about 6-7 hours without stopping. The bus station runs to the place of start from the city (from the bus station to 9.30, specify the time in place), tickets can be bought in the infocenter. In the high season to the start of the Trekking runs an additional bus in 12.00.


Rampsteken ; An observation deck in the form of a protruding narrow bridge, which opens the magical views of the fjord. The final part of the route by Romsdalseggen. You can get to this observation deck right from the city, bypassing the main route. Although it’s not easy, as it leads to the observation deck a very cool trail. Take the trekking shoes, take water and allocate for this event at least 2.5 ; 3 hours (back-trip). The starting point of the lift is located within the city, 500 meters from the info center (Look for Rampestreken Starting Point).

Trekking Litlefiell (Little Mountain)

Litlefjellet route (Litlefjellet) ; Excellent alternative to a complex campaign on the ridge Romsdalseggen. This route is asset all, even children. Trekking begins slightly higher from Vengedalen parking, starting point on Ridge Romsdalen. Reaching the top, you will see absolutely beautiful types of Romsdalen Valley.

For this route will need your transport ; Excellent option for those who travel by car. Alternative ; Bicycle rental in Ontalsnes.

Wall trolls

Wall trolls ; The highest vertical rock in Europe is 10 kilometers from Ontalsnes towards Oslo. This somewhere even sinister rock has become the last point on the path of many climbers and paraglides who tried to conquer her. In the info center, built next to the wall, you can drink coffee on the species terrace and watch a film about the dramatic history of the cliff conquest.

You can get here by car or bike.

Raumabanne and Valley Romsdalen

Rauumabanne Railway Branch is laid from Dombås station to Ontalsnes through the Valley of Romsdalen. The most picturesque area begins from the station Bjorli and stretches to Ondalsnes. On this site there are 2 old bridges, quite gorgeous fit into the surrounding landscapes. Kylling Bridge is located next to the village of Verma (the train stop does not do here, you can get from Ontalsnes either by car or by bus or by bike). Second location ; Stuguflåt Bridge Bridge, 5 kilometers from Bjorli Station. You can get here either by a car or by bike from Bjorli.

The best way ; Bike a bike in Ondalsnes, drive to the train station Bjorli and return to bike with stops near Stuguflåt Bridge and Kylling Bridge and the Wall trolls. Cycling route ; about 50 km, the road is going down all the time. Book a train ticket for a bike will not work, you can buy on the site at the conductor. In this case, buy a ticket is best in place, as the train may not be a place for a bicycle. Specify possible options when renting a bike.

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