Road Restaurants Monaco

In recent years, Monaco is increasingly gaining popularity as a gastronomic direction – The doors of new establishments are constantly opening, restaurants conquer Mischlin stars, and the best chefs from all over the world come to the Principality to hit guests and residents with their culinary works. In total, more than 130 restaurants are located on the territory of the state, 5 of which will be divided by 8 stars Michelin.

First Japanese restaurant Yoshi The famous chef of Joel Robushon’s chef this year received his first star from the French guide Michelin. Restaurant, located in the hotel MéTroploe Monte-Carlo, opened its doors in December 2008 and offers its guests a modern Japanese cuisine in the interpretation of Joel Robushon. Under the leadership of Christof Kusak, the Japanese Chef Takoo Yamazaki is preparing traditional dishes in modern processing, making focus on taste features and fresh products from their native country.

In addition to Yoshi in MéTropole Monte-Carlo is located famous Restaurant JoëL Robuchon Monte-Carlo, Holding 2 Mislen Stars. Here you can enjoy modern cuisine prepared from the best Mediterranean products. In the restaurant strictly observe the culinary code of Joel Ruseuchon – no more than 3 tastes in one plate, and the concept «Open» Kitchen provides guests with a sense of involvement in the magic of cooking.

Restaurant Mandarine Monte Carlo, Located at the Port Palace Hotel, attracts guests not only with exquisite dishes, but also stunning views of the port filled with luxurious yachts. This is the perfect place for those who are looking for a modern light seasonal kitchen and are ready for new taste discoveries. The work of the restaurant’s kitchen takes place under the strict control of the French chef Patrick Raingard, it is thanks to his efforts Mandarine Monte-Carlo who had joined the narrow circle of the possessors of Michelin stars.

Within the framework of the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel Updates, its restaurants that invite guests to enjoy a wide variety of princess tastes. L’ Argentin – Real Paradise for Meat Lovers, Having Miscelling One of the Big Warry for Grilled Frying and Cooking. Modern luxurious Bar Saphir Invites guests to have a snack, as well as enjoy refreshing cocktails or champagne, which in the principality is elevated to the rank of national drink. For those who are interested not only in culinary, but also in the aesthetic pleasure, the hotel has a restaurant Le Pistouse Stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, offering French and local dishes.

L’Intempo Hotel Le MéRidien Beach Plaz, is the only restaurant in the principality, working around the clock 7 days a week. Restaurant S «Open» The kitchen, located right in the center of the hall, offers Mediterranean cuisine from Michel Rostag’s chefs and a beautiful view of its own beach.

Road Restaurants Monaco

In addition to restaurants who have already won the love of tourists and residents of the Principality, there are new places in Monaco, for example, ZebrasQuare – Fashionable restaurant in the Grimaldi Forum, decorated with zebra prints; or Sans Soci – Cozy cafe offering simple homemade Mediterranean dishes with an Italian accent. QUAI DES Artistes Brasserie Attracts visitors with permanent expositions of works of local artists and menus with light dishes at affordable prices, A Labrasserie Hotel Columbus Monte-Carlo invites guests to evaluate the culinary skill of Chef Lauren Steby in an informal friendly atmosphere.

In May 2009, Monte-Carlo Beach opened ELSA restaurant, Offering traditional seafood dishes that enjoyed greatly popular in the Riviera in the 20s and 30s, in modern interpretation. ELSA perfectly complements 3 other restaurants at the hotel: Le Deck – An ideal place for lunch, located right by the pool with salted water, Sea Lounge – Favorite place of fans parties in the summer and La Vigie, working in lunch and in the evening.

Hermitage Hotel introduced an updated Restaurant Le Vistamar and Bar Le Scorpion In May 2010. The restaurant serves seafood dishes from the famous Chef Joel Garo and has a beautiful view of the port. At the site of the Cabaret club in Casino Monte Carlo opened Budha Bar Monte-Carlo. Famous Restaurant Café De paris Soon it will be completely updated, and the roof will appear above the outdoor terrace, allowing you to enjoy fresh air into any weather.

One of the most famous establishments on the Culinary Map Monaco is Restaurant Alena Ducassass Le Louis XV. This restaurant-owner of the 3-star Michelin, located in the legendary Hotel De Paris, has its own wine cellar with 600,000 bottles, among whom the most rare and expensive vintage from around the world are collected. Another Michelin Restaurant at the hotel – Le Grill, considered a monument to monk gastronomy and having a dining area with a sliding roof. Soon on the map of Monaco, another restaurant will appear from Mr. Ducass – Italian restaurant La Trattoria Replace Bar & Boeuf at the Club Sporting Monte-Carlo.

Road Restaurants Monaco

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