Roads and signs. Finland

Tens of thousands of tourists visit Finland by car. What features are waiting for the driver on the roads of Finland? The purpose of this report and is to show some important moments that may help motorists more comfortably feel driving in this country.

It is known that in Finland, the road is good at any time of the year and in any weather.

Winter, spring and summer. Large highways and country roads.

  • Good roads
  • Road in winter
  • Spring road

But still it is necessary to be very attentive, because the landscape of Finland is often hilly, many sharp turns, so often many country roads become a place of auto racing competitions.

Finland is also different in the fact that even on the most deaf road leading to a single farm, you will see different signs.

  • Large highway
  • Country road
  • Hilly landscape

Finns love signs. They can be found everywhere, and keep the car easily even without navigator: the direction is indicated, the number of the road, turns, the names of various places of both cities and objects inside them.

  • Priority sign
  • Road signs
  • Direction to center

Here is the direction to the center, which is often found on the roads. "Keskus" – Centre.

The name of all the streets can be seen on the signs, so finding the right street is easy.

Urban facilities are also easy to find by signs, for example, the direction to the university or pool, to a major sports center.

    Roads and signs. Finland
  • Names of streets
  • Urban objects
  • To the sports center

Finnish love of signs leads to similar compositions. Moscow, as always, in the opposite direction. Her fate divides only distant Sydney.

  • Love for indexes
  • Card in the parking lot
  • Interesting place

Parking along roads are often found tourist maps and information panels, helping to quickly find local attractions and other important information. It is noteworthy that you can read it all in Russian.

If you see a similar sign, keep in mind that they are denoted by an interesting tourist place, in this case – Museum.

  • Free maps
  • Information automaton
  • Information centre

And in such places you can take a free map of this city or terrain.

In Finland, pay great attention to tourists, helping them quickly find the right place, give information about the state of roads and about possible repair on this section of the road, learn about the movement with the help of tracking cameras. Such information automatons are often located at filling stations, roadside cafes and supermarkets.

Almost all the cities of Finland have an information center in which you can take booklets, to get any tourist advice from a specialist. Special pointers lead to such centers.

In Finland, almost every motorist from Russia, regularly visiting this country, has ever received a fine or for speeding, it would seem minimal, or for incorrect parking, or for the right parking, but without so-called parking hours, or sometimes not knowing for that. There are no sitting in the bushes "Gaishnikov", as in Russia, but everything is always under control. This sign is indicated that this section of the road is viewed by cameras.

The city is also literally stupid by cameras.

  • Sign "camera"
  • Camera on the traffic light
  • Road police

Break – the police are here like here. Often the police patrol roads on motorcycles, easy maneuvering on highways.

  • Police patrol
  • Police car
  • Loss!

So the usual police car looks like.

Practice "winks", Warning of the police, there is no in Finland (it’s even a fine for it). If you still "Winks", So be careful: Finns, thus, warn about the los or other animal standing on the road or next to it.

For waste in the parking lots are container.

Going to Finland, you should know two words: "sallittu", What denotes "Allowed", and "kielletty", What denotes "forbidden".

  • Container for waste
  • "sallittu" – "Allowed"
  • Machine of paid parking

Parking in Finland – a separate topic. Machine of paid parking.

Often detailed explanations are given to the internal parking lot. Usually the allowed time is indicated, weekdays and weekends, as well as restrictions on the size and weight of transport.

This word, often occasionable in parking, is indicating "Busy".

Underground Paid Parking in Helsinki.

Through such automata are paid for services of such parking.

  • Detailed explanations
  • "Busy"
  • Underground parking

"Pedestrians need to love" – it’s from Russian classics but it’s about Finland. Here pedestrian rights always.

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