Roads lead to New York

Last year, the Melnik family won the Award "My Planet" in the nomination "Candidate for Travelers. Zoe Melnik 61 years old, she lives in Volgograd, works as a teacher of additional education and has never been abroad. The victory in the award gives a club member the opportunity to make a trip of dreams, as well as other pleasant bonuses. (About the prizes of 2016.)

About choosing a country and city for travel

The United States is a country on another continent, which I was perceived as an inaccessible, alien, but at the same time so close. After all, American art, culture, lifestyle We are almost every day we see on screens. American actors look at us with bright posters, the songs of American performers play headphones, books of famous American writers are produced by huge circulations. So why not look at this power, causing various contradictory opinions about it, in reality? I understood that such a chance in my life may not be more.

New York seemed to me by the city of noisy, dynamic, but in practice I realized that even in his bustle you can find corners of calm and solitude

Why New York? New York is the first association that arises in consciousness when you talk about states. His sights We have seen as many times in cinema that I wanted to be live on this huge set.

About preparation for the trip

I read only about the main attractions of New York, but it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. I wanted to know the city and its inhabitants directly on the trip, not based on stereotypes and prejudices. I, of course, expected the city, I will like, but I didn’t even imagine that I would be in such a delight! I am 61 years old, I was not abroad, and here it was immediately on another continent – it was something beyond fantasy.

On expectations

New York seemed to me by the city of noisy, dynamic, but in practice I realized that even in his bustle you can find corners of calm and solitude.

At the same time, it is possible absolutely everything here. The city of Hisp looked even better than the postcards and in the film. He never sleeps, attracts bright lights by sea. Here everything is always in a hurry, but during the period of short stay it is not annoying at all, even on the contrary – inspires to be mobile.

About the atmosphere

New York – Free, Prejudice Durling City. People are liberated, generous on quite sincere smiles. I liked this constant feeling of the holiday: in the subway, in the squares, in the parks people dance, sing, play musical instruments, make whole shows. You can’t not become their viewer. Many seen numbers left a huge impression. The city offers hundreds of places where you can have a pleasant and productive time: parks, museums, festivals. Calendar of events Pottit thematic events. And here you feel the close wearing the traditions of different countries.

Roads lead to New York

About transport

I did not think that the subway would call me unpleasant memories. On the one hand, it is very convenient that in this form of transport you can get to any end of the city, but at the same time you have to wait for trains. In comparison with Moscow or St. Petersburg metro, where many stations – as works of art, the local subway is simply framed, without delight. Due to the fact that it works around the clock, at all stations is dirty, and still very stuffy. System of use is also not easy. There were situations when we sat down on express train and drove out their stops. I will be alone in the subway – probably lost.

About New York in three words: nothing is impossible

About prices

I expected the largest megapolis price walked. Yes, products here are expensive. But we found a small cafe on Broadway, where we came to lunch for a few days in a row. Make friends with cooking. The daughter told him that our trip took place due to the victory in the award. He was touched by this story and every time I met with words: "Oh-oh, it’s again you! Comerate! Haye, mom, how are you?"In general, many people who recognized that we are from Russia and arrived in New York for two weeks, very surprised.

About residents

Newlyorcts friendly and responsive. At least those with whom we interacted, willingly responded to our requests. When we found themselves in Queens for the subway on the first day of our arrival, we volunteered to help the African American, who at first did not cause confidence in his appearance. But he not only suggested to us the road, but also suffered my suitcase for steep metro steps.

Roads lead to New York

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