Roads, Transport and Motobica Rental on Phangan Island

In recent years, the quality of roads in Pangans have improved significantly and in those places where the dirt road was not so long ago, the passage for which was not forces not allowed, today there is a concrete cloth.

Ko Phangan – new roads on the island. Photo Credit: Mike De Clerck, Flickr

Riding a smooth winding ribbon along the picturesque hills – this is a separate pleasure. Especially if you consider that the road opens not only stunning panoramas, but also goes along the turquoise-blue coast. And always, on the way, there is where to stay, take a pause by hanging in a beautiful place and / or delicious to eat in one of the beach restaurants.

Amsterdam Bar, Phangan / Road, Transportation on Phangan Island. Photo Credit: Antti Ahola, Flickr

Unfortunately, maybe fortunately) to go around the entire phangan on a good road will not work, at least at the time of writing this article. At the same time, the West and Eastern Coast today is connected with a new asphalt road.

Before you go to watch the island, it is worth carefully studying the map to know the current line of roads at the time of travel and understand where you can go where to go, and where to sail on the boat.

As for transport to Pangan, his list remains unchanged – this is a motorbike, taxi, boat and bike.

Motobike rental

Motobikes have always been and there is a popular view of transport in Pangan. Inexpensive and convenient way to move on the island. On the one hand, it does not require much effort, on the other ; allows you to overcome long distances over a small time.

But getting behind the wheel Motobike newcomer in pangan, perhaps not a very good idea. Roads here can be sandy and loose and the driver without experience will be difficult to cope with them. By the way, the bandage bandages on the bodies of travelers, which can often be seen on the island, are evidenced by such obstacles. One way or another, it is always worth remembering about the rules of security and be sure to wear a helmet.

Hire of bikes are at any point of the island, rental prices start from 150 baht / day. As for gasoline prices, the tank will be filled in 140-200 baht. The punched wheel or lowered air will not be a problem, t.To. On the island there are quite a lot of repair workshops, where they quickly fix everything.

In the rental point you need to be prepared to leave the passport. And although this condition is somewhat annoying, all the same passport, ; This is normal practice on Pangan. In order to avoid misunderstandings, when choosing a bike should carefully examine its body and fix the disposal with the seller, and it will not hurt to photograph the bike.

Motorbaytov rental in Haadrin / Roads, transport on the island of Phangan. Photo Credit: Andrea Felker, Flickr

Songteu ; Route taxi

Perhaps this is the most popular way of movement in the island. Tens of taxi drivers here, daily drive in search of passengers. Already upon arrival at Ko Phangan, on the pier Thong Sala or Haad Rin, people meet taxi drivers in full readiness to deliver to the destination. Songteu ; Route taxis in the form of open peak-ups, can accommodate about 8-10 people, but in high season drivers are trying to make a rubber car)

The cost of a trip, as elsewhere, will depend on the route. Thong Sala pier price order Next: 100 baht to Haad Rin, 200 baht to Chaloklum, 200 BAT to Haad Yao and 200 BAT to Thong Nai Pan.

Songteu run between the beaches and stop on the road.

Songteu ; Local taxi / road, transport on the island of Phangan. Photo Credit: Vera & Gordon On Tour, Flickr

Rent boats and boats ; Taxi

The most relaxing method of acquaintance with the island is a boat. With it opens a special perspective on the island. On the series of his green hills and drowning in the ocean rocks, on the bay of snow-white beaches and a slim chain of coconut palm trees. In addition, you can moored by the shore and swim on the beach or swim from the mask.

Roads, Transport and Motobica Rental on Phangan Island

Boats always in sufficient quantities are at any beach. Therefore, all that is required is to agree with the owner of the route, price and time. Prices vary depending on the season, type of boat and route.

As a rule, the boat voyage is planning in those places of the island, where it is difficult to get in a different way. For example, in the northwestern part of the island, where the quiet little beaches and excellent snorkeling, but not always can be reached by car or bike. Planning to spend a boat day, worth an alternative plan for this day, in case the sea is restless and the boat will not come out in the sea.

Boats in pangans are often used in taxi format. Some beaches can only be reached in this way. About Pangan Beaches, about what to watch and what to do on the island read in the guide: Phangan ; on one’s own

Boats on Pangane ; Popular transportation / road transport on Phangan Island. Photo Credit: Island Info, Koh Samui, Flickr


Although the bike is not the most popular type of transport in Pangan, but still..

Riding on Pangan Better avoiding the three main roads of the island. Under the format of the walk, you can choose a bike ; City or mountain, daily payment starts from 50 baht / day. Towning on a bicycle, always worth remembering about such things as a supply of drinking water and a lock for a bike. The presence of the castle will allow you to leave a bike for some kind of support and swim in the famous place.

The surface of the island of heterogeneous. So planning a long cycle rocherk, it is worth objectively assessing your strength. For example, the areas of Thong Sala, Srithanu, Hin Kong – smooth and pleasant to drive, whereas closer to Haad Salad in the north and Haad Rin in the south, as well as in the east of the coast of the island covered with hills.

More about Pangan and Pangan Beach Read in the Travel Guide.

Walking on a bike on Pangan / Road, transport on the island of Phangan. Photo Credit: Stéphane GiRard, Flickr

Roads, Transport and Motobica Rental on Phangan Island

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