Transport in Turkey: Personal Experience

I want to share experiences the use of Turkish airlines.

There are a rule for long-term transplants:

Free hotels and shuttle service to Shee and back to Istanbul Airport. But for this, you need to comply with some conditions:

1.You must have a ticket for both flights and be registered with both flights;
2.The transplant must last from 7 (for business class) or 10 (for economy class) up to 24 hours.
Everything that is lower or equal to this time is considered insufficient, everything that is longer – it is no longer stopper, and also can not count on the hotel.

3.If there is a flight option in your direction with a shorter transplant – then the hotel is also no longer allowed, I will explain:

Run from us was at 11.10 from Bangkok, we arrived in Istanbul at 17.05, and the next day at 11.45 We had a flight to the ultimate goal, that is, in fact almost 18 hours of transplant.But there was another flight

Turkish buses: features

The main means of movement between cities are buses. Comfortable, with built-in monitor in the front seat (all films on-Turkish and headphones often do not work, so a little profit). Boy steward (and there are only boys and work, t.To. They also help luggage shipping, and Turkish women "Horse on the race" stop not going, and indeed, they do not take them to work!) One or twice spreads drinks (tea, coffee, cola, water) and some kind of cookies + if that, water can be additionally asked (for free, of course). In the toilets on the bus, whether it is not customary to walk, whether they are not there at all.

Bus transportation, as opposed to food, turned out to be cheaper in Turkey than in Ukraine. From Burdura to Istanbul – 640 km. We cost us 60 lire, t.E. 276 UAH (course 4.6 to hryvnia), whereas Odessa – Kiev (460 km.) stand almost as much – 200 UAH.

And at the same time, the gasoline is very expensive – almost 2 euros. Many ride gas or diesel.

And now, actually remarkable details of bus transportation, which you start to understand when you really come across this:

Internet is not in all buses. T.E. He is declared from many, but in reality for all our 12 day journey, in no bus, we never found it; We found traces of the Internet in the form of working Wi-Fi, but there was no internet itself. Is that passing buses of us teased – they had a secondary! Yes, but the manager who sold us tickets, swear and it was that the Internet would be, but the sutra is not his shift, the driver and steward is not in cases, therefore, and not anyone. don’t even quit, they still do not speak English.

Sleep in a night bus is impossible. The bus stops every 2-3 hours and not for refueling: toilets, "smoke" and eat in 12 nights in the road restaurant, it’s our all. Light turns on, and sometimes radio, all passengers go out and stopped for 20 minutes.

By the way, all bus companies have a special agreement with snacks / roadside cavets, so all the stops are not accidental, but intentional! ))

Transport in Turkey Personal Experience

Satinenok said that from some company in such a kitna you could eat for free (you show the ticket and eat), but we were not so lucky.

Luggage, whatever it is, is additionally paid. You can not even ask for managers, because they still will not understand or look at you "big eyes", This is a well-known fact. But the agile stewards are not proclaiming a bit of money and can ask for an extra 20 lire with you (this is dinner on 2-) "For loading baggage". Excellent and proven tactics here: a) give all the money to women, t.To. Turks initially add only to men, and a man, "they say, I have no money, and the girl went beyond the cookies, let’s later at the stop"; b) tactics "frost saved me more than once" 🙂 Full ignoring the problem, and then at the final station you go to the company manager, and he says "what money?!"; Well, or just fall on the frost. It works!

Every concrete bus is all the time some adventure: in one there were sockets to recharge the phone under the seat (there was no more this anywhere), and on the ferry the outlets were generally in the ceiling; In the other, one of the monitor channels removed on the front chamber, which was very cool; Somewhere after each stop, everyone handed out a glass of water, and somewhere there was no tea. The Internet was not anywhere – this is a constant 🙂

Yes, each bus company has its personal stops with all infrastructure. T.E. At this mini bus station, buses only have buses of this company, one manager is sitting here, there is a toilet, cafe and seats chairs. But it does not mean that you will get easy to get out from here! )) Such stations are usually built in the suburbs or at the entrance to the city, near the airport or in some hard to reach place. It is difficult to leave there for a number of reasons, such as continuous traffic ahead of the running autobahn (road to the airport) or a complex multi-level junction in the suburbs. Therefore, as a rule, the company is provided with free services: a mini-bus will take passengers to the nearest metro station, to the airport + there are always yellow taxis, ready to take you anywhere, but to go on your two from there.

Each company has its own set of cities where she walks that naturally. Therefore, it is worth checking all twice, because the company liked may simply not go in the right direction, and the time to search is already spent.

Buses can be late and no one will tell you about it and will not announce (neither the manager, nor the station) and even when the bus will come on it, it will be quite possible, it will not be written that he goes to your city (he can go transit), so everything needs to be clarified by the driver or "Boy" with luggage.

Turks usually write out the number of tickets you need to one name and then they write it wrong or generally fit the left name, but it must be clearly sitting in their places.

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