Transport in Ukraine: Personal Experience

We drove by train №062, Nikolaev- Moscow, June 21 in the car number 5. In Priluki, the conductors scored the entire car with bags with meat, and frozen puffs with meat. On the priking modest about 700 kg. All this smelled. From frozen packs flowed all over the walls.Plus, chickens were in the car, chickens (alone even demolished the egg). Well, it was okay, so it was 2 more roosters, which at 7 am began to squeeze on the whole car. To comment. Conductors stored passengers. In such a dirty, stinking the car, for all the time I have never drove. And the services of this train is hardly absolving more. Crossing the border, Russian and Ukrainian, conductors just paid the border guards money.

I would like this complaint to be ignored. Meat, chickens, roosters and conductors are booster in one car, it is too for a single car

Roads in the Kiev region in winter

Train from Simferopol to Kharkov 175

In general, it is a route to Perm and composition 054p seemed strange. Even on the approach to landing, passing by the coupe, I was glad that the tickets were no longer on sale. Expensive pleasure in the old type of coupe without air conditioning, without ventilating, without opening windows and windows. I though I went in November, but it was warm yet – a T-shirt with a vest in +25 is normal, which is happening in them in the summer – it is necessary to tell. So passing by them wondered – what will fall out then in this composition on my places. But the reserved seats turned out to be a new type: with air conditioning, radio, scoreboard, 3 toilets in a decent type car.

It becomes even more surprising to get into a decent car, especially reserved – the messenger from the wagons unpredictable, at the last moment, the Sverdlovsk composition can pick up in Moscow. But in general, the situation is understandable – there are specials, there are constant, there are seasonal.

Unfortunately. When booking, at least on the Railways website, at least on the site of Yuzhk, the description may not coincide due to replacements at the last minute. T.E. Select such a place in advance, as I understand it from reviews – Good luck.

Nevertheless, the cost is quite adequate – Simferopol-Kharkov in 156 UAH (612 p). About the service and quality in case of entering a car: a large suitcase of the child will nowhere – low seats under which a small space, barely accommodating bags. The question is solved by throwing on the third level, on the shelves above the bedroom seats, but a fragile girl and a low-growth man will not be under. Tip – Choose under luggage more simulated in size.

Further: fat, full of people will be nonconpture – sleeping places are narrow, and the upper already lower. Side shorter ordinary places. T.E. When heighting from 170 cm on the side will be inconvenient – to drop the principle will have to footsteps and head.

Biottails are normal, no complaints, the scoreboard notifies about employment, soap / water / paper – everything is on the spot, regular cleaning. Charging also exists, although they did not find them in the car.

Ukraine International Airlines. From the suitcase stole things

Borispol Airport – Rudeness and Security Lawlessness

Several options how to get to Minsk from Kiev

Highway – free (from 8 hours and to two days)

Bus and train – 119 UAH (12-14 hours)

Minibus, bus and train – 100 UAH (12-14 hours)

Bus – 200 UAH (10 hours)

Train – 250 UAH (10 hours)

Cancel of the train: Return of funds on the map

In the Crimea by car

Transport in Ukraine Personal experience

Go to Crimea!

From Moscow 1500 km, the roads were very decent, Ukraine is preparing for Euro 2012, and the route number 51 from Kharkov to Donetsk – Ideal.

In Russia, there is no one, there is no one in Europe, they will also rarely meet. Police – rarity. It seems that the police arrive only on the accident, they saw only twice on the tracks. Yes, and the road in Russia, to the border is also quite decent.

And the road on the south shore from Yalta to Koktebel is considered one of the most picturesque roads in Europe!

I do not recommend anyone aerosvit

In Odessa detained departure in Kiev. Docking in Borispol on the flight to Moscow was 1 hour. "Representative" Airlines beat herself in his chest and tearfully assured that the telegrams were sent to Borispol and that the planes will detain.

As a result, in Boryspil, we came running to the reception 30 minutes before departure, but! Regular "representative" Companies said that registration is over and all! Then everyone hid behind the glass box, they gave a ticket to Aeroflot flight and all. As it was askotic attitude to passengers and remained. Plotted with Borispol 4 hours, broke all day. But most infuriates the lies of the Odessa representative, huge "Hey". Nobody will recommend Aerosvit.

No service in trains of Ukraine

Last 10 years I go on vacation only on cars. But this year it happened that we went by train. Moscow arrived remarkably: clean, cozy, tea-coffee ROUn, wash-wipe and t.NS. In Moscow, they moved to train №17 (wagon number 4) and understood – the service on Ukrainian trains for the last 10 years has not changed.

First, right on the platform, the conductor pretextfully pretended for 3 thousand rubles a separate coupe of conductors. Secondly, cleanliness ended after 3-4 hours, for the entire flight, never cleaned in a car, nor in the toilets (about the existence of toilet paper and paper towels on the RUB, probably do not know), stoolness. Thirdly, boiling water appeared in the morning when we have already left the wagon at the final station. And no apologies, one cvtism of the conductors (Chernyworn, such fat men).

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