Transport in Uzbekistan: Personal Experience

1. By car. This includes both rental cars, which is incredibly expensive, with expensive gasoline \ Gaza, and even turning on gas stations such that you can spend half a trip there, so rent at once.

You can hire a taxi driver who could carry you, it’s not very expensive, given that you will have to go mainly between cities, and in one nonxine, as they are called, you can sit in four. For example, from Bukhara to Khiva, I paid 80,000 sourse – that is, 1000 rubles. And as a result, it turned out that you were driving at all together, and there a lot – to cross the whole desert by Kyzylkum, something about 400 kilometers. Or, for example, a trip from Nukus to the Aral Sea and back to me in 180,000 soums – 70 bucks – and this is another 500 km + the time I walked there. In short, on a taxi you can go, even if you drive one, not to mention the group

2. By train. I drove in a coupe from Tashkent and in Bukhara. The train is not a corporate, ordinary, but neat and calm. The coupe was worth something about 600 rubles, bought directly on the Russian Railways website – no problems. However, if I bought tickets on the spot, they would have come out to me 30 percent cheaper. Placer costs 300 rubles, St. – 900. I do not know how in other cities, but in Tashkent, for some reason it is necessary to sit down in half an hour, otherwise they may not let. Train timetable can be shilying on the same Railways website and if time for a trip is enough, it is a very convenient and cheap way of movement.

3. By plane. Uzbekistan – the country is not small, especially in the extent from the west to the East, so driving it in this direction it is convenient to return to the original point by plane. But the most convenient, of course, simply choose Tashkent arrival point for example, or at all Osh, to drive around the whole country, and then fly out of Nukus back – it turns out to be from him in the Mc, too, there are flights – it would be most convenient and did not have to fly around the country plane. But since I flew to Aeroflotovsky miles, I did not fit this option – this company does not fly to Nukus, so I had to use Uzbek airlines to return to Tashkent. Do not attempt to buy or book tickets through their official website – this feature does not exist. I found the cheapest ticket via Momondo.Ru

Uzbekistan Airways Airlines Uzbekistan Airlines

Bought a ticket with an open reverse date. Called to book a place a month before the expected date of departure, firstly: I got through hard. The site of the airline does not work, for most phone numbers, answering machine answers "Your call is very important to us", after which there is a breakdown on the line.

Okay, the essence is not in this. After calling the following dialogue in the end, the next dialogue turned out: you can’t book a place as there are no places at your rate. – that is, they are busy? Well, put me on the waiting list, anything happens, maybe someone refuses. – No, you did not understand me, there are no places, because the tariff you bought is already invalid. – But as such is possible? After all, I sold a ticket with this tariff, warned only that before the delay it will be necessary to book a place by phone. – You will have to pay extra. Come to our cash register, pay in place and get an electronic ticket.

With all this, the operator had such a tone, as if she had explains the simplest topic with a stupid student. And yet it remains incomprehensible: as such is possible in self-respecting and its passengers of the airline, that bought earlier tariffs are invalid, why change the normal paper ticket to electronic and even if you change, then why do you need to go to the cashier to change? why the site does not work?

Transport in Uzbekistan Personal Experience

Take care of the nerves – do not fly Utair

Flying by Ut806 on July 21, 2012 Tashkent-Moscow, official departure time – 04.twenty. Correspondingly at 2 o’clock in the morning, all passengers already at the airport are waiting for registration announcements. On the scoreboard – the flight was detained for an hour, well, okay – sit and wait. Then another two. The people are worried – there are no representatives of the airline, no one explains anything. People already began to try to figure out something from the airport employees, they only diluted with their hands, they say the plane from Moscow did not fly yet, do not know anything. They said that the company’s representative in principle exists, but it cannot find it.

In the end, we flew only at 10 with something, all night were stuck at the airport, we did not provide any water or food, no phone calls – nothing. And most importantly – no explanations, because it is clear that once the plane still did not even fly out of Moscow, then at least another clock 6 we do not fly anywhere, and the local could even come home to sleep (in Tashkent Airport in the city, to get to any point – no more than 30 minutes). Naturally, no apologies from the company, only the pilot personally, apologized at the entrance to the plane.

Representative of Yutair appeared only to the plane, did not introduce himself, did not communicate with people at all. I was one of the most initiative passengers, he apparently noticed it, and when my turn came to go out to the plane (that is, for the first time to be next to him), he neatly washed off. As a result, I didn’t even have the opportunity to ask his last name. In such an unpleasant story. Call the company by Loadost, and write off all the language does not turn. Ticket Moscow-Tashkent and back cost 500 euros. So this is just this company with absolutely scott relations to customers. Take care of the nerves – do not fly uteir.

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