Transport Italy: Personal experience

Currently, from Marco Polo Airport to Lido, it is best to directly with a water tram of Alilaguna. The cost of 15 euros.

View Venice from water

For "View Venice from water" Vaporretto number 1 is not that it is not suitable – but you only see the Grand Canal, part of Venice from San Marco to Biennale. Well, and Lido Island, if you need him. If you have plans to see in Venice, something else, except for the main part (Judekku, San George, Murano Island, Mazzormo, Burano and Torchello, Island / Cemetery San Michele) – I would buy a ticket for a day and everything day. Well, the light part of the day and rode. However, without "would", I did it.

From San Marco to Santa Maria della Salute on foot through the Academy Bridge. Well, minutes 25-30, probably, it is necessary (I did not go straight on the map and distracted on all sorts of nonsense, and it took me two and a half hours), or using the crossing trageda – well. 15 minutes.

They are very different. Actually, the Vaporetto walks according to the Grand Channel, in Canhaso (the northern part, where Ghetto), along the canal of Judecca (in principle, in a circle, wrapping past the TRONCETTO in the Grand Canal) and almost around the Big Island – from the exit from Canhanhalo, east – And in a circle, to San Marco (and then either in the Grand Canal, or on Judecchka.

If I correctly remember, Vaporretto 2 just describes the circle of San Marco – San Georgeo – on both sides of the Judecca channel to Troconketto, from there, on the tube Santa Chiara – to the Grand Canal (in the Piazzala Roma district) and already through the full Grand Canal down, to San Marco. But. It can be more than one and a half hours.

In general, if time is very small – all the same, the version of the Grand Canal is the most optimal. On the entire channel goes around an hour (I would even say that 40 minutes). Time "Gone" From the moment you spent a ticket for Validator when landing (Validator on the pier). The controller on the large Vaporretto goes straight together with you, and checks tickets literally through the stop, during the trip can check 3 times (on small – can go together, so come at the stops). But in the evening (I "Speed ​​ticket") I seem to be the whole route promoted on the stern without any controller.

Keep in mind half an hour – this is not distracted by the Phoenix Theater, on the gallery of the Academy, nor on the Peggy Museum, Gugenheim, either for a cup of expresso here in that bar. In general, a very fast step 🙂


Good day to all!

I want warmer from the company-broker car rental Cartrawler. I was booked and paid, through this broker a golf car at the Bolon Airport. The first thing that surprised, when booking, everything was fine, but when receiving a voucher it turned out that the amount that will be blocked on the map – 1510 euros, which is extended for European rollers for cars of this class. Upon arrival at Bologna Airport, proceeded to the roller stand specified in the Cartrawler voucher. The rack was reported that this car was not and offered Fiat F-500 LARGE but with a franchise no longer 1510 euros, but 2280 euros. On my objection, they say Fiat cheaper and less where such a franchise, I was answered that the car, though cheaper, but for the company – more expensive, t.To newer. I tried to prescribe – I took the money prepayment, for what I was poisoned – I took Cartrawler, and deal with him. Cartrawler answered the disgusting Anglo-Hindu language and said that after 10 minutes they would contact me in Russian. After 1.5 hours called back himself, t.To. Nobody called back. Fortunately, replied Pole on a balanced English. Listened to my problem and replied that since the roller broker does not have a car, then they will not be able to do anything. I have a replacement at my request at the same airport, answered with refusal. By the way, during the waiting time, this Fiat has already gone. Said – Write letters to the claims department. As a result, I returned the amount minus 60 euros of administrative collection. Claim to the bank has already rolled, waiting for an answer. I will not calm down until I get 60 euros back. Although I spent 200 already on calls. Summary Cartrawler – Fraudsters. Dear fellow citizens, if you do not want to stay at the airport without a car in a high season, never contact Cartrawler.

Our fight against Sicily by Car car rental in Italy

Our story began in April 2014. We took the car in the company Sicily by Car. Booked in advance through DiscoverCarhire site.Com. Took the car without insurance, t.To. There was only one moving from Milan to Treviso (1 day of rental). Having stood as a small queue at the airport, we got a booked Citroen C4 and a children’s car seat for 25 EUR. When we examined the car for the presence of scratches and asked to note some of the not very prominent, the company’s representative assured us that they were not needed, t.To. No one pays attention to such trifles. We celebrated only the most visible. Handed over the car in Treviso early in the morning, the keys put just in boxing, t.To. No one has worked (6:00 am). We went carefully, in most cases by the autobahn, parked on normal parking, so confidence that claims for us will not be 100%.

But hands did not let go. And this is the main point.

First, we went to the bank and, explaining what’s what, we were discovered to refund money.

Secondly, amounted to an arbitrary form in English in style "Look carefully, some scratches with us, nevertheless marked" and what "We will complain". A photocopy of a sheet of scratches, contract and (!) semi-completed form of claim in the European Court. We still have all these documents and if necessary – write in a personal, send everything. The lawsuit was filled with, where they could, but in the letter indicated that for a start, this is our intention and if you do not return money – we are submitted to the court. Everybody did in two copies and sent one to the Sicily by Car address, the other to the address of the contractor’s company, which we sent a letter with a detailed account. And began to wait peacefully, with a feeling of what they did that could.

After a month and a half from the date of opening the case, we were pleased with the bank. They said that the right thing on our side (the company pulls and cannot provide documents that all damage is made by us) and the likelihood of the return of money is almost 100%. And at the end of July, finally, and Customer Service Siclily by Car woke up. Got an e-mail with apologies and the fact that they are really mistaken and what money they are going to return. But, on the windshield if the chip, for which they will leave 160 EUR (allegedly, with a scolf on the glass they do not rent cars), and the remaining amount is returned. It’s better than nothing, but there was a little harness: they wanted to return the money to direct bank transfer to the EUR. After a small correspondence with the Customer Service and after consulting with the bank, it turned out that such a translation into the euro could lead to the proceedings with the tax. And the account was needed to open in euros. Since the bank assured us that the decision on the case is about to be (from the date of submission of an application to the bank has passed for 3 months), we decided to wait for the Bank’s decision. They took to return the whole amount, I just just do not give up.

And so, in August, the native 643 EUR returned to us. The bank won the case!! For a while we walked up, before writing this post, so that the company did not take the money back (there is a period of 30 days when the company can file an appeal to return, but units are engaged).

And now the most important thing – conclusions.

1. Never lower hands! If you have stolen money, do everything to return them back.
2. Take, if possible, full insurance.
3. Came up to the car – take a picture of her scratch every dirting (in the case of full insurance, of course, in most cases it is not necessary to do this, but we do common photos).
4. Cheaper to take cars in local rentals, there even a car seat will cost 3 EUR \ day, instead of 25.
5. If you do not have full insurance, rent a car during when someone from the company can personally examine it and confirm that everything is in order.

Good luck to everyone!

On the train on the lake como

Transport Italy Personal Experience

Lake Como was the first stop of our route after Milan. You can get to it on the usual train from Garibaldi station. The road will take no more than 1.5 hours, and the ticket will cost you only 10 € per person back and forth.

If you have not bought a pre-ticket at the station, and there are no more tickets in the automata, then you can buy it from the controller in the train. To do this, you need to sit in the first car train and, preferably, immediately find the controller, otherwise I might think that you are driving a hare and write a fine.

If you have a ticket, you must not forget to proceed in the machine at the station, otherwise you are also waiting for a fine of 20 €.

Roads in Italy

Goldcar – Zhuliki

In September 2013, I traveled to Italy and booked cars as usual through EconomyCarrentals.COM in Milan Malpensa Airport. After a few hours a voucher came with the title of the office Goldcar.

Problems began immediately. I could not find information about the amount of the deposit anywhere, so I had to repeal long and stubbornly with them, in each letter they translated a conversation towards buying full insurance for 16 days worth almost 300 euros. In the end, I managed to get the deposit amount from them on my car (at that time I knew that it would be a wagon, on the fact that the renewed scenic of the last generation). 1600 euros need to be on the map not to execute incredible insurance. On the receipt of auto, persuade to buy insurance continued, something like, having shot off from the annoying Italian, after blocking the necessary amount I did the keys.

I left all the time without incidents, safely handed over the car and flew back to Russia on September 18, a week later I unlocked all the money and it would seem … But!

On November 12, 2013, I comes SMS that from my card Goldcar shot 74 euros.

I started writing letters on the site on the same day and on the E-mail with a reasonable question: "What Figa?"

November 18, they drove me to answer.

After the last letter, I realized that this is some kind of divorce, t.To. I had to pay fines from France, which I came by mail without extra words directly from the French government and went to the bank to apply. The whole procedure lasted about 15 minutes as a result of which I received an SMS with a claim number and a period of consideration of up to 70 days. A month later, SMS came that my card was blocked. At the end of January, I called me a bank employee with information that my claim was satisfied and the money will be returned to me soon. February 3, 74 Euro were listed to me back. Naturally, no fine did not come.

Transport Italy Personal Experience

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