Transport India &# 8211; Excellent Lifehak

If you have made a long route and plan to visit several cities and states for one visit (we advise exactly how it is to do), then you will probably worry the issue of movements by country. As we have already written, there are absolutely budget to move through the aircraft. Tickets you can find on our website, here is an example of a flight from Delhi to Mumbai

How to buy a ticket to indian train?

If the distance between intermediate stops on the route is small, there is best to buy train tickets. You can do this on the https site: // / but you will need an Indian SIM card. Do not hurry to upset – you can find detailed instructions on the Internet how to get around this rule. For example, here or here .

After a quick reading, you will most likely make a desire to spit on this idea and try to buy tickets on the spot. Intremely not advise this to do this, especially if you have chosen a popular tourist route, for example, a golden triangle, or you want to drive in a cheap flight car. 99.9% that it will not be in the place of tickets, and you will have to either ride in the literal sense on the heads from the Indians (we do not joke), or urgently change the plans and spend on the flight. And again not the fact that the next flight will be tickets.

Trains India

Trains are divided into types and classes, the cheapest tickets to the car without places. Reminds our train, only 100 times old and dirtier. People sleep everywhere &# 8211; in the vestibule, on the floor in the aisle, in the toilet. Controllers practically do not enter these cars, because the number of people does not allow it to do. Seen these famous pictures where crowds of people are sitting on the roof? This is the casual reality of India. Everything is going on in fact for free, only the most law-abiding citizens themselves buy a ticket to the ticket office. The car fenced on both sides by iron partitions so that local passengers cannot move into more expensive cars. Hope you should not once again remind that lonely girls here the way ordered. Otherwise, the Internet is shot by funny stories of our compatriots who have decided to experience the "real Indian train".

Wagons are divided into classes in accordance with the presence / absence of the air conditioner, the windows (yes, in some cars on the windows instead of glasses of iron lattices, it is decent at full speed), there are comfortable seating cars, there is a reserved seat of our type, but with three shelves, Instead of two and so on, right up to luxury trains, the cost of a trip to which is calculated by tens of thousands of dollars.

Read more about the classes of Indian trains can be found here.

Movement in the city

According to Delhi, moving around the cheapest on the motorcycle or boork, but the second option is the least comfortable and very slow. Use the velaikas only in cases of tough savings and if you have a lot of time.

Transport of India; Excellent Lifehak

In Mumbai, you will practically do not meet Rickshaw, the city’s ubiquitous cabs – the British left after themselves in this city architecture, cricket and taxis. It is very pleased that prices are more than humane, and taxis in Mumbai can afford even the most budget traveler. Payment by meter.

In the southern states on the coast, it is best to take a bike bike &# 8211; It’s inexpensive and everywhere you have time to visit. Whatever the temptation to rent a chic motorcycle Royal Enfield – fight this temptation. Motorcycle heavy by weight and control, 100% in anything or in someone else.

Do not worry about where and how to look for a means for movement – Drivers, having a white man, will instantly stop near you. Squeece the price of at least 4 times (or even more, focus on your feelings regarding the real cost of travel). Motoriksha, for example, works on a gas, which in India is worth a penny, therefore, this type of transport is very cheap, do not cheat yourself. In Mumbai, always forcing the driver to include the counter, if you see that he is actually broken – negotiate price before the trip.

And the continuation will be?

Despite the fact that the Indians are very kind and friendly people, they do not see anything wrong to fool a foreigner. The poorest existence pushes both theft and deception right in the forehead. With a wide smile, you will assure you in any way, you need to be ready to repulse. We will tell you more about security in India in the following post.

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