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You come to your hotel, joyful run to sunbathe and swim, and in the head involuntarily begins Brownian movement of thoughts on the subject of recreation organization. After all, you need to see all the sights and other beautiful beaches. You can go on excursions to islands or ride at interesting places of the island yourself.

Movement options on Phuket Island are not so much.

Taxi and Tuk-Tuk

The most common way – taxi or tuk-tuk. Surely, remember, I told you about the basic concepts and expressions that Tuk-Tuki call small multicolored cars. Under the word, a taxi understands any car without typical identification signs of the type of chasers, which agrees to take you somewhere. At the price of a taxi and Tuk-Tuki are the same: in the first case, you pay for air conditioning, in the second – for exotic. I would say the pleasure of riding a Tuk-Tuka not cheap. Moving from the beach to the next beach will cost an average of 300-400 baht. To get from Patong to Phuket Town – 400-500 baht, and drive any distance within the same beach – 150-200 baht. Bargain with them is appropriate, but not always efficiently. BUT! The price of travel must be found in advance, it is desirable to reinforce the understanding of the taxi driver to point it and on the fingers. Taxi prices on Phuket are looking for in a separate article>>>

Taxi Motobike

Motobike Taxi is suitable for those who travel alone. Drivers will always be dressed in multicolored vests, according to the main working deployment. For example, in Phuket Taun, all taxi drivers wear red vests, in the Katu – green, and on Patong – blue. The price of such a way of movement begins from 20-40 baht for a small distance inside the beach, moving to neighboring beach will cost 100-150 baht. Unfortunately, Motobike Taxi in tourist sites The phenomenon is rare, there are a lot of taxis on Patong, and on the rest of the beaches they are not found with fire. If you arrived without a company, taxi drivers on motorbikes will be glad to ride you in the sights and beaches. The cost of such a trip will differ from the price of taxi for two times, 1000 baht in a few hours.

Buses to Phuket

Network of urban buses is well developed. Rather even to say, developed only for the local population, which are rid of the city on the beaches or vice versa. Such means of movement in Thailand are called SongTEO, which in translation indicates "Two benches". In Phuket Town on Rongong Street there is a stop of city buses to the beaches of the island. Do not confuse this stop with the bus stations Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, from where you can leave in the neighboring province and to the airport. The price of the SonGTEO varies from 20 to 50 baht per person, depending on the route. On the city bus can not move from the beach to the beach (with the exception of the beaches of Karon and Kata, Surin and Kamala). To get to Kata beach of Patong, you need to sit around the Kata Beach Hotel on songteo and at the last stop in Phuket Town transfer to the bus to Patong. For the price to turn around 60 baht per person, for travel time – two o’clock. Buses run from six in the morning until six in the evening with an interval of 30 minutes, its final stop marked on maps Local Bus or Bus to Town. In 2018 we added an extra bus smart bass that goes with Rawai Beach to the airport through the entire coast. See detailed article about all the city bus routes>>>

Car rental on Phuket

The most convenient, in my opinion, the way to get around the island of Phuket – car rental. Cars, SUVs and vans can be rented on site at companies Avis, Budget and Hertz or from local dealers. Offers the most popular models: Toyota Vios, Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Suzuki Caribian, Suzuki Sporty as low as 700-2000 baht per day. Be sure to check for full coverage. Otherwise, any accident will have to be responsible for the full program. Thai police in many cases arises on the side of the locals to prove their case is extremely difficult, and sometimes only possible with a good lawyer. Minor accident in Phuket is not uncommon: the movement of the left hand side, and the vast majority of local residents and tourists ignore traffic rules.

When renting a car in Phuket you may require a passport as a deposit or a certain amount, usually up to 10,000 baht. In addition, the required international license. Be careful when parking, road markings warning the place where it is forbidden to park. It is advisable not to leave the car in a deserted place in the recent increase in the theft of spare parts. Read a separate article about all the nuances of the rental car online >>>

Rent motorbike in Phuket

Rent a moped or scooter rather developed service in tourist areas, but less safe way to travel around the island. Popular beaches are simply littered with offices, where you will be offered a motorbike motorbike. Phuket distributed such models with automatic transmission, like Honda Click, Suzuki Step, Yamaha Mio, Yamaha Fino. The price of them varies within 200-300 baht per day. For lovers of sports bikes or motorcycles Chopper, some offices on Patong offer such services at a price of 600-1200 baht per day.

Contrary to emerging opinion, for driving motorbikes in Thailand, the rights of an international sample category are needed. Police in Phuket often arrange types to verify the rights and having helmets. Penalty for the lack of rights or helmet – 500 baht. Motobike attached a free helmet, I call such a panama. If you are going to ride a moped throughout the rest, you are my advice: buy a good helmet, hatching head. Its price is low 500-800 baht, and the head is priceless.

Transport on Phuket - Taxi, Tuk-Tuk, Motobike, Car Rent, Bike Guide Phuket

Before renting a motorbike, carefully inspect it and take a picture. Locals love to breed tourists for money, pointing to return to old scratches and scratches.In the tank, as a rule, there are some gasoline to get to the nearest refueling. On the streets you can see bottles with bright yellow liquid, do not confuse with a lemonade or another exotic drink, it is gasoline in the case when the nearest refueling is already closed.

Motion on Motobike on Phuket Island is rather cheap and convenient, but it is necessary to wind on the following nuances. I strongly recommend not to use the rental of motorbikes without driving experience. There are no cases of accidents with motorcycles, and there is no insurance for scooters and motorcycles, so any breakdowns you pay from your pocket, which is indicated by one of the items in the lease agreement. In addition, if you plan to rent a motorbike, you will definitely need to make insurance for active sports. Be careful with parking, look at the road marking. In cases of parking in the wrong place will have to pay a fine. For the night, leave the motorbike under the supervision of the guard of your hotel. Cases of thefts are rare, but cannot be excluded. Do not store valuable things and money in the trunk Motobike, especially when you go to the beach. Read other nuances for rent Motobike on Phuket >>>

Bike on Phuket

The cheapest way of movement is a bike. Bicycle rental price per day 100-120 baht. Unfortunately, this service is not so common in Phuket, you will have a lot to work hard to find it (Rolled offices are easily located in Google maps). Mobile around the island of a rather time consuming occupation due to mountain roads, but to use it for small distances within the same beach is easy and useful.

Machine with driver

In some cases, order a car with a driver much more profitable and more convenient than renting it or use a taxi. You can choose a car to taste, and minibuses are provided for large companies from four people. Rental price Machine with a driver Depending on the plan of your trip costs about 500 baht per hour, the order is possible at least 5 hours. Book a car with a driver can be here.

What method of movement you would not choose, remember that your safety at the above all. I recommend getting a good insurance for a good insurance for covering all expenses in the local hospital.
I hope my tips helped you in choosing a means of movement in Phuket. Come on the island and explore it yourself!

Transport on Phuket - Taxi, Tuk-Tuk, Motobike, Car Rent, Bike Guide Phuket

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