Transport to Gran Canaria

The bus is the only type of ground public transport on the Canary Islands, and Gran Canaria here is no exception. Moving around the island by bus in some cases is quite convenient and always economically: the fare is 10 times lower than on a taxi. And when using pre-acquired travel cards and without that low, travel tariffs can be reduced by 25-70%.

The regular bus service on the island provides Global: see existing routes and timetables here.

The cost of the bus depends on the distance. Minimum rate – 1 € (within one settlement).

The bus includes front door. Tell the driver where you are traveling – and he will give a ticket with the specified fare.

If the passage is paid by the card, it is necessary to insert it into the machine, located near the driver, and tell the driver the destination and the number of passengers: from the card spikes the desired amount.

Taxi at Gran Canaria

Where there are tourists – it is always easily able to detect a taxi car: their lack of island is not observed, rather, on the contrary. Taxi services are very convenient and cheap to use for movement within one resort, however, for long-distance traveling (for example, Maspalomas in Las Palmas) is more expedient to use the bus or car rental.

Taxi on the Gran Canaria White, depending on the area of ​​the roof of the car can be painted in other colors. For example, in Maspalomas she is red (in the photo). And the taxi driver has the right to plant a passenger only in that district, to which the car "is assigned".

Payment for travel is made by the meter.

Approximate cost of 1 km – 0.85 €.

If necessary, taxis can be called from the hotel or any cafe, shop, etc.NS.

Car rental at Gran Canaria

Gathering at Grand Canary, do not forget to capture the driver’s license. Machine rental conditions on the island are very liberal, the cost of pleasure is one of the lowest in Europe, the roads are excellent, prices for gasoline – by the measures of the European Union almost free. Move on the Gran Canaria on the car is much cheaper than using taxi services and much more convenient to public transport.

Card Almost Round Island Gran Canaria is not difficult to present in the form of a clock. Clockwise from 11 to 7 along the coast drives a motorway. She connects southern resorts with airport and Las Palmas (GC-1) and Las Palmas with the Agaate port in the North-West (GC-2), where ferries are sailed from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is an excellent straight road, the speed on which is limited to 120 km / h.

But the western side of the island is a solid mountain serpentine: uncomplicated for an experienced driver, but terribly slow and tedious. Therefore, for example, to get from Agayte to Puerto Rico will be much faster by the motorway.

Roads leading to the center of Gran Canaria also looped (alas, such a relief of the island), but moderately. All of them have their own number starting with "GC" or, on old maps, with "C". For the convenience of drivers, road number are shown on milestone columns. Get lost here is difficult, and nowhere.

Transport to Gran Canaria

To all corners of the island, representing potential interest for tourists, roads are laid although sometimes looping, but with good solid coating. If you suddenly still really want to ride in the primer, know: insurance here does not work. And if that – repair at your expense.

Find a free place for your four-wheeled buddy is sometimes quite difficult, and in the center of Las Palmas is almost impossible. Recall that the yellow strip along the sidewalk parking prohibits. However, if you turn on the emergency and you will leave the store for five minutes – nothing terrible will happen. White markup (or in general the absence of such), provided that there are no prohibitive signs, denotes the free parking area. Blue markup warns about the fact that the right to leave here in certain hours the car will have a little to upset: there should be a parking lot nearby.

Parking – this is an automatic parking lot. It shows the "opening hours" (the rest of the parking is free), as well as the cost of this pleasure. Fall asleep in the machine the right number of coins, click on the green button – and, a little Popumev, he will give you a coupon you need to put on a prominent place under the windshield of the car.

You may pay attention to people with incomprehensible doings in the hands, which are spinning around the cars in a paid parking. These are municipal controllers. They do not look out at all than you can get started in the cabin, and check the availability of coupons. In the absence of such (or the inconsistency of time on it) the car is taken "on a pencil".

Information for thinking. Unpaid fines for violation of traffic rules (or other administrative offenses) may cause refusal to receive the following Schengen visa if the data on the violator falls into the Schengen Computer.

On the Gran Canaria there is no shortage of companies offering car rental services. Their numerous offices under the "RENT A CAR" signs can be detected everywhere. Prices depend on the type of insurance, the state of cars and fame of the company and start from about 20 € per day for car class Citroen C2 without air conditioning.

AVIS offer is presented in the table below. This is not the cheapest company from the available, however, popular with tourists thanks to new cars and world famous brand. The minimum age of the driver is 21 years old, driving experience – from 1 year.

It should be borne in mind that many rental companies in their promotional materials love to indicate prices without insurance: so they look much more attractive on the background of competitors. In this case, when making a contract, the cost of the lease will be somewhat different from the one on which you expected initially. Specify in advance whether insurance is included in the claimed price.

Transport to Gran Canaria

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