Transportation of animals in the plane

If you decide to take your dog or a cat on the road, take care of the design of all the necessary papers in advance.

First of all, inform your intention to transport the animal in the plane to the employee of the airline. This is recommended when booking air ticket or, at a minimum, 36 hours before departure.

The transportation is allowed, as a rule, from 2 to 5 animals, so we recommend taking care of the place for your pet in advance.

Keep in mind &# 8211; Not all airlines and not all flights allow the transportation of animals in the plane.

On domestic flights, you need to provide a certificate of health status of your pet (veterinary certificate in form No. 1), which is issued in any state veterinary clinic. This certificate indicates information about all vaccinations.

Please note that the last rabies vaccination must be made no more than a year and no less than a month before departure.

International flights provide an international veterinary certificate. It must be decorated based on a veterinary certificate and is registered in the veterinary service of the border control point.

You also need to provide a certificate from the Sigger Club or RCF that your pet does not represent tribal values ​​and other documents required by the country’s veterinarians or transit.

If you are heading to Asia and Africa, you may need to make additional vaccinations and get the appropriate certificate.

Since 2006, when importing an animal in the European Union from a country that is not part of the EU, dogs, cats and household ferrers should be equipped with a chip or have a distinct unique stamp. To clarify the entire package of necessary documents, we recommend contacting the airport veterinary service and the consulate of the country of arrival or transit.

Most international airlines accept the documents on the animal only in English.

It is also worth remembering that in many countries there are restrictions on the import of animal species. For example, for more than ten years in Denmark, Spain, Italy and Sweden, it is forbidden to import dog breed dogs.

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Transportation of animals in the cabin of the aircraft

In the cabin of the aircraft it is allowed to transport animals and birds only accompanied by an adult passenger, in a container or a cell.

The size of the container or cells should not exceed the dimensions of 45x35x25 cm, and the total weight is up to 8 kg. Bottom container must be waterproof and covered with absorbent material.

In some cases, the carriage of animals and birds is allowed in tightly closed wicker baskets, with the weight of the animal should not exceed 3 kilograms. Cage placed on the hands of the passenger or under the seat. It is not allowed to put a cell on the passenger seat.

As a rule, simultaneous transportation of no more than two dogs is allowed in the aircraft. Transportation of antagonistic animals, such as a cat and a dog, is prohibited in one passenger compartment. It is also forbidden to carry animals in business class.

Flight with a dog-hassle

Without a container, you can carry only guide dogs, while they should be muzzle and on a leash. A one more condition is presented to guide dogs &# 8211; You must have a guide dog training certificate.

During the flight, the dog is located at the feet of the owner under the chair. Please note that dog feeding during registration and flight is prohibited.

Transportation by plane of large animals, weighing more than 8 kg.

Large animals whose weight together with a cage exceeds 8 kg, transported in the luggage compartment.

An animal must be in the container, the size of which is calculated according to the following formula: the height of the container must be at least the height of the standing animal, the width &# 8211; Double width of pet and allow it to rotate 360 ​​degrees, and length &# 8211; body length plus half the length of the paw.

Transportation of animals in the plane

In one container it is allowed to transport a maximum of two adult animals weighing up to 14 kg each, or no more than 3 puppies / kittens not older than 6 months.

The bottom of the container or cell must be waterproof and is covered with absorbent material, the bottom of the bottom must be a board that prevents the spidality of the absorbent material. If you transport a bird, then its cell must be covered with a dense light tight fabric.

The container or cell for the carriage of the animal in the plane can be purchased in the pet store, as well as some airlines or at the airport.

On animals and birds does not apply to the standard of luggage free. Transportation of animals in the plane is paid at a tariff for supernorumative baggage, Based on the actual mass of the animal together with the container. Only a guide dog is allowed to transport.

Features of animal transportation in different airlines

Air transportation by Aeroflot

Only one animal in a cell in size up to 115 cm in the amount of 3 measurements and weighing up to 8 kg can be transported on Aeroflot flights in the aircraft salon. This means that if you already have a passenger with animals and he reported this in the airline earlier than you, then you will have to change the ticket and fly to another flight. If there are several economic class salons in the plane. As a rule, it is at long-haul flights, then in each salon you can carry one animal.

Animals are always shipping chargeable and pay for rapids for non-standard baggage.

Transportation of animals by flights s7

Siberia Airline (S7) allows for transportation in the cabin only cats, dogs and birds, all other animals: ferrets, hamsters and t.NS. should be transported only in baggage. In addition, there are requirements for minimal pet. Not accepted for the carriage of the puppy under 8 weeks and kittens under 12, however, if your veterinarian gives a certificate that the kitten can be transported without harm to the aircraft, then it will be missed as an exception.

Container Requirements: Weight &# 8211; 8 kg, dimensions up to 115 cm in sum of 3 measurements, maximum height &# 8211; 20 cm. Animals that exceed these dimensions are transported in baggage.

In the luggage compartment in one cell you can carry two adult animals if everyone’s weight does not exceed 14 kg.. Animals weighing more than 14 kg should be transported in separate containers. If you transport puppies, up to 6 months, then in one cell can be placed 3rd.

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