Travel 60+ part 1 Kamchatka

If you exchanged the seventh tens, to get on the road easily: I am a camera, a tobacco margin (smoke only yours), a couple of camouflages and a good mood. When still, as not on pensions, execute cherished dreams, for example, to see the volcanoes of Kamchatka. In the days of our youth of the peninsula was a closed territory.


Flight Moscow – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky took about 9 o’clock, Elizovo Airport met the Warm Oktyabrsky Sun. I got to the city on a minibus, from the booked in advance the apartment had to refuse – dirty. Fortunately, one of the hotels in the city center has a single free room, a little expensive, but the view from the window to the Avachinsk bay dispersed all doubts.

The day, stretching for a third due to the difference in time zones, decided to complete the walk along the embankment and visiting the shop, where, according to the young ladies with the reception, you can satisfy the most whimsical gastronomic requests in terms of seven gifts.

In the morning, having breakfast the caviar of two varieties, a portion of crab meat and a cup of strong coffee, went searching for representatives of small businesses, providing guests to the Kamchatka Territory the opportunity to independently depend on the local tourist industry and traveling to their discretion "Where the eyes look". The car rental segment at that time left much to be desired, it was easy to find an SUV, Honda’s "right-handed" Honda waited for us on one of the car parks.

Before you go to long distances, I spent a test drive around the city in the direction of the bay Mokhovaya, there is a silence fan. On the shore of the bay, a Petropavlovsk fishing plant is located, with it a store with fresh fish, just in case they took a couple of kilograms of Mixed. Overcoming some distance over the abandoned territory, saw a group of silence in the old pier, serenely located on concrete slabs with fittings sticking together in all directions. They lazily turned over, substituting the sides to the warm sun, some slowly slipped into the water, raising the splashes, but no one hurried to taste our fish. Apparently, the presence of fisheries quite provided them.

You can see the silence here only from October to March, the rest of the year they spend in the sea, what this inscription testifies.

I’m going forward, I will say that before leaving we came to these mysterious giants to say Thank you for Mintai, who turned out to be so tasty that we will plunge us in complete misunderstanding, which we eat away from the seas and oceans.

Khalaktyra beach

The road to the beach was complicated, under the power of a car with high patency and people with strong nerves. At first kilometers 30 to the village of Radigina, which is a terrible sight: Abandoned houses without windows and doors, a rusty car at the collapsed shed, grass on the belt and nor soul around. Then, to the coast of the Pacific Ocean through the forest, where there is a possibility to meet a bear, where the cold war is the same cold horror from the stone building, where such silence that you really feel yourself the only inhabitant of the planet, but bold and stubbornly waiting for a reward – meeting with the ocean , black sand and place of power.

Village keys

This village is located at the foot of the Klyuchevskaya Sopka, on the Kamchatka River. See the largest volcano Eurasia, from the crater of which periodically occur the emissions of the ashes, and on the slopes flow Lava’s streams – a weighty cause for travel. Early in the morning went on the road. To drive up on the highway on Ust-Kamchatsk about 600 kilometers. I wanted to get to light up, but sometimes I had to slow down the sake of an interesting frame.

First stop in the village of Sokal. It is difficult to drive past the ranks of pavilions on both sides of the track, signs on which they offer to taste the famous Sokochinsky patties. A huge size, with a filling of meat and fish, cabbage and potatoes, apples and berries, with a cup of strong sweet tea. Perhaps this is the second taste discovery, after Mixed.

The track was better than we assumed. In some areas, a large-scale reconstruction of the road canal.

Bright colors of Kamchatka Autumn splashed the nature of everything that flashed outside the window.

Traveling around Kamchatka is characteristic not only by moving from the center of civilization for thousands of kilometers, but also by teleportation in the past. It is difficult to imagine that the branches of Sberbank and Russian Post may look like somewhere in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but the inhabitants of Kozyrevsk are very uncomplicated architectural solutions.

Travel 60 part 1 Kamchatka

In the village, the keys arrived in the evening, settled in a guest house, former one-story barrack. Inside a homely clean and cozy, a friendly owner of the institution offered an improved number: a small room with a shower and toilet. In the common kitchen noisy dined men’s company from Peter, the third week they worked on the test missile test site. Immediately offered to taste the pilaf smaller in the Kazan, we agreed, the Cocoic pies purchased by the.

In the morning they went to explore the terrain. According to information from the locals, they found out that the lava flow of a wokeered volcano is poured on the opposite side of the hill, it is possible to get there only on special machines, the cost of such a journey is equal to the cost of our flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk. We were not upset, Impressions from Kamchatka and so hit. What are our years, we still see!

Two days spent two days, went fishing, investigated the surroundings of the village, got acquainted with the inhabitants, open and benevolent, who immediately figured us as visitors, told where and what is better to peck, where the fish should not go in the dark.

The narrow street volcanic rests in a small area of ​​the forest, behind him the road to the foot of the Klyuchevsk.

The Kamchatka River is wide and fast, from one shore to another perhaps the new bridge, go through which you can only keep the handrail, a strong wind literally knocks down from the legs. A little apart the picturesque, the huge trunks of the old, destroyed by the river, bridge. Abandoned rusty boats erasli in the shore.

Fish caught not succeeded, windy weather did not contribute to successful fishing. However, without dinner, we did not remain: in a small shop on my question, the seller, where you can buy fish, the only buyer responded, who offered yesterday’s catch for a reasonable fee. The huge dishes of fried carps, bundled on a couple of salmon and the remains of yesterday’s pilas together eaten in the common kitchen everything with the same guys from Peter.

The return path took less time, I just wanted to ride on the way, enjoying bright autumn paints, white peaks of the mountains, thinking about seen, a little sad.

The remaining days went to the resort village of Parastunk, famous for therapeutic thermal waters, stayed in one of the sanatoriums with an open-air pool. It’s fun to swim in a swimsuit when nearby holidaymakers in jackets and caps are warm at the mangala with a smoking kebab.

On the departure day, a very early morning rose to the target hill to meet the sunrise, the last time fed the seagoms on the waterfront and were sitting on the shore for a long time, listening to the roaring shore and splashing quiet waves.

Travel 60 part 1 Kamchatka

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