Travel alone. Guide for beginners

For each person who prefers to travel alone, There are twenty people, which would rather prefer to go along the hot corner. For the last idea of ​​a single trip related to the fear of unknown. However, if you want to go in the path alone, Remember: to travel one is not so scary, difficult or impossible, as it seems. In fact, if you are well prepared, such a journey can become the adventure of your whole life.

Where and when to go?

Before you go to the road and buy your first ticket, sit and thoroughly think about, Which trip do you want to go. Imagine yourself in the place where you would like to be. Maybe in the coastal city, a cosmopolitan city, such as London or Sydney, and maybe you would like to travel on Canada. Or maybe you dream to try traditional Japanese cuisine, will learn abroad or ride a bike in Italy. Another idea – Make a list of countries, which you want to see and highlight those with the thought of which your heart begins to beat faster. Most often it means that you should go there.

At the next stage, think, When you can travel on a trip. If something restricts you, such as studying or work, find positive parties to the situation. Even if you can travel only in winter, then this also has pluses, because the trips outside the season are much cheaper.

Meet new people

Most single travelers are afraid of loneliness. Of course, you will spend a part of the trip to your own company, but the truth is that it will be only the moments in which you will need to be alone. If you want to meet someone, Do not worry, you will have many opportunities for this. Start from finding housing on sites such as Couchsurfing, where the locals take visitors for free, or remove the room on Airbnb.

If your list has plans to make new acquaintances, a good idea may be studying or a short course abroad. May be, Would you like to learn a foreign language, do diving, cooking, dancing or photography? You can learn English worldwide! Imagine that you are sitting at one desk with your new friends in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, South Africa or Malta. Such a language course – one of the most interesting ways Get acquainted with interesting people, as a rule, about one age and interests. Or maybe you decide to try Salsa in Colombia, cook food in Thailand, Surfing in Australia or Taekwondo in South Korea. In this case, in addition to new acquaintances, you also learn a lot of interesting things.


In the long journey, the main thing – Light baggage. If you leave home for a month or more, then you will most likely have to constantly be in motion. Easy baggage will facilitate your task. Think about to take with you to manual sting, and do not worry about the rest. You will find that there is nothing impossible.

From hygiene to electronics – Be selective and take with you only things, without which you can not do. Collect clothes exactly for a week and make sure you can combine it as you want. Take the mini version of the hygiene products, they still have to buy, especially if you leave for a longer period. Do not take with you a ton of electronic gadgets. Currently, the world is very well connected, on the way you will find many cafes and hostels with Wi-Fi. If you are planning to learn abroad, think about taking a laptop with you, and If you are traveling from place to place, Probably enough smartphone or small tablet.

And remember: you will not go to Mars. Even if you forgot to take something out of the house, such as charger for phones, toiletries, medicines or clothing released without prescription, you can buy everything in place.


One of the advantages of a single journey is Ability to change destination At any time, without consulting with a group or a person with whom you travel. Trains, buses and aircraft will be your vendor. To choose the most suitable, think how important your comfort and flexibility are important.

Trains, especially in the European Union, offer a convenient message to short and long distances. Prices for one-time tickets are growing day by day, the best solution – buy a ticket Eurail or Interrail, EURAIL is intended for citizens of non-EU countries. Traveling by train can also be traveling, Australia and in many other places.

Travel alone. Guide for beginners

Convenient is a convenience in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This is One good travel option in several regions and even countries. The advantage of such a bus is that you yourself decide how long you want to stay in this place before decide to continue your journey. On the other hand, the bus stops only at the selected stops, which means that the place where you are going is not necessarily indicated in the schedule.

Another good option – airplane. In Europe, you will find a whole network of cheap flights. To compare prices for tickets, just use Skyscanner, Momondo or Kayak. Travel allows you to save time, get to the airport, to register and go through the security zone can take the same time as the flight itself. The biggest disadvantage of flights, especially budget airlines, is Lack of flexibility when changing the date of departure and the inability to compensate transport costs in case of ticket cancellation. Therefore, think carefully where and when you want to fly. Moreover, unlike buses and trains, airlines have a baggage transportation standards that you can take on board. You will avoid problems if you travel with mild hand.


When traveling alone security questions cause the greatest concern. Although most countries are as safe as yours, the people with whom you meet will not necessarily be very friendly. Remember that staying safe on the road is not so difficult if you follow certain rules.

If you learn or live abroad, give your family your address, write it down in a notebook or phone and always keep at hand. Be sure to inform your close approximate route and report any changes, If you decide to make them on the way.

Do not expose to decoration, Cameras and other valuable electronic equipment. Best not to take them with you. When you travel, keep money and valuable things with you, but not in your pockets. Do not leave a backpack or a suitcase Unattended Or, how often do it, on the seat next to you. In the end, you do not want to attract pockets.

Never carry with you all your money and credit cards. Leave at least one payment card in the room and take so much cash as soon as day. Make a copy of your passport, credit cards and other documents, send them to your email and your loved ones so that they are safe. Both of these ordinary advice Save your time, If you need copies of documents while traveling.

When you are in your hometown, you are unlikely to walk on dark streets in an unfamiliar area. Hazardous places and situations You can easily avoid, Taking conscious decisions and trusting with its instincts. Do not attend the city at night alone. Compliance with local customs, clothing and behavior of people can be useful in a new place. In addition, do not go anywhere with strangers, but you probably know it from mom.

Travel alone. Guide for beginners

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