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What landmark disappointed you most and what, in your opinion, the most undervalued?

Julia Lobashva: Right disappointed – there are no such. Not impressed – Pissing boy in Brussels.

Undervalued a lot. The same Cappadocia. They learned about it because bloggers began to make beautiful photos and talk about her. Now there are millions of tourists.

Sofya Filippova: Disappointment – it’s not about me at all. My friends did not impress the Wall of Crying in Jerusalem. I was already there, so I knew what was this place. They also imagine literally that it should be something ambitious size with a Chinese wall, on which water flows.

From undervalued: the flowering season of Wisteria in Japan is no less beautiful than the bloom of Sakura, for which the whole world comes. The Japanese know many national parks where you can contemplate and this beauty.

Tip of the day: Take friends with you and do not plan much travel. Then everything becomes a pleasant surprise

Nina Hotina: I waited a lot from the Taj Mahal, but seeing "one of the wonders of the world," did not understand that it was so distinguished and brought to the top attractions of the world. Around him the same India with all the resulting (in the literal) features. I could not believe that 10 m from a miracle of light may be such a horror. Not to mention plastic bottles that swim in the territory of Taja right in the fountains!

The most undervalued attraction – Castles of Scotland. They write little about them, they are visited little, even in the highest season, there will be no soul about some of the castles! I have stunning impressions of all North Scotland. In places, nature struck even more than New Zealand.

Ksenia Marchenko: Probably, I will not be the first who expect a little more (in every sense) from the pissing boy in Brussels. The statue is completely tiny and is behind the fence. (But in the capital of Belgium there is a sense to go for the sake of Brussels waffles and beer with Potatoes.)

From undervalued – not a landmark, and region: Karadeniz in Turkey. Many dream of Switzerland and New Zealand, but do not guess that in the north of Turkey there are their branch. I opened it in September last year. There is beautiful and there are no tourists yet.

Christina Makeev: I would not return to Spain – not my atmosphere. Well, and constant thefts among tourists do not add the attraction of the country, although some cities are very different.

Underestimated: the more you travel, the more you realize that emotions depend on people, and not from the very place. Well, from your well-being. Of course, few people like to be in the crowd, but with the right people for you it will not be so strong disappointment. Just take friends with you and do not plan much travel. Then everything becomes a pleasant surprise.

What a recent or chief epic-fale occurred with you on the journey and how you got out of this?

Yulia Lobasheva: We traveled to Amsterdam, and from it – to Paris. Bought a train ticket in advance. He was expensive – € 120. On the day of eviction from the hotel, our suitcases descended for about an hour. Taxi first canceled, and then rose into the plug, although you needed to drive only a couple of kilometers. We missed the train. Instead, it was bought for tickets to the Flixbus bus, which cost € 20, and were late for him. The bus went before. We fled next to the bus, but the driver did not stop. We had to buy another bus ticket – so we still arrived in Paris, already at night. Interesting fact: on this day in Paris were protests and very unsafe in the center. We decided that everything was not good.

In the morning I needed to go to the airport, and, navigating to the parking lot, I saw the market in her place! And my car is the only one – stood in the midst of him!

Sophia Filippova: Without situations, "Houston, we have a problem" is not any interesting journey.

Spring did not set a trip to Rome. I lost my phone at the airport – he disappeared the mysterious manner. I bought a new one, but in the first one was a SIM card. I also forgot the password from ICloud, without which, consider, no access to the working functionality. For blogger is a problem. Mom in Moscow helped to restore the SIM card, and I confirmed the discharge password. It took five days.

In the same journey, the navigator on the rented car started us in a pedestrian zone accure to a police car. We had to get to the hotel on a parallel street – there was no way back. Drove for police, thinking that it should be so, and only then they saw a sign that the cars are prohibited. We arrived in the hotel. We were reassured by the butler: I discharged the car permission, I asked him to put it in the glove. Cost without fine.

Nina Fuck: In Italy, in Sicily, I drove on free city parking. A man approached me and said that I should patch him personally. He looked suspicious. Began to call different amounts and completely knocked me off – I did not look around.

The next morning I needed to go to the airport, and, navigating to parking, I saw the market in her place! And my car is the only one – stood in the midst of him! There was a crowd of perplexed italians around. A couple of policemen shipped cars on the tow truck!

I managed to agree so that the car was removed from the tow truck and gave to leave to the airport. Of course, I paid a double fine (for the wrong parking and evacuation), but was very glad that I did not take the rolling machine and did not take it to the storage.

Ksenia Marchenko: The most interesting cases occur when you are without a connection in a nonlanid place.

Travel bloggers answer

In Chile, during the Patagonia expedition, my husband and I broke through the wheel on the track. We traveled to marble caves, the path to which runs through a complex road. There are almost no cars. It even happens that in an hour will not pass. On this road we had to stay. Phone did not catch a signal. The sun went beyond the horizon. To the nearest city 30 km. Here we saw the car. Started to wave. And what do you think? She drove past! Understanding that the next one may not drive, we started to worry a little, but in a couple of minutes it seemed another one – an old pickup, a woman was driving. She accidentally turned out to be a pump. We were saved.

Christina Makeeva: Somehow I forgot the backpack with all the technique in a taxi, but he was returned for money with all the contents. This is a standard taxi player wiring. To the end, calm can only be in Japan, in the other places watch your own things.

I also turned over the car. After the accident, two years, sitting down in the car, the first thing is intuitively looking for seat belts – they saved our lives. But the accident and at home can happen.

And so everything is pretty standard: stuck a couple of times in the rain on the primer, some parts of the body were inflated, the teeth were hurt – all this is usually in travels.

What country, city or concrete place you would not advise?

Julia Lobasheva: I did not like in Warsaw and Brussels. In the first we were drowned. Police could not do anything. The second also seemed unsafe, although I was there three times. Migrants more than local. At the same time, other cities of Belgium and Poland are beautiful. I am in love with them.

Sophia Filippova: Tunisia. In May in the north of Africa was cold. Half of the population speaks Russian, but … disrespects for Russian tourists. Cheat in the markets. Everything in Tunisia seemed to me the worse manifestation of Eastern traditions. And all inclusive and in Africa Inclusive.

Nina Fuck: In any place where strong political / religious conflicts. No need to look for adventures on your head. I do not understand those travelers who are specifically going to such places.

Ksenia Marchenko: Everyone has a different perception and different travel expectations. I am amused when the labels "in the Maldives are bored", "in Africa you get a yellow fever", and "in Paris dirty". I was in the Maldives – we spent the most dishearsal vacation with my husband. Constantly flying to Africa – neither I nor my friends have never sick. Walked around Paris and admired architecture, without looking at my feet and with an open mouth.

Always check everything on your own experience. Let it be better to be unsuccessful than you lose yourself, perhaps the most interesting travel in life.

Christina Makeeva: Travel, in general, unsafe view of the pastime, and in war you yourself understand. Do not go to the military conflict zones. In Syria, for example, or some countries in Africa. Recently there was a conflict in Egypt. I do not think that the journey to the pyramids at this time would be comfortable and safe. Always read about what is happening in the country, and even better – ask local. (Nevertheless military tourism exists.)

From my experience: during the riots in France, I contacted expata in advance and everything was asked in detail. In most places it was calm. We spent a great weekend in Paris. True, at the same time notre-ladies burned, but this is another story, the event of a global scale, and you are his invisibility.

Travel bloggers answer

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