Travel by bus

Bus tours are great for the first independent trips. Cities quickly replace each other, and for their detailed study may need a re-trip.


Planning the first journey, you need to choose routes closer to home and small on time. For example, you can choose a trip to the Golden Ring or visit a pilgrimage tour.

If the bus movement has not been a problem, You can safely choose routes and longer.

In such a trip, all countries, cities and attractions change quickly. Need to possess punctuality and make a report on the past time. It is not always easy to do, considering new cities and countries.

For those who do not like to travel alone, but can not find a company – Tour by bus True find. New friends and acquaintances who are connected by one common idea will expand the horizons and make a great travel company.

Features of the trip

Do not take small children on the trip. For them it will be difficult. Stay in one place for many hours in a row – task for fidget complex.

Serious diseases can also complicate a trip. Before such a journey, it is better to consult with the attending physician.

In long journeys, inevitable spending on the night in hotels – not everyone is suitable for romanticism of this kind.
During a long trip, there will be stops every couple of hours. Do not at this time be on the bus, it is better to go out and breathe fresh air, and at the same time to stretch the legs and massage the shrinking muscles.

Clothing in tour

Travel better in comfortable clothes, non-moving movement. While observing a simple change of clothes. In travels to cool weather it is better to wear clothes sets that are easy to change dependence on conditions, such as T-shirt – Sweater – Jacket.

Shoes should be comfortable and on a comfortable fastener. Legs can swell from long-term seating. Good every half an hour to do Light warm-up.

Comfortably take with you Pillow for head. Her semicircular form provides a comfortable neck and head location. Thanks to her, rest in the cabin will rise more comfortable.

Travel by bus

In case of baggage gathering, it is important to put a basic first-aid kit – an antiseptic agent, plasters, bandage, pills from headaches, dummy and from gastric disorders.

Smokers should take care of the rules of tobacco import. Some countries limit the number of imported cigarettes to pairs of packs. However, it concerns many products. It is better to ask the tour operator in advance, which may be in restriction. On the border, the entire luggage is checked and in case of inconsistencies will have to get rid of all.

Collect with you a few bags: in the salon, there will be the necessary things of the first importance, and in the luggage compartment, where the other things are.

Best places

The best places are in the middle of the bus, and the best views will be near the window. First places usually occupy guide and drivers. It is convenient for the latter, but often falls odor from the exhaust pipe, which can provoke headache and nausea. Choosing a place, it will be nice to know, Where the backs of seats are led away. It is usually impossible to be made on the places of increased danger and the last rows.

With you on the road you need to put a boiler. Not in all roadside hotels you can quickly find boiling water, and drink tea and cook mini dinner Regardless of conditions.

On the road, Better without use Meat and fish dishes. They quickly come into disrepair and can threaten poisoning. Better in the handbag put nuts, dried fruits, cookies and instant cookies for which only boiling water is needed.

Be sure to take antiseptic napkins, toilet paper and trifle.

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