Days 19-20: Dercha Peninsula or where there are no Russian tourists in Turkey

Usually, our auto opera can be divided into two parts: active (when we cut circles for each new city for us and greedily exploring museums, parks, historical places) and passive (when we finally stay somewhere and rest from the fuss). As a rule, the active phase lasts from 2 to 3 weeks, then we get tired of impressions and rest, like all normal people. That is why our vacation lasts for the last few years lasts at least 3-4 weeks – to all. The next part of our report reiterates two days in itself, which we spent on the Dance peninsula. This part of Turkey is completely unpopular to Russian tourists, there are no hotels in "All Inclusive", and indeed the hotel part of the peninsula is represented by either guest houses or by fashionable hotels. Therefore, batch tourists are not here, but there are lovers like us who come to their or rented cars.

Dencha Peninsula – Turkey without Russian Tourists

Charming camping is that you rest in the fresh air. Sleep – and hear the noise of the sea, if I really want, you can look from the tent on the waves, but then you will have to spend the night on the beach. In the tent we slept almost until 10 am. We have breakfast and decided to first explore the peninsula (see what is interesting here), and then go back and buy in the sea. But first you need to drive to the store to buy eggs for omelet for breakfast, on the road just see the campsite in which we stopped, and then yesterday evening was not at all before.

Our Morning Camp

Camping Interests in which we stopped, closely adjoins the small village of the same name, which consists of cozy houses on the seashore, couples of restaurants and shops. Single semi-elite resort for Europeans who want to spend here all summer. And in our opinion, it’s perfectly to live on pensions – to buy a house and enjoy life in peace and silence. If you don’t want to wait for the pensions, you can rent a house on airbnb, it’s worth such a pleasure from $ 100 per day for a house, but there is for $ 500. If I have never used this service, then on our guest link you can get a bonus in a couple of dozen dollars to pay for accommodation (in summer 2020 is $ 28).

Embankment in the car

Resort city of Aktur

Camping has its own territory, in the season there are mainly caravans, but in October almost everything was filled with tents with the Turks who came to spend a couple of days in nature. Although there were foreigners. For us, a good campsite is a large area for each vacationer, clean bathrooms and kitchen availability. All other bonuses in the form of a cafe on site, washing and other values ​​of particular do not have. Camping Interships very much reminded the camping Ouzouni Beach in Greece, in which we stayed five years ago.

Camping in Turkey

Camping in Turkey

After breakfast, we decided to go to the ancient city of the book, which is located on the very edge of the Dane Peninsula. Once upon a time it was a major trading city, one of the six members of the Doric Union along with Galicarnaas (the resort of Bodrum was built on his ruins), Lindom, Yalis, Kamir (Ruins of all three cities now can be seen on the Greek Island of Rhodes) and Slap (on Isle of the same name). Also, the book was considered the center of the cult of Aphrodite – here there was a statue of the goddess of the work of Prapxian (the same Aphrodite, which we used to see in the history textbooks).

Little villages on the Datchee

Arrived and parked

For us, the book has become one of the brightest antique cities that we visited (and we visited them a lot of them). Firstly, there are still active excavations here, secondly, no one limits you in movements, and you are not walking along the paths, strictly limiting the path of tourist, and where you are interested. As a result, you can see the ruins of buildings that archaeologists have not yet restored, and they are just a pile of antique stones.

Excavations of the book in the provision

There are almost no tourists in the book. Probably it affects that from Bodrum and Marmaris to go here for a long time and few come to do this way because of the heaps of antique stones. Therefore, the excursions to these edges are very difficult to find.

Sea and towers next to the book

After a long walk through the ancient ruins, we decided to go swimming, and then dine. There are no problems with the beaches on the Danish Peninsula, there are quite a lot of them and in October they are completely empty. We chose Palamutbükü pebble beach, near which a huge number of guest houses, cafes and restaurants. But all this, apparently, is available only in the season. In mid-October, it was deserted here.

Go to the beach

We are going to the beach Palamutbükü

In October, tourist life subsides

Sea in Turkey in October

The sea in this part is pretty cool, but the child still does not pull aside. After the cultural (inspection of the ancient city) and entertaining (swimming in the sea) parts go to the main city of the peninsula to perform a gastronomic (dining). According to reviews, Kebapç’ı Mustafa Bey cafes were chosen if you believe that they write, then there should be the best kebab on the peninsula, well – check!

It turned out, indeed, very good, but not cheap

Travel by car across the Peninsula Ditch in Turkey

After a walk through the town of Datcha, we returned to the campsite, played in Domino, worked, went loved by sunset and went to bed. It was a good day.

Evening sea, on the horizon you can see Greece

On this, our report could end, but the next, 20th day of our journey, we decided to spend on the beach and for the whole day there were only 7 photos. They say that the better rest, the smaller the photo. This is our holiday on the Datchee. The report will be quite brief: we bathed, sunk, caught fish and fed her cats.

Almost perfect beach

Besides us on the beach there was a company of Turkish grandmothers and young couple with a child. Maxim met the girl and very easily found a common language in the games, we did not have time to appeal that the child had a clear ability to tongues, since he could communicate with the girl in Turkish, it turned out that the mother of the girl was Ukrainian, who had moved over 15 years ago To Turkey and got married here. The child perfectly owned the Russians, so it turned out to find a common language with him.

Caught fish (whole one!) and feed her cat

After the day on the beach did not want to cook dinner at all, so we went to the local restaurant. There are two of them here: one offers tea and cakes, such a MacDonalds for local, and the second is full with wine, beer, a choice of dishes and music. In the restaurant, we hardly found a free table – everything is clogged. How great in the evenings. Beautiful, cozy and very tasty.

You can remove such a house for a couple of weeks and enjoy the beach holiday in Turkey without numerous Russian tourists

Maxim and his new friend dine on the seashore

We really liked the rest in this place, but we are going on. Up to our return, there are only two weeks left, and we still want to see Cappadocia and drove along the coast to Mersina. It is already clear that all we will not fulfill, we will simply do not have time, and you will have to arrange priorities and cross something.

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And I also want to spend a few days at sea and give the child to get enough. Actually, probably, we will deal with this in the coming days. Do not switch in spite of what we go to the beach of our trip – there will be a lot of interesting ahead.

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