To Turkey on the car – Announcement of a new adventure on the car

Recently, on many tourist portals and Instagram, you can find Travel-bloggers advertising: "Other Turkey", "not package Turkey", "outside the All Inclusive", and when you start reading, you understand that it is interest 70 trips to Cappadocia in hotels with beautiful views, 10% went beyond the area of ​​Suleymania, 15% of those who drove on the car a little away from the resort cities, and only a rare exception is, indeed, that Turkey that few people see. Although, of course, no she is "Other" – the most common, the one in which people live, work, rest. For us, "Other Turkey" is a Mardin Muran City, these are former Armenian territories in the Ani area, these are the most interesting ancient cities on the border with Syria. Before that part of Turkey, we still have no recent, but we really hope that it will turn out. We decided to ride the car at this amazing country and learn about her history, architecture and traditions a little more. This series of reports on tourist Turkey: about the North Black Sea coast (Pontic Kingdom), about the capital, about lakes, about the Mediterranean coast, and, of course, about the fashionable recent Cappadocia. Russian tourists there are rarely, but local with joy spend holidays there, weekends, vacations. So no it is not "other turkey", it is Turkey, what it opened to us.

Celsius Library in Ephesus

Travel duration: 34 days, including the road

Mileage on the car: 9832 km

Number of travelers: 2 adults and 1 child (5 years old)

Route Auto Travel in Turkey

Despite the fact that the journey by car is a solid expression, "where I want to – and go," we still planned the main items in which they wanted to visit. Our list must see both popular places and little-known for Russian tourists. We went to Turkey through the border crossings of Sarpi in Georgia, then our way was lying along the Black Sea coast to the city of Samsun, then Amaasya, Ankara, Lake Salda, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Peninsula Dercha, Fethiye and along the Mediterranean to Mersin, the last item there was Cappadocia from which we have already set off home.

Route road trip to Turkey by car

Initially, we understood that all our "I want" is impossible to look for a month (even for three), but we are pleased with what we managed to see. Would we want to go back? Undoubtedly! Fully unexplored remained Eastern Turkey, and the Mediterranean coast we looked very little. So this is definitely not the last ride by car to this country.

Roads in Turkey

The roads in Turkey are very comfortable for travel, despite the fact that signs and inscriptions only in Turkish (there is almost no duplication in English), you get used to you very quickly and start navigating. Part of the roads – paid. First it seems that it is difficult to figure it out, in fact everything is very simple. Paid roads can easily avoid what we did a big half of the way, then to save time began to use and them.

Paid roads in Turkey

Turkey’s relief is very different, so there are also highways through the fields, and serpentine, and incredibly beautiful highways along the sea. To compare with Europe, then the road is approximately the same: worse than in Hungary, but better than In the Czech Republic or Albania.

Comfortable high-speed tracks (free)

Automotive Lycian way along the coast

Mountain single-band serpentine

In Ankara, there are a lot of traffic jams (not as Moscow, but also there), on the Anatolian coast in the evenings there are many drunk tourists on bicycles and electricians, but in general, led in Turkish get used to you quickly and know what to expect from local.

Tubes in Ankara

With parking in Turkey bad almost everywhere, any city with a population more than 50 thousand people is so clogged so much that I stick your car somewhere so that it is not scratched – a real quest.

Parking in the city of cutting – population of 96 thousand. human

Hotels and Campgrounds in Turkey

As usual housing in the auto desktop, we have for every taste: here you and campgrounds with a tent on the seafront, and all inclusive hotels in Kusadasa, and a cheap reading hotel in Ankara, and a two-level apartment in Cashe, and Luxury Hotel in Cappadocia for several hundred dollars. Most of all I liked the apartment in the whale for some very funny money, the least – the expensive hotel in the teacher, where we were poured by boiling water for breakfast.

View from the window of the two-level apartments in Fethiye (not the most successful, but very affordable)

When traveling should be taken into account that you cannot book a hotel on Buking, while in Turkey itself can not, you need or do it in advance, or configure yourself a VPN. Several times we used the old faithful way – came to the hotel and asked free numbers. A couple of times the price was twice as lower than on Booking.Com.

In terms of campgrounds, Turkey is not Europe at all. First, there are very few of them, secondly, almost always the conditions are pretty Spartan, thirdly, often the roads are similar to the bar of obstacles. We are not sure that the next roadway in Turkey will be bother with a tent, most likely we will be completely left in hotels.

Camping Somewhere in the area of ​​the butterflies valley (Fethiye)

Camping on the Dane Peninsula – the best on our way

Food in Turkey

On vacation I don’t want to cook, so most of the time we ate in cafes and restaurants. Several times prepared in campsite and apartments. Food in Turkey, in our opinion delicious and well adapted for European stomachs. No problems "where to eat" we did not arise.

Traditional Turkish "Köfte"

Potatoes fries and meat for dad and big portion of pasta for max

The problem appeared with nutrition for a child, because unexpectedly for everyone a couple of months before the vacation, he refused to eat meat and fish in any form. As in our family, the meatstar began to grow in incomprehensible, but it had to cope with this. At home this question for some reason did not feel so acute, because it is always possible to feed him by porridge, pasta, soup, sometimes you could shove the cutlet.

Lentil Soup (Chorba) – the most popular in Turkey

For a month, Turkish food came, so I tried your favorite Chinese

On vacation, the problem was very significant, because there were no soups and porrows at hand, the usual products, too, plus quite bright spices completely beat off his desire at least something to try except potatoes fries and sweets. For breakfast, we somehow coped with milk and flakes, sometimes omelet, and it was difficult with dinner and dinner. Fortunately, we were saved by boiled rice, which is almost everywhere, and which he gladly ate into the bite with vegetables, in European cafe there was a perfectly any pasta without sauce.

For breakfast flakes with strawberries

Dinner Handmade in Cashe overlooking the sunset

Weather in Turkey in September-October

Travel by car to Turkey through Georgia

As for the weather, it is definitely no year for a year. We were lucky and out of 34 days was the rainy was only once (in Trabzone) + a couple of cloudy days was outlined on the Black Sea coast. In October, swim in Turkey on the Black Sea coast is already pretty cool, and the season already ends there by this time (at least in Samsun people and bathed, but we did not risk).

Rainy Samsun (but after lunch, the sun looked out and became good)

In Kusadasa, it was warm, but it was no longer very comfortable, but then the reason in the hurricane, who fell apart from October to Greece and the west coast of Turkey, usually at this time the swimming season is still in full swing.

Sunbathing in Kusadasa

On the Peninsula, the Dance that there was a pleasure, temperature and air, and water near Marmaris, and water – what you need. The same can be said about the whole Mediterranean coast. Very warm water, air is no longer angry hot. As for us, it was the perfect weather for relaxing on the sea.

Perfect vacation on the Peninsula Ditch – Heat and No People

In Kashe, it was also very good for a beach holiday

In Cappadocia, it was quite sunny, but after + 28 + 30 you feel not very comfortable in +18. Well, in the morning it was pretty cold. For example, when we watched the rise of balloons at 5 am, there were only +5 on the thermometer. And on the road, we did not get a hail at all.

Grad in Cappadocia in October

Unfortunately, no one will be able to predict the weather a year ahead and reply, as will be in 2019 in October in Turkey.

What to see in Turkey

What to look in Turkey? We had a very rich route, we looked at the balls in Cappadocia, saw the Lycian tombs in the caress and the demre Another place on Lake Salda, which is also called "Turkish Maldives".

One of the main attractions of Ankakra

Flying balloons in Cappadocia

Excavations of an ancient city

Embankment in Amasia

As for attractions and leisure, there is no problems in Turkey. Here, literally on every corner there is something to see, only UNESCO objects – 18 basic and 77 from the preliminary list. But not only the sights are rich in Turkey – here you and shopping, and skating boats and yachts, and all sorts of paragliding, wakeboarding and other sports. Everyone will find something to taste.

Impressions from a trip to Turkey on your car

For us travel by car – it is always a lot of impressions. At the same time, it is absolutely no important to ride by little-known Albania or going along the traditional route of the Golden Ring. Turkey has become special for us: first, we first managed to break out for a whole month, and secondly, we visited several regions of the country and they are all so different that it seems that we drove at least 5 different countries. Turkey turned out to be very friendly for autotourists, delicious, beautiful and incredibly interesting. We will gladly continue to discover this country for yourself and, perhaps, we will still pass more than one thousand kilometers on her roads. Ahead is a big report about each of our big travel days and, of course, copyright guidebooks for individual regions and cities.

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