Travel during a pandemic, or How to cheat your brain

Canceled flights, a permanent change in the conditions of entry into the country, the inability to plan the rest – all this provokes stress in the life of any traveler. We are paying for it undermined immunity, which just need to carefully guard. Return calm to help the creation of a comfortable environment around them: buy a beautiful picture of the house, make an online course, review the social circle – it will help to regain control over their lives.

The more developed a society is, the more people feel lonely

Community with similar values ​​to us as social beings, always necessary, but in a crisis – especially. Those who are used to change the situation and literally saturated the atmosphere of wandering, should pay attention to the virtual journey. MSIGs often takes for these memories, which were not, and then you really will be able to change the situation. There are other tips.

"The greatest damage has now is not the pandemic itself, but the fear and stress. We all got into a very difficult situation, and you need to competently approach it from a psychological point of view and overcome it with minimal losses. There are five stages of experience in the inevitable: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and adoption. The question is to pass these stages and to realize the reality as soon as possible and start living on. At the same time, it is critical to protect yourself from panickers and from negative information, find people who will support us ".

We understand what we actually want

"Excavations" of their internal desires often lead to the discoveries that are becoming a surprise for us. You do not have enough walks on the streets of London? Practices of language? Beautiful photos? Or, maybe just rest together with your beloved or compliments from friends? Understand the real problem will help, for example, the well-known method of five "why": further and further penetrate into your own desires, we are aware of which it is necessary to pay attention to.

Declaring the complex of those benefits that we expect to get from travel, for composite parts, we can understand what to focus and how to achieve them. Concentrating on things that are available to us, we will return some more stability to life, add positive and reduce the level of stress.

Create your reality

Virtuality in us is laid at the very beginning. This was discovered due to the experiment on primates: when one monkey made some kind of action, in another, which just looked at it, absolutely the same brain sites were excited. So the mirror neurons were opened – they are responsible for the fact that we, looking at another person, unconsciously repeat his actions, experiencing his feeling. It is thanks to them that we are engaged in the image of a person wandering around the streets of Barcelona or skating on the board in the waves of the ocean. In addition, the brain with competent submission of information almost does not distinguishes real and artificial.

Irina Benett: "The brain can take for real memories that were not. Therefore, the effect of films is so strong – we are completely immersed in this reality. But – and this is important – with high-quality, professional feed! With the help of films, the psychological state of a person is easily adjusted: it can be derived from depression, and it is possible, on the contrary, to introduce it; can be inspired by motivational films, you can get rid of phobias.

Replace the trip with something virtual will not work, as well as messengers will never replace us with real meetings with friends. But to achieve the main goal – you can. Traveling for most of us is not a goal, but a means. In fact, we want to learn something new, change the situation, disperse, have fun, get yourself with energy ".

We work with script

The initial stages of experience in the inevitable we have already overcame last year, and most of us have already got to the stage of adoption. And now we are ready to act on the basis of the situation: if you still can not travel as before, you can find other ways to get the desired. This is important: for those who are still at the stages of denial or anger and offended by prohibitions, any attempts to enjoy virtuality will turn the disappointment and additional stress.

Traveling for most of us is not a goal, but a means

Travel during a pandemic, or How to cheat your brain

But psychologists resemble: If something can not be changed, it makes no sense because of this to worry. What we can do now is to adjust our expectations and try to create a comfortable environment for yourself: add pleasant sensations from the film, interest and novelty through journey through the nearest cities and open countries, joy from communicating with family. It is important to understand: this is not a substitute, but a way to switch attention from what is impossible to, on what is possible.

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the country inaccessible now, how to facilitate this task from a psychological point of view? To a movie or virtual excursion, you need to add more all kinds of sensory – pizza and lemoncell, suitable temperature on the split system, muffled light for the full concentration on the screen and the desired perfume for home will help create a 5D effect. It will be easier for those who have previously been in the desired places: again we return to the brain’s ability to take fictitious for the real and appeal to your own memories. An excellent way is not only the mood to raise, but also to get closer even more: to arrange a thematic evening with family or friends with delicious food, loved photos and stories about experienced on a joint vacation.

Irina Benett: "Our memory has a property forget bad. Unlike virtual excursions, our memories are closer and very emotionally charged – we remember what is important to us and what I liked. If you have an evening memories of any trip, then we will immerse themselves in the same feelings that they once experienced ".

Do not think about dependence

Danger to get used to virtual journeys so much that it does not want to return to the real world, no. At least until the time as long as the quality of virtual information is still far to ideal. The only danger of the virtual world is a big loneliness and disagreement. The more society developed, the more lonely people feel. By themselves, replacements are not bad for themselves: they personify progress, and our task is to learn how to use them competently. So far, the substitutes help us switch to something affordable and get out of the situation with the least psychological losses.

Irina Benett: "If you imagine that our world is a room, then focus is a flashlight, which we highlight something in the dark. If concentrated only on what it is impossible, the feeling will be created that everything is bad in life – we do not see the rest. And if you highlight the possibilities, the sensations will be completely different. One general quality of very successful people – find opportunities that others do not see. The first step towards this is to stop focusing on what is impossible, and look for what is possible.

Probably, now the best time to stay with your family, get rid of the pair-troika of extra kilograms, get the right or master a new profession. Switching now to new opportunities, to future travels you can approach the knowledge of the pair of new languages ​​and the thoughtful route by the cities that we did not even hear about.

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