How much money is needed for traveling to Europe?

If you read us regularly, you already know that car travel is our passion and most of our trips are carried out by car. Going out of Moscow to Minsk for dinner for us has become almost ordinary business – Routes in 2000km have long been turned into ordinary events. But this time we surpassed ourselves – the length of our summer road trip was 8207km, although before that the longest history was a trip to Crimea and Odessa in May 2011 – a little more than 4000km. How much money needs to carry out such a trip – several million rubles or just a few thousand dollars just? Usually we are the budget of all our trips and this time decided to give you to count other people’s money. During our trip to Europe by car in 2012, we drove 15 countries, and despite the fact that most of them are included in the European Union, we had to change money for local currency several times. Euro took only in Austria, Italy, Montenegro and Greece, and in other cases only the national currency. All figures are shown in rubles at the rate on the day of return, September 16, 2012: € 1 = 40.19 rubles. Since 2012, almost 5 years have passed, but prices for food and transport have not changed very much (in the Euro equivalent, the growth of the Russian currency, of course, has changed the costs). As an example, you can bring our Travel expenses in Greece in 2017.

Transport costs

Transport costs when traveling by car to Europe add up of several components, the main of which, of course, is gasoline. So on the trip we went by car VW Polo Sedan with engine 1.6, automatic transmission, 2012 release. We did not have any sponsors, the car is completely our, and, accordingly, all costs for its maintenance and repair we carried ourselves.

Our car VW Polo Sedan 1.6 automatic transmission

Gasoline costs and car repair

During our trip, we spent 554 liters of gasoline, the average consumption was 6.75 liters for every 100 km. We did not save gasoline purposefully, so the oscillations were very serious – from 4.9 to 8.5l / 100km.

POLO SEDAN Gasoline Consumption

On gasoline we spent almost € 700, or 28000 rubles.

Paid roads, ferries and vignettes

We try to avoid paid roads not so much because of the budget saving, how much because from the autobahn almost not to see the country and its identity, but if you go on the roads "for local", then you and cheap cafes, and friendly townspeople, and Other buns. However, several times we still went by paid roads (the largest paid distillation was from Plitvice Lakes to Dubrovnik), used ferries and, of course, bought vignettes. By the way, we had to buy vignettes in the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Albania, Hungary and Slovakia.

Ferry crossing in Albania

Ferry costs, vignettes and paid roads accounted for € 125 or 5000 rubles.

Costs for paid parking, sink and public transport

In a separate article, the costs can be distinguished by public transport, but we used it only in Krakow and Vienna, so we decided to combine them with spending on paid parking and car wash.

Car wash in Italy

This article costs cost us at € 50 or 2000 rubles.

Penalty costs

We are "good drivers", so fines for us are a huge rarity even in Russia, and in Europe and at all it happened only once in the distant 2003, when we left a car in Berlin in a not quite placed place. As part of a trip by car to Europe in 2012, we did not have costs for fines.

Final transport costs in journey in Europe

€ 700 (gasoline) + € 125 (paid roads and vignettes) + € 50 (public transport) = € 875 or 35,000 rubles.

Housing costs in Europe

The main idea of ​​our trip was to stop at the campsites and spend the night in the tents, but it was not always possible. What to hide, sometimes and the desire to put the tent either. Eight nights we spent in hotels and seven nights in campsites, plus we were in the way and did not pay for housing.

Hotel in Auschwitzime

Camping in Greece

Our housing spending accounted for € 450 or 18,000 rubles.

Mobile Internet costs in Europe

Almost every country we bought a local SIM card for the Internet. We did it not for social networks, as it would be possible to think, and in order to promptly respond to the working mail (we work elaborates, which even work on holidays), search for the necessary information in the course of the journey and, of course, Book hotels on Online. The best Internet was in Austria (although when connected we have pecked well), and Albania and Montenegro were the most bad as the connection. If everything is clear with Albania, then Montenegro upset, but here we could miss the operator.

Internet costs amounted to € 150 or 6000 rubles.

Museum Ticket costs

I must say that as part of a trip by car to Europe we have a lot of natural attractions and urban architecture, for which nothing needs to be paid, but there were a number of museums in which entrance tickets had to buy. There were also free, for example, we got completely free to Museum of Auschwitz.

Entrance tickets to Plitvice Lake Park

Costs for tickets to museums and national parks amounted to only € 75 or 3000 rubles.

Souvenir costs

What a journey without magnetics!? &# 128578; In our end, they turned out a whole bag, and even for parents, we bought souvenir plates, bells and other souvenir nonsense, without which it is quite possible to do. Nevertheless, we have spent already at this € 150 or 6000 rubles.

Souvenir shop in Krakow

Food costs

Our meals on a trip by car in Europe can be divided into two parts: food in a cafe and cooking in campsites. Unfortunately, nutrition costs are the most inaccurate costs of costs, since very often we lazy to record for what exactly paid and wrote simply "Store". So among the foods it can easily be swinging a case for a car or folding table. And a couple of kilograms of Krakow sausage and candy, which we brought to relatives and friends as gifts – they need to be attributed to expenditures for souvenirs and gifts, but according to the records it is already impossible to determine how much it was specifically spent.

Coffee and cake Zaher in Vienna

Meat plate in Pirane Restaurant

Travel expenses to Europe

Pork ribs of their own cooking in Italian camping

Nutrition costs were quite large and accounted for € 620 or 25,000 rubles.

Shopping in Europe

Despite the fact that we are pretty indifferent to clothes, we could not leave Austria and Italy with empty hands, but what to hide, there were purchases and in Greece, and in Poland. In general, all sorts of clothes, shoes and other "very necessary" nonsense was bought by € 350 or 14,000 rubles.

We buy Italian shoes

Unidentified expenses

There are in our collection and unidentified costs that accounted for € 50 or 2000 rubles. What this is difficult to say – maybe ice cream, and maybe some unnecessary purchases. In general, this money is taken into account, although it is not clear what they were spent.

Total travel expenses by car to Europe

Accommodation: € 450 or 18000 rubles

Nutrition: € 620 or 25000 rubles

Internet: € 150 or 6000 rubles

Museums: € 75 or 3000 rubles

Souvenirs: € 150 or 6000 rubles

Shopping: € 350 or 14000 rubles

Unidentified: € 50 or 2000 rubles

Total: € 2720 or 109000 rubles for two

To tell the truth, we are not people prone to savings. We think that if desired, 10-20 thousand. it would be easy to save, and maybe even more. For example, at housing, shopping, campaigns in the store for a different nonsense. &# 128578; Of course, 2,700 euros is a very long amount, but we stayed on vacation of 18 days and, we can say that I did not refuse themselves – what I wanted, they bought. This is the practical side of the question that is interesting to many who are only going on a journey, but it is afraid that he does not have enough money.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

The financial report was the first part of a large report on our journey in Europe by car, every day we led travel notes that we plan to publish in the near future – after all, it is in them a lot of useful (and not very) information that can be useful to future travelers. By the way, detailed descriptions of all the attractions that we have seen within the framework of the trip go out as separate large articles, they are independent and can be read in any order.

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Travel expenses to Europe

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