Travel from Phuket to Krabi Province

This is an ancient land with its traditions and culture, filled with temples, picturesque lagoons and rare flora.It is famous for the province and extended snow-white coast with beautiful beaches, and wild jungle, and healing tropical sources.

So here you can not only enjoy beach and water holidays, but also explore the nearby islands, karst caves, climb on the rocks, wake up on a tropical river through the jungle and visit mangrove reserves. In the evening you can spend in a romantic atmosphere, watching the sunset over the sea from the cafe terrace, or will go to an incendiary party to the local club.

How to get to Krabi Island?

The distance from Phuket to Krabi Province, if you count in a straight line, is only 60 km. But the time for such a trip depends on the type of selected transport. For example, you can get to the crab on your own on the ferry or boat or order a tour of the bus. On the ferry to the destination can be reached in a few hours.

Approximately the same bus will also go and only in the latter case do not have to think about where to book a room to extend the excursion for a few days. While tours in Krabi usually last from 2 days and a reserved room will already wait for a tourist upon arrival. There are no direct flights to Krabi, riding a taxi is not financially profitable, so you get better from the above options. By the way, in the presence of the right of the international sample you can rent a car and go on a tour yourself with friends.

What to look at the island of Krabi?

Planning an excursion to the crab, it is worth making up a program at least a couple of days. Here are not so many old attractions, they can be examined and for the day, but it is possible to do something else. Going to Krabi, be sure to visit:

Night market "Walking Street Market"

There are several large colorful markets in Krabi, where it is worth walking, not only to make purchases and acquire unusual souvenirs, but also to plunge on your head in the local flavor. On weekends, night markets are filled with walking, here is noisy and fun.

  • Markets on the island of Krabi

You can try ready-made local dishes, see the performances of local dancers and musicians, and still get ready for a cafe table near the scene on which various performances pass. It is clear that you can purchase and fresh seafood and rare fruits on tasting here. And prices will be much cheaper than the same fruits in the supermarket.

Caves and cliffs "Khao Kanab Nam"

Two picturesque hills, crouched by the forest, about 100 meters high are perfectly noticeable with the waterfront and are a favorite attraction of Krabi. And on their background, you can not only make colorful photos, but also go on a boat excursion to inspect the caves inside the hills.

  • Caves – historical landmark

Caves are famous for their beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. In addition, the caves are a historical landmark, in their depths were archaeological excavations, during which ancient human remains, household items and rock paintings were found, which indicates the former place to settle the indigenous people here. There is also a fishing village here, in which you can see how the fish is grown in special water bodies and try fish dishes. Also tourists are offered walks on mangrove thickets and the rise to the top of the hill, and, of course, visiting the monkey beach.

Temple "Wat Kaew Korawaram"

One of the largest, beautiful and popular temples of the province of Krabi. Locals call him a "white temple", because on the background of the dazzling blue sky, it ferry as a snow-white cloud. Outside, all the buildings of the temple are made of gray and white stone, but inside there are bright frescoes of various colors characteristic of Thai culture, narratives of the Buddha biography.

The inspection of the temple takes a lot of time, as this is a whole religious complex, except for the main building, including parking areas, monastery and economic extensions. When visiting the temple, it is not worth entering the fenced territory intended for walking and meditation of monks.

Temple "Wat Tham SUA"

One of the most famous and revered temples of the province of Krabi – Temple of the Tiger, located on the Town of Mountain over the city. Now this is an extensive temple complex, which consists not only of the most religious structures, but also the caves, monastery, sanctuary, cdi and many attachments.

  • Unique Temple Tigra
Travel from Phuket to Krabi Province

Ening the complex Tropical Forest, in which wild monkeys dwell, having fallen by asking bananas among tourists going to the temple. The temple is unique in that there is an extensive pantheon of the statues of the deities, not only from Buddhist religion. Travelers must be climbing the Sanctuary on the top of the mountain, from where the impressive panorama opens. Only for this will have to overcome more than 1,200 stairs stairs.

Temple "Wat Tham Suwan Khuha"

Another unique Buddhist temple, the non-rapidly called cave, is located in karst caves of the limestone mountain. Tourists are available for visiting three temple caves: crystal, bright and dark, spread at different levels. The main attraction of this religious construction is not only an unusual location and a special atmosphere, but also a 15-meter statue of the lying Buddha. Surround her statues of Buddhist deities of smaller size.

  • Temple of monkeys

In the caves you can see multicolored stalactites and stalagmites, wading on natural stairs formed right in the thicker of the mountain. On the ceiling you can see the settlement of bats, but you should not be afraid of them, since they sleep during the day. On the territory of the Temple Park, you can also find a tree of desires and close to communicate with monkeys that are leaving for tourists from the nearby forest. No wonder after all, another name of this place is the temple of the monkeys, so going on a tour worth getting fruits with you. But it is necessary to communicate with monkeys carefully, since they are wild and are not accustomed to good manners.

Embankment near the river Krabi

If we proceed from the provincial name, you might think that it is named after the big love for crabs. In fact, this is not at all. This land leads its name since ancient times, when there was still such ritual weapons as "Krabi", which has important religious importance. On the embankment, tourists will finally be able to, without going into the Debresses of the story, stroll and see the impressive statue of the crab! Photos against the background of the statues of marine inhabitants, fountain and bay are very beautiful.

Hot Sources "Krabi Hot Springs"

There are several beautiful hot springs and waterfalls with transparent and, as they say with healing water, located right in the tropical forest. After a long-term tourist day, it is soaked in hot healing water, relieving fatigue and the donating charge of cheerfulness, it will be possible by the way before the new day, filled with adventures. And very close to the sources are the blue and emerald lake, which also cost visits.

Islands around the island of Krabi

Traveling around the cracks, it is at least one day to allocate to the inspection of local islands. Trips to canoe and traditional fishing boats will give many pleasant impressions. Moreover, there are so many beautiful and interesting tourist islands: Talay Waakes, sister, bamboo, chicken, pyi, phi phi, pi pi lei and many others.
By the way, walking around the crab, it is worthwhile to watch not only around and yourself under your feet, but also raise a look. Here are very loved by original sculptures that are real urban decoration. For example, you can find a lantern in the crab, which has a stand in the form of an elephant holding a light bulb. Or a traffic light that guard sculptures of lions.

; excursions in Thailand

What to bring from an excursion to Krabi Island?

A lot of original souvenirs are sold to the crab, which is not found even on Phuket. For example, there are pillows with a filler from a vulcanized latex. Such pillows have unique antiallergic properties and help get rid of snoring. In addition, you can find various jams and jams from local exotic fruits and even chocolate tiles from green tea!

  • Traditional gifts from Thailand

Fans of beautiful clothes and traditional gifts should be supervised to the dresses from the real Chinese silk. Also here they make clothes from the Thai batik with a delightful bright and beautiful hand painted paints on the fabric. Over time, the shade of the drawing will not fade and does not fade when washing. Another unusual gift that can be brought home from Thailand – the sprouts of tropical colors, hermetically packed and ready for transportation.

Important moments when ordering excursions

It is worth paying travelers to the following nuances of travel from Phuket to Krabi:
When ordering excursions in the travel agency, the age of tourists should be noted in connection with which the program will be seamless, as the active hikes on the island during the couple of days children and the elderly will not hold out;
The program and time can be adjusted by the travel agency depending on weather conditions, it can be said about moving to cracks by ferry or boat.

When renting a car, you will need to leave a photocopy of the passport, so it is better to do it in advance, it should be remembered that in Thailand a left-sided movement on the roads.

Upon arrival at Phuket, and not just going on a tour, it makes sense to purchase a mobile local communication package to always be able to use communication and the Internet, a passport will be required to buy a SIM card; If you are lucky, then from Phuket sometimes, instead of high-speed boats and ferries, spacious ships walk, at which the journey to the province of Krabi will be much comfortable and more pleasant.

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