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Blogger "My Planet" Alexander Soynikov received a grant from the Russian Geographical Society (a press conference was held on November 25, on which Dmitry Peskov told what RGO projects plans to finance in 2020). He spent him on a trip from Moscow to Mezeni (reports of the author about this trip can be read on "my planet") and the release of films about the northern crafts. We asked Alexander about this unique experience.

Alexander, tell your story of success: how the idea of ​​the project was born and how could you get a grant?
The idea appeared very long ago. I traveled all my life and drew attention to traditional crafts. I started to do, made several films at my own expense. Then I realized that I would not cope at my own expense. I decided to see different contests, grants, somewhere we took part. They did not income, but they gave further development options. Then I learned about the Grant of the Russian Geographical Society and since at that time I was already a member of the RGO, I decided to send an application. Preparation was very long. I filed, defended and implemented.

Let’s talk about this procedure in more detail. Many bloggers "my planet" would also like to get a grant. The applicants are probably a lot, why lucky you?
Lucky not only me. Lucky another 17 people who were defended with me. Applications, as far as I remember, there were about a thousand. Was a lot of work. Preparation for the grant itself, filing and protection, took about six months. To do this, I had to analyze the work of the participants of such a grant of other years. It was necessary to explore the regulatory issues, the position of the grant. That is, people who want to submit to grants, be sure to first of all to study the documents: that Grant offers, what reporting will be, and in general, to see submarine stones. When we prepared the documents for the grant, we came across the pitfalls, we had to extend reporting, submit a letter to extend. But we coped.

Your project was ahead of a thousand others … Tell us a little about him.
We raised a very relevant question – these are traditional crafts of the Russian north, cultural life of peoples. Mostly this pomper. This topic played most likely due to the fact that other areas where crafts are also raised, they are raised due to the Ministry of Culture, the authorities in the field and patron. But the traditional crafts of Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions are less known. Plus, the feed is important. We already had ready-made films and projects that were in due time became popular. One of the films, by the way, became the finalist on the "My Planet" ("Purchased Gusli"). Probably played a role to work that was held before. The Commission, which chose the winners, first of all looked at the work already. If people have good ideas, but there is no result, they are unlikely to give them a grant. Although if the idea is completely new and project worked – you are successful!

And where your films went out?
Yes, a lot where. The project "Depths", which we removed, went out on the Utuba Channel "My Planet", and then got some random to the Eradoks website.COM with a rating of 8.9, which supports National Geographic, and this also played a role. That is, if people want to serve for a grant and on the awards, they need to collect all these ticks and nuances, including diplomas from early childhood – all this will help all. Plus, the team is played a big role – you need to carefully fill in information about each participant. For example, for our project, an important role was played by the fact that our team was a teacher. On the way, we conducted several events related to education for children, and under the law such programs cannot be carried out without a teacher. Very many nuances. We won’t tell about everything, because the preparation was half a year.

Tell me a little about Backgrowder. Who is in your team?
Our team was a teacher-psychologist of the Russian International Academy of Tourism of Evgenia Tikhonov, a very good photographer Gosh Spical – one of the best photographers of nature in Russia, he was on the third day of the path with the favorite residents of the Arkhangelsk region. There were still operators from the St. Petersburg Institute of Cinematography, which to our project were filmed a film about Kizhi Island. And playwright, and mechanic … By the way, if the team rides without a mechanic by car, the jury may have questions. This is suspicious. We took a person with a lot of experience, and he was engaged in two of our expeditionary on the way.

And what was your role in the project? What is your vocation besides traveling?
I confused it all. He was engaged in the full organization of the route, logistics, accommodation, food and, of course, communication with artisans and locals. Now I continue to engage in artisans and getting ready for 2020, which announced by the President of People’s Crafts and Art Fields. By the way: thanks to the project "General case", which is engaged in the restoration of the temples of the Russian North, I also became an artisan. First, courses of advanced training in the restoration of the program "UNESCO" on the island of Kizhi, and then more advanced training courses in a joinery. I went with the guys several times in the expedition. In 2020 I plan to get into a number of expeditions to remotely northern areas with a "common matter".

Grant was allocated to you with the formulation "On the Travel"? Or to create movies?
It was the media grant: to create documentaries in the field of traditional crafts of the peoples of the Russian North. We drove from Moscow to Mezeni, our grant was only on this route – on the highway "Holmogory". Including we drove the plot practically impassable in the autumn period, from Arkhangelsk to Mezeni: in cloudy weather there for a very long time. Following the trip, we must pass eight documentaries. First of all, they will be shown in Russian geographical society. But since we have support from "My Planet", naturally, they will be on the "MP".

It’s not a secret, what is the size of the grant and was enough to the project?
Grant was allocated in the amount of 610 thousand rubles. Grant, the maximum possible, was 1.8 million rubles. But if we all allocated so much, we would not spend this amount. This is also an important point: you declare the amount and must fully spend it. At the same time, it is impossible for farc major circumstances to say: for example, the increase in gasoline prices. We were enough because everything was designed to a penny. We counted a month and a half, and were looking for suitable hotels, catering establishments, checked, convened with friends from these places, asked to check, and we calculated everything so good that they could even save. But here again such a moment: no need to save. If you stated 610 thousand, then you need to spend so much. Reporting is the most simple for individuals: commodity and cash checks, from hotels Documents about visiting. If the train is traveling, then the ticket.

That you especially surprised during this expedition?
Surprised a lot. Despite the fact that I have already traveled to the shooting on this route, to chat with people, there were still many moments that were new for me and my team. We have collected material about crafts: cossty fishing, clay toy, mesensky painting … One of the films We shot about the village of Kizhma, because it is a living museum and people living there in architectural monuments. We are very lucky with heroes. For example, we met with Tatiana Mikhailovna Noisova, who had dedicated paintings 28 years of life. Saturated trip! We spent more than three weeks in the north of Russia.

Travel grant

Before that there was a project "Depth". For 9 days we drove five regions and removed 9 rollers, they mounted them "on the knees", while they were driving from one city to another. The project was very successful. Literally the day before yesterday I returned from Orenburg. We won the Divo Eurasia Prize, entered the top three. And before that, our project in Yaroslav won the Russian World Foundation Prize.

In order to obtain a grant, the presentation of the idea?
Of course. And it is important that the idea is new. Because very many people submit applications, thinking that their idea is completely new, and in fact such ideas are full. Fortunately, now there is Google and everything can be checked.

What other projects have earned a grant RGO along with your?
I do not remember everyone. But I can say that the grant received people who explore the Arctic and removed the film about it. Basically, the projects are defeated that are related to any research: the Far North, Siberia, Taiga … But you need to see what is still relevant for the current year. For example, now the year of the theater. A lot of grants went on theatrical activity. Next year just – year crafts. Our team will not sleep. Craftsmen who want to develop their work next year will be able to receive grants and premiums. More funds will stand out.

You will also need to qualify for grants from RGO?
Yes, very, very much I want and even at the end of the year I plan to apply for the presidential grant. If you have time to deal with a number of questions about NPO.

What could you say to other bloggers "my planet" wishing to get grants for travel?
Do not be afraid and not to stop in the middle of the way. I know very many people who wrote to me, I helped and gave advice, directed where it was necessary, I discard my applications, and people stayed in the middle of the road and said later: "Yes, well, unreal!"," You are just a member of the RGO ". In fact, it does not matter who you are. If you have a strong team and good idea, go to the end, break through. If the first time did not receive a grant, try the second time. Grants a lot, not only at RGO. Need to declare about yourself.

How difficult to become a member of the RGO and what it gives?
In fact, to become a member of the Russian geographical society is not so difficult. You fill out the application, receive recommendations of one or two members. Symbolic contributions. If you are actively working, then membership in the RGO gives new opportunities. For example, when you need to visit the reserve, an object on the restoration, the RGO helps to get there those who really behave actively and makes a great contribution to the development of our country. So, everything is in your hands.

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