Travel Guide for Culinary Paradise in Georgetown, Malaysia

Forget about dinners for gourmets and expensive dinners with tablecloths. In Georgetown, Penang, Island on the North-West Coast of Malaysia, reigns street food.

For many of us, street food causes in imagination Fried, cheap and fatty food ideas, which is better suitable for snacking on the road from the bar home than healthy food.

Nevertheless, in Georgetown, street food is a culinary experience.

Light for your wallet and light food for your body, these street food dishes will not only be delicious taste, but will help you feel the charge of energy during the day to explore the Gorgetown markets, floating houses and famous Street Arts.

Nasi Lamak

This classic Malaysian dish will delight your taste receptors and energy level. Wrapped in a bright-green sheet of Pandan, soaked in coconut milk rice prepare for a couple and served with a fried or boiled egg, anchovies, sharp sauce, peanut and sometimes a piece Chicken or fish. With high protein and useful fats you will see how cooks prepare this dish a couple in street kiosks throughout the city. Since it is wrapped in a sheet of Pandan, it feeds the energy of the dish is a favorite lunch of farmers and handymen!

Curry Laksa

Culinary magic of Georgetown is partly due to the collision Three cultures: Malay, Indian and Chinese who brought here their kitchen. Carry Lax is a great example of how these dishes can make a magical way. The traditional Malay Assam-Lask is a spicy fish broth, which is served with a flat wheat or thin rice noodles, vegetables and tofu, chicken or shrimps. The curry version includes a more thick broth from Coconut milk and curry spices, such as ginger and turmeric, which reduce inflammation. As a result, it turns out fragrant Cream soup with aroma (and antioxidants).

Omelet with oysters

Omelet with oysters, popular on street markets throughout Southeast Asia, may seem strange for Western travelers. Oysters – that’s delicacy, And Omelets … Everywhere is served in the eateries. But you will not regret that they tried it in the grocery stall in Georgetown. Omelet with oysters filled with low-fat squirrel and decorated with fresh herbs, is a disadvantage.

Advice: In some places, crispy dough adds to omelet, which makes it less useful for health. You can try to ask him with fewer test or find a kiosk in which the dough is not used at all!

Travel Guide for Culinary Paradise in Georgetown, Malaysia

Nasi Cardar

This is one of my favorite dishes because of the variety of available options and tastes. Popular in the region rich Indian merchants, Nasi Candar includes a platinger rice plate with various curry. Next to my guest house in Georgetown was a pretty Kiosk Nasi Candar, and I had breakfast there almost every day. Because of its Indian origin, many Curry are vegetarian, What makes it useful and fragrant snack for any meal. To do this in the traditional way, make sure that all your curry are served on one plate with rice so that you filled it with aroma (Banjir in Malayski).


These Chinese dishes, famous for the best Dimsami outside Hong Kong, are excellent dishes or snacks. Although the use of too much Dim himself can Cut carbohydrate (Hello, sugar failure), in moderate quantities, these couples prepared for a couple of dishes provide healthy sources of lean protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Different types of Bao (pair buns) are served throughout the city as a snack (look for a bun with tarot for a unique treat!), and various types of boiled dumplings can be found in the counters in the street markets. Har-Gow (boiled dumplings with shrimps) and Cheung Fun (long rice noodles, often filled with shrimps for a couple) – Some of the most useful (and delicious) options.

Fresh fruits

Despite the fact that the above will help to cook delicious dishes and snacks, I would not be able to finish this article without mentioning fruits. Mango, jack fruit, papaya, durian, coconut. Sliced ​​on slices and submitted in food kiosks or collected entirely on the market, fresh fruit are An ideal useful snack or breakfast and refreshing on the Malaysian heat.

Travel Guide for Culinary Paradise in Georgetown, Malaysia

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