Travel Guide in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar Territory – the most developed tourist region of Russia.

There are health resorts, reserves, ski resorts, but the most attractive zone for tourists remains the Black Sea coast. The duration of the coastal line reaches 700 km, most of this territory are beaches.

Start acquaintance with the resorts from this article: 11 of the best resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

Region – Krasnodar region

Sea – Black, Azov

Timezone – UTC +3 (Moscow time)

Nearest resort for Moscow – Dzhubga (1450 km)

High season – from May to September

Airports – Adler, Gelendzhik, Vityazevo

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When to come and how much

Spa season on the coast from May to September.

The climate in the region is very changeable, so before the trip it will not hurt to watch the average temperature for the period of interest in the selected city.

The closer to Sochi – the warmer.

If you want to drive through several cities, stopping in every couple of days, it is better to do it until July or after August, in the most peak months to rent housing in the living mode (on site) will be difficult and expensive.

The duration of the rest will depend on what you want, here you can spend from a couple of days to several weeks. It is important to understand how much the road will take, few people want to spend more time on the way than on vacation.

Climate Krasnodar Region

Climatic conditions vary due to the features of the mountainous area, thanks to which tourists can choose not only the conditions for the rest, but also the climate.

The lowest air humidity is in Anapa, the climate here is similar to the Mediterranean and continental at the same time, but closer to Gelendzhik, Mediterranean conditions become more pronounced.

Closer to the Tuapse region, subtropical features begin to be felt, but it is not yet subtropics. They will start approximately 10 km from Tuapse, closer to Sochi. Here grow real palm trees, not brought artificially, but grew up in their natural environment.

In the Tuapse region you can see citrus trees, but here they do not ripen.

In Sochi district, a full-fledged harvest of oranges and other citrus.

How much is rest

The most expensive cities for recreation are Sochi and Gelendzhik, but even here the cost of recreation varies.

A significant part of the recreation costs consists of accommodation and nutrition, if you need to save, then these are the first items for reflection. Accommodation for one day for one person can average from 500 rubles to several thousand, the cost will depend on:

  • average cost in the city;
  • proposed conditions, additional services;
  • period – the height of the season or calm;
  • Remote from the sea.

The last item should be considered separately. The Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory is the sea and mountains. The address offered to you may be close to the beach, but be on a steep mountain, it is unacceptable for many. It is important to check not only the distance from the beach, but also the features of the relief. The distant location from the beach is not always the problem, specify how you can get to the sea. Perhaps the address is located far from the beach, but you can quickly get in transport or inexpensive local taxi.

Spa collection

The sum of the holiday fee changes, but according to the law it may not exceed 100 rubles per person per day.

In the summer of 2019, the sum of the resort fee was 10 rubles per person for each day spent in the region, not counting the days of arrival and departure. Such a small amount has allowed in recent years to collect more than 100 million rubles to the budgets of land settlements.

List of cities, in which you need to pay the resort collection changes every year. For example, in 2019 it included Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik, towns of Tuapse region – Novomikhalovskoye, Dzhubga, Nebug and Shepsi.

Fine For non-payment of collection for a private person – from 500 rubles, so it is better to clarify the information in advance and make a collection immediately upon arrival at the place of rest. This can us be done right in a hotel, a hotel or pension.

In some cities and towns of the Krasnodar Territory You need to pay a spa collection – 10 rubles per person per day.

Why go to Krasnodar region

To relax on the sea.

The inhabitants of Russia have two options – to go abroad or in the Krasnodar region.

With competent recovery planning in the Krasnodar Territory, it will cost much cheaper than abroad. There is no language barrier and hurdities with currency exchange, no longer need passport and visa. It will only takes to pay for the resort collection.

Resorts on the map

List of resorts

Travel Guide in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory
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Things to do


Most of the beaches – pebble, But on the coast there are several sandy beaches. About them read here: 10 resorts of the Krasnodar Territory with sandy beaches

All landscaped beaches will be crowded, The more popular the resort – the more people. There are wild beaches between settlements, but they have no amenities, often on such beaches a lot of garbage thrown by sea.


In which city you would not stop, there will be a water park – within the city or in the suburbs.

Resting in Gelendzhik and its surroundings, you can go to Waterpark Golden Bay, It is considered the biggest not only in the Krasnodar Territory, but also throughout Europe.

Closest to Sochi large water park – Aqualo, What is in the village of Loo.

The best water park for tourists from Anapa and Novorossiysk – Golden Beach, it is located in Anapa.

In the Tuapse region, several water parks, the best of them – Dzhubga, the village of the same name.

Dolphinariums and oceanariums

On the coast there are many dolphinariums and oceanariums.

If the dolphinariums do not differ much from each other, then the oceanariums are very different.

The biggest oceanarium on the coast is located in Adler, this Sochi Discovery WORLD Aquarium. Visit it stands, even if you rest not in Sochi, and in the Tuapse region.

Those who rest in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk will be closer Oceanarium Reef, He is in Anapa. He is also very big, his feature is a huge number of types of coral reefs.


In the Krasnodar Territory, you do not need to look for excursions, they will find you ourselves.

Popular tourist routes in each city and village selling tourist vouchers. You will see them on the way to the beach, in parks, close to railway and bus stations.

Excursion is a great way to see several sights per day or even half a day.

Tour prices begins from 500 rubles.

In the vicinity of each resort village of Krasnodar Territory there are dolmens, waterfalls, gorges and other natural attractions.

In Sochi, you can buy an excursion to Abkhazia, guests of Novorossiysk, Anapa and Gelendzhik I recommend the excursion to Abrau-Durso with a visit to the Russian Wine House. Always specify the program of excursions, as well as where exactly are attractions, you may be able to visit them yourself, without tosing themselves to a temporary framework and a group of other tourists.

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Where to stay

In the summer, millions of tourists come to the Krasnodar region, so it is desirable to decide the issue of booking housing in advance.

Find accommodation in any of the cities and towns of Krasnodar Territory can be on Bucking.

If you know the date of vacation in advance, earlier the reservation will help well save.

At the local population you can remove anything, from the subsidence to the common room to a huge cottage. Similar offers can be found on Avito and Yula ad sites, as well as in groups of social networks. Each resort village has thematic ads with ads. Choosing this option, ask for as many photos as possible, To make sure that the stated conditions correspond to reality.

You can talk at the time of arrival in place, but it will be more expensive.

During the high season, local residents offering accommodation at the high season at the railway and tourist bus stations. Often do taxi drivers. You may have lucky, and you will get good conditions for an acceptable amount, but maybe differently.

Booking in advance, you are considering many options, arriving not a place, you will have to choose from the one minimum that you will be offered.

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