Travel Guide to Move to Norway

Think about moving to Norway? If you are looking for a happier life, you may think about making this Scandinavian country with your new home. Norway is unchanged Call one of the happiest places in the world: High quality life, a large number of outdoor activities, excellent workers benefits, high wages, magnificent fjords and stunning landscapes. Each will find what to love in Norway.

With more than 5 million inhabitants of Norway is also one of the countries with the smallest population density in the world. In fact, this country takes the 29th place. Norway – the least densely populated country in the world, and therefore there are many areas and territories for research. For more information about moving to Norway, you should familiarize yourself with this article.

Quick Guide to Move to Norway

Cost of living

Those who move to Norway should be prepared for High cost of life. In Norway, it is more expensive than in 93 percent of the countries of the world. Scandinavian country is also the third in the high cost of the country of Western Europe. Approximate monthly expenses for a family of four Equivalent to 5,775 dollars. Approximate monthly expenses per person living in Norway, are $ 2814. The cost of living in Norway is 47.89% higher than in the US.

Of course, keep in mind that the cost of your life will depend on, Where you live, And from your lifestyle. The most expensive cities of the country – Stavanger, Tromso, Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen. Besides, Most Norwegians earn good. In fact, the average adjusted disposable household income per capita – $ 35,725 per year. This is higher than the OECD average (33,604 US dollars).


Housing conditions in Norway at the highest level. In Norway, this sphere is known for the care of homeowners about the needs of tenants. Most rental apartments are fully furnished. OECD declares that in Norway householdsAnd on average, spending 17 percent its gross adjusted disposable income on the roof content above the head, which is below the average OECD (20 percent). Rent too Not very expensive. Rental on average by 12.5% ​​lower than in the US. Of course, the cost of housing varies depending on the city, so be sure to learn the prices of real estate before moving.


Norway is considered a very safe country to life. OECD notes that 90 percent of people in Norway feel protected, even walking alone at night. In addition, the level of murders in the country is 0.4 – this is one of The lowest indicators in the OECD (The average indicator – 3.7). In general, the crime rate in Norway is low, so new residents should feel in complete safety, traveling through this fantastic country.


Although Norway not the warmest country in the world, The climate varies significantly depending on where you are. Northern regions and inland areas are usually the coldest. Due to the moderate climate of Golf Stream in Norway, a much softer climate than in other parts of light on the same latitude, such as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia. In coastal areas Usually soft winter, And the southern part of the country is often considered summer island paradise. Norway is also a place where you can see several weather and atmospheric phenomena, including northern light and midnight sun.

The quality of life

Visit Norway and you quickly see and feel General satisfaction among residents. The reason is that in this country an exceptionally high quality of life. In fact, Norway occupies a sixth place in the list of the happiest countries of the world, so the high cost of life is worth. According to OECD, Norway has shown exclusively Good welfare indicators. The country has received high safety assessments (10/10), balance of work and personal life (8.5 / 10), life satisfaction (9.9 / 10), maintenance of health (8.7 / 10), number of jobs (8 , 3/10) and housing quality (8.3 / 10). With such a high standard of living, it is not surprising that moving to Norway – The best solution for many.


Universal Public Health of Norway Available for all residents and expat, However, for free only for persons aged 16 years and younger. Faces over 16 should pay an annual franchise for access to medical services. Private health insurance practically does not exist. Mostly all covered by the state system. People choose private health insurance only when it is necessary to reduce waiting time. As for the general state of health, it is safe to say that residents of Norway lead a healthy lifestyle. According to OECD, life expectancy is almost 83 years old, which is three years old exceeding the average OECD.

Immigration requirements

Want to immigrate to Norway? To you need to get a residence permit, To work or live in Norway more than 90 days. You can begin the process of filing an application for a visa to Norway online on the Norwegian Immigration Management website. Requirements for obtaining a visa to Norway differ depending on the visa to which you submit. Qualified employees It will takes work, And if you do not employ, you (and your business) must comply with certain income criteria.

5 fantastic cities that should be considered when moving to Norway

Travel Guide to Move to Norway

You should pay attention to one of these picturesque cities when choosing a new home in Norway.

The capital of Norway is also one of the best places in the world for life. Although it is expensive, the inhabitants will tell you that the high quality of life here is worth additional costs. Newbies will find here Many museums, Including the Viking Ship Museum, unique architecture and many employment opportunities.


This picturesque city, known as the "city on seven hills", is surrounded by the magnificent mountains and is considered to be a gate to the beautiful fjords of Norway. The city itself is also He is a cultural center With many galleries, museums and delicious eateries. This is a favorite place for tourists and locals because of Many capabilities Outdoors and cultural attractions.


This city, located on the south-west coast of Norway, is known as the oil capital of Norway – thanks to the key role of the region in the rapidly developing country oil industry. Given the healthy economy, it is not surprising that the city is also excellent place to search for well paid work. Stavanger can be an ideal place for those who are looking for economic opportunities, as well as many vivid cultural opportunities.


This Tiny Norwegian town, in which only 5,000 inhabitants live, is also the largest in the archipelago and is often considered a gate to the Lofoten Islands (which are famous for their midnight sun and the northern lights). Fisherman village with her stunning mountains and coastal surroundings – Delightful place. In addition, the city has many luxury restaurants, first-class shops and art galleries.


This is a city for those who like to live in places with a rich history. Located south of Oslo, Tonoxberg – the oldest city of Norway. From the graves of the Vikings and their ships to medieval festivals and ancient ruins – Rich history of the city manifests itself in many buildings, museums and amenities. Newbies will also find a refined urban oasis with a lot of good restaurants and jobs.

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