Travel in Italy

Last year, Leo Amigud (2: 5020/1037) decided to have fun in Italy. That’s what came out of it:

26.08.97, $ 1 = 1758 LIR

Decided to write what happened to us (and, of course it will still happen) good and bad.

When you arrive from Moscow, it was not without hassle – the plane was detained an hour for two. Flies, thank God, good, without incident. Attempting to rent a car failed, as Russian rights in Italy are invalid. But it was possible to use a VISA credit card. Hu, there was nothing to take a taxi to the railway station in Ancona, it cost it in 45.000 lir. Students hanging the train station, someone played a guitar, someone slept on the bedding right on the floor, and it seemed to us cool and somewhat strange. Everything just started 🙂 I took a ticket at 2:50 am to Rome, and if I hadn’t go to walk around the station, I wouldn’t have left anywhere, since the train was located somewhere in the ass. Before the departure of the train remained 3 hours, and I really wanted to eat and what’s the most unpleasant – I wanted to the toilet. Riding bags on the shoulders we moved to search. When walking around the city, where at 12 o’clock in the night nothing worked and if you go to the Miken, Mike was accurately noticed that we were and Italian "Lyubertsy", or rather in Chelyabinsk "Lyubertsy" : – |

With difficulty found by the monastery, which served us to the toilet, facilitated our soul. Passing another kilometer two we realized that the restaurant to search absolutely meaningless and we decided to catch a taxi to the station back. Attempts were in vain, since in Italy fellow travelers is not accepted, and there is only a taxi at the stations and t.NS. Having reached the station and found among the taxi driver of one English-speaking us finally managed to get to the restaurant and taste the national cuisine – spaghetti with any marine love (crabs, shrimps, mussels).

So, we are on the way to Rome. The train itself is interesting – there are places of the first and second class (and the second class is better than our SV), and also divided into smokers and non-smoking cars. Tickets are quite cheap – four hours of ride we cost 23.000 lir per person.

Hu here we are in Rome. Hado note that you find free places in hotels even in the midst of the season is not a problem. But hotels are relatively expensive – "***" Double room costs 100.000 – 150.000 lir. Resting, we went to view the surroundings. Almost at every intersection could be found architectural works of art: a stunning Colosseum, Pantheon, the altar of the Haze (a beautiful building, something resembling a typewriter, but an unloved Italians, possibly due to the fact that Mussolini was built), San Pietro – a large area in The form of an ellipse with columns in two rows on the sides. There are two points of this area (the centers of the ellipse) from which the second (rear) series of columns is not visible. Amazing combination of mathematics and art in the creation of Michellandllo. The next day for us began with contact with the Russian consulate (whose phone we learned in the nearest police station, it is by the way, it works from 9:00 to 12:00). In a small mansion, we kindly agreed to translate and assure the driver’s license for $ 75 per person. : – | Next we started searching cars. In Rome, as in the whole of Europe, there are three largest agencies: Avis, Hertz and Eurocar. Cheaper Time to take a car about a railway station in Avis: Avis Alfa Romeo 146 or Opel Astra will cost you about $ 450 in 7 days. Machine can be passed anywhere in the country and Europe with a small markup. Here then we were waiting for the first bummer. In order to take the car you need to have three things: a passport translated into Italian rights and a credit card. And one more subtlety – you should be at least 21 years old. I did not have a credit card, and the T-shirt was not 21 years old: (an attempt to apply to another separation AVIS did not lead to success. There the rules were even tougher: at least 23 years and prices are slightly higher. In the Hertz agency, the age minimum was 25, and the prices are even higher.

Drinking with grief whiskey we went to seek adventures. and found them in full program. FRIENDS! HE WORK IN HOW CLUBS IN ROME! Seemingly a pretty club met us a meter at the entrance that helpedly spent us inside. Easy twilight, music – ordinary disco and a lot of cute girls, two of whom immediately hooked. We met and we were offered champagne and put sandwiches, as it turned out later with black caviar. The girls were super-sensitive, with good English and talk to us practically did not succeed. In general, everything was wonderful, champagne and caviar continued to bring and we realized that we were thrown, t.To. We ourselves did not order anything. I attach that the account will be about $ 500. We decided to pay and drop off. We gave a credit card, where at that time it remained $ 750. After 10 minutes one of us was asked to approach, saying that there was some problem. The problem was that the account was $ 1573. We forked $ 73 And for the rest of the money with us, one of the girls went to the hotel, paying for a taxi 🙂

Upon arrival, we drew more than another $ 200 bed, saying that there is no longer. After some thought, the girl left. We stayed in Italy with the remaining $ 370, as it was dumbfounded. From Rome, we went to Florence. In the train we met Romanian talking in Russian (in Italy, this is a big rarity – as in English says% 30) After he listen to our story, he set us a beer, while saying that if he knew that he would meet the Russians, he was necessarily would take vodka. He lives and works without documents in Italy is completely calm for two years. Says that this is not a problem and they are not going to decar. Alternatively, we went to walk to the city. We visited the observation deck, looked at a couple of cathedrals, greeted the hand with Appolon and visited the power gallery, defending 40 minutes to the entrance. Eating in McDonalds for 20.000 lire we went to Venice. We drove Eurostar on the Supervising (200km / h) train and therefore the road seemed to us with one pleasure. Giving your things to the Storage Camera We went to review Night Venice. Most of all amazes, of course, San Marco – a huge area with access to the sea. Orchestras and a bunch of restaurants around the perimeter visited melancholy on us, as the money was less and less. To stay to bed at the station. Walking around the city and looking at the gondolas ($ 80 per hour) we will reveal back. At 1:30 we were asked from the station, as he closed on the night of 8-0. In search of the night, we got under the rain, and as it turned out – to sleep Absolutely nowhere: – | We joined the group of students who were sitting under the tenet of the station. The litters did not have and sleep had to go on a cold, but pure marble. A little later, the station opened and we went to metal benches. It became a little easier. Walking in the morning by San Marco and seeing a crazy number of pigeons that were fed to tourists with a special feed, which could be purchased immediately for 1500 lire. Riding on the boat, we returned to the station and went to Ankon via Bolonia, as the direct train was just late in the evening.

In Ancona, we had to spend 7 (seven) days, and $ 200 remained in your pocket. Remove the hotel was not possible, as he cost a minimum of $ 60 per day, and eat in a two-year restaurant $ 50. We realized that there is and live normally will not succeed. Thank God that the station in Ancona did not close on the night, but it was forbidden to sleep in it, which the Ankonian police were notified, waking up and checking our documents at 23:00.

What to do? I really wanted to sleep and the latter days also gave yourself a felt. From hopelessness we went to look for a place to sleep on the street, where it was not so warm – 19 degrees + wind. We have got it under the bridge, next to a landfill on a big sheet of plywood. Having passed 3 hours, we woke up from a terrible cold, and realized that I would not stand so much. Since we did not take warm clothes with me, we didn’t have anything to go back to the station. There at least it was warmer. God Milked us – the police did not appear at night. In the morning, collecting the manatki (leave things in the storage chamber was expensive – 10,000 lire per day) We cleaned your teeth, washed in the station toilet with free soap and went to the beach by bus – as it was walking 10 km. One end ticket costs 1300 lir.

The beach was free, and we didn’t take the umbrella, because it cost money. We found one on one with the scorching sun, the sea, sleeping at the station, breakfast dinner and dinner in the babeling bar for a total of 35.000 (about $ 20) for two per day, without prospects for 7 days ahead. Airplanes flew across the sky and we wanted home. Having spent the day on the beach and burdens we went for the night on the already cherished train station. There was a lot of people from different countries in the attachment. The police that appeared checked the documents from us and still in several groups, taking some of them in an unknown direction. The next day, everything was repeated with the exception of the port of port and the area designated on the map as Industrial. By the way, you can take a map of the city at the station at the station in any city in Tourist Information.

Travel in Italy

Hu here took another three days. Surprisingly, every time we checked the documents from various policemen and every time they learned something in their own way, although we poked them a copy of a visa.

We met a lot of Russians who went to the airport for a plane flying to Moscow. The same plane departed four days later and in our unhealthy brain Idea appeared to change tickets for the number greater. But it was impossible because our flight was charter, respectively, with fixed departure dates and arrival.

During your stay at the station, we managed to see several people leading like our lifestyle. In the cafe, where we had breakfast, have dinner and dined the same menu (hot sandwich and a bottle of mineral water) have already been recognized and considered to be regulars.

It turns out that the call is much cheaper not from a payphone, using the phone card, and from bars or institutions under a signboard with a hand tube.

Saves still save

70.000 lire we shot on the last day ** hotel. It is difficult with something to compare the resulting buzz from clean beds, hot soul and calm sleep, after 6 nights spent at train stations. And the biggest joke happened to us on the last day. For the sake of Hochma, we tried to remove 100.000 lire with a credit card, which has long been in Overdraft’e and we managed it.

So, scraping a few souvenirs for the last money, we finish our narrative of travel in Italy.

Travel in Italy

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