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Bus tickets, which is the main means of transport in Italian cities, cost from $ 0.7 to $ 0.88. Most cities offer a 1-day ticket about $ 2.35.

The most important means of transport in the Italian capital – the metro and buses. There are also trams. Tickets for buses and trams cost $ 0.7. They are valid for two trips for 90 minutes. Tickets should be purchased in advance (buses are not sold them to them, except for those flights that go after midnight. There are only such on some routes). Bus tickets relies composting. By the mark of the composter and the beginning is determined "Work" ticket. Book of 11 tickets costs $ 7.

Metropolitana (the name of the Roman metro) costs somewhat cheaper: $ 0.65 per ticket or $ 5.88 per unit of 10 tickets.

Travel, valid for the subway, trams and buses, stand on 1 day – $ 2.35, and a week – $ 10,59.

Roman taxi takes for the landing and the first 3 kilometers – $ 4.06 (so short taxi trips in Rome are unprofitable), then – $ 0.7 per kilometer. From 10 pm to 7 in the morning there is an extraction of $ 1.76, and at the usual time on Sundays and public holidays – $ 0.59.

There is a special markup of $ 8.82 for travel to Fiumicino Airport, because it is outside the city (along with her a trip costs about $ 40).

Milan Metro (MM) has three lines. Bus and tram lines in the city belong to the ATM Municipal Transport Corporation. And on those and others for sale the same tickets for $ 0.7. In buses and trams, they are valid for an unlimited number of trips within 75 minutes from the moment of the first landing. In the subway, the ticket is valid only once.

Direct for all types of transport stand: For one day – $ 2.47, week – $ 5,95.

The scheme of the organization of taxi tariffs is similar to Roman: for the landing and first 3 kilometers – $ 4,4, then – $ 0.7 per kilometer. There is a surcharge system for night and weekends. Milan taxi drivers, on Italian standards, are considered "Civilized" (honest). Nevertheless, it is forced that the meter when landing has been dropped to zero and is included, even here – not superfluous.

Naples – the third and last city of Italy, having a subway. You can move on Naapol on the subway, buses, trams and cable cars. Tickets for all cost $ 0.59. In buses and trams, they allow you to ride how much you like for an hour, on the subway and the funicular – to drive once. 24-hour travel cost only $ 1.47.

Classic trick of Naples taxi drivers – declare that the meter is broken. This trick is so common that, being a foreigner, you are unlikely to ever ride on the meter, for fixed rates. Therefore, negotiate price in advance, based on the calculation of $ 4-5 for 3 kilometers.

Single view of urban transport – buses. Tickets cost $ 0.7 per hour, $ 0.88 – 2 hours. 24-hour travel – $ 2.94.

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Taxi takes for landing and the first 3 kilometers – $ 4, hereinafter – at $ 0.7 per 1 kilometer.

In the city of Sicilian mafia, ordinary people move on buses. Tickets for one hour cost $ 0.88.

Taxi costs $ 3.5 for landing and first 3 kilometers. More long trips are usually not needed, but if it happens – 0.6 per 1 kilometer.

There are no roads suitable for car passage, and therefore there are no cars. Sole Public Transport Tool – River Tram Services (Vaporetto). One trip ticket costs $ 1.47 on the route B 1, and $ 2.06 – on all other routes. 24-hour travel cost $ 8.24, and three-day – $ 11,76. The payment of 24-hour and three-day travel tickets includes the cost of one place of baggage.

There are also expensive water taxis. They take a fixed rate of $ 16.5 per trip (the maximum duration of the path from one end of Venice to another – 10 minutes). Another $ 4.12 is thrown to order water taxis by phone.

Famous Venetian Gondolas, which are not a means of transport, and serve as a tourist attraction, take a trip to $ 120. And the luxurious wedding gondolas for tourists conducted honeymoon – up to $ 300.

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