Travel in which everything is wrong

We all sometimes allow mistakes in travel planning or already right in the process. Rarely, when there is absolutely everything on the trip on the trip, usually on trivia. But the situation can get out of control at any moment. We hit the brains and invented a trip in which everything is very bad that you are always alert. We hope that anyone has no such experience.

Stage fees

So you have already planned all, ties bought, housing found. Move on the day of departure. Before the exit remains for about an hour, and you do not have time. All that comes across the eyes – flies in a suitcase. Constructed wires, discharged gadgets, yesterday’s socks, white T-shirts and jars with shampoo sadly imagine in a common heap.

40 minutes later, hell’s hellish apartment and with a full porridge in the head you are plugging into a taxi and rush to the airport. And along the way … Cork! Friendly, clap yourself by pockets. Where is the passport?? Ah, Fuh, so he pulled out in the folder with documents.

In the airoport

There is little time for registration and passport control. But at the reception is reported on the flight delay for 2 hours. "How so? I can not catch a transplant!"- you swear on the rack. But the worker of the airline spreads his hands: "If you had a single ticket on both parts of the route, the airline would have kept the following flight, but you have two different tickets ; "

Solution : If you fly with a change, it is advisable to buy a single ticket. So, at the delay of the first flight of the airline, I will wait for all passengers to second or offer an alternative flight. If you have two different tickets, choose long transplants. If the first flight is detained, you will have time in stock.

Not on time this delay, but there is time without a rush to go through all suggestions. And drink coffee times five, charge telephones … Here is the damn, charging remained in the owned baggage!

Solution : at some airports there are charging stations already with wires. Ask on the rack of information where they are.

In the airplane

You are on the plane: the last row, the back does not fold, smells the toilet. Suddenly, during the takeoff, it is possible … Crying a child. Yes still stewardess randomly sheds water. "Simply awesome! Continue!"You think you boil from anger.


Finally, you landed in the transit city: trembled, in wet things, defending a queue at the exit of the aircraft. Time to charge the phone in some cafe no longer need to urgently get luggage and run to the next flight. After a long expectation at the tape, you understand that … the baggage did not arrive! What to do? Run to stock LOST & Found.

Alas, no one is insured. But you can attach GPS to the suitcase and track its location. Another option: the insurance of lost luggage. So you will have the means for everything you need while your luggage is looking for.

You’re at the place!

Age 10 years at the time of the flight, you will finally be planted at the airport of destination. It remains to be charging and see the way to your housing, which previously agreed on the crawls. Turning on the phone you detect a letter from the host. He wrote that he had changed plans and to host it you can not. In the hurry you book the first hotel and run on the bus.

Always before flying with the owner of the apartment, whether everything is in force. If you are worried, find another option about the reserve or book a hotel room with free cancellation .

Travel in which everything is wrong


Finally you came to the hotel! The administrator is taking a long time with your armor and finally reports that the number is not ready yet, it is cleaned, they will have to wait about an hour. Arrr!

Bank card purchases

Remembering that in everything we need to seek the pros, you go to the nearest cafe to have a snack. Cash will still be useful, so you pay for coffee with a sandwich card. And after go to the store across the road to buy a snack in the room. But at the checkout it turns out … that the map is blocked due to suspicious transaction!


And let that the hotel has no heating, and hot water is poured in times. To hell and the fact that it is uncomfortable and breakfast is not included in the price. But the city is what beautiful, walk and walk! In the meantime you look around, you have steal documents.

Common Back Home

Vacation ended earlier because of the loss of documents, and you return home full forgings and fatigue. And at home … Dirt, scattered a few days ago, in the refrigerator on sour cream, new forms of life have already appeared, in the apartment vitates the spirit of sadness. End.

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Travel in which everything is wrong

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