Travel in winter: what to take with you and how to dress

Going in winter on a trip need more consciously than in summer. What is needed, and what will be a useless cargo? In what things you will definitely leave, and which will warm, despite your subtlety? About this and talk.


First look the weather. From this depends the choice of clothing. European winter passes at moderate temperatures: from +15 to -10 maximum. Minus temperatures are more often in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, the rest of the countries remain in zero or on the positive mark. In the mountains, of course, it will be colder than in the city.


Plus temperature implies snowfall and even rains. Therefore, we recommend acquiring waterproof jacket and necessarily hooded . Top clothing stamina Choose up to -5 degrees, and if you wear a warm sweater, then you will not freeze even with a long walk. Good Choice – Membrane Jackets. They look thinly but warm well.

Middle Layer Clothing

Here will fit Sweaters and fleece sweaters , as well as things with a small percentage of wool. In a fully woolen sweater will be hot in Europe. It will also be superfluous Termeless . Just buy quality. Your heat resistant can also be used as pajamas. The fact is that in European cities in the late autumn, in winter and early spring heating works barely, and in some hostels it may not be. Therefore, buying a thermal package, take the top and the top, and the bottom.

Things from cashmere will also be in the topic. Comfortable, soft and warm, do not occupy a lot of space in the bag. Only worth a lot, but pay attention to the winter sales – it is a chance to buy things from a natural cashmere for an acceptable price.

If your holiday suggests hiking or a catering on nature / in the parks, be sure to look at yourself Warm rustling pants . Now many models of calm colors that do not look sports. Jeans with wakes here still not the best option.

And be sure to dress in several layers: Termsel or T-shirt, further sweater from fleece or cashmere, and on top of the jacket. This will allow you to adapt to any temperature, for example, at the airport or aircraft, and do not experience discomfort from heat or cold.


If you plan to walk all day, then prepare insulated shoes from natural materials that will not get wet. It should not be on high heels or unstable sole. Genuine leather Outside and natural wool inside will not give my feet to climb with long walks or departures on nature. It is also important to take a detached shoes on the trip, and not new. Otherwise, 2-3 days you will not be able to walk normally. What feet will definitely be comfortable – in original thimberlands. They can be worn with anything and they will always look stylish.

Another option to keep legs warm – use special heated insoles. It’s really cool thing! But the socks need the appropriate: if you use heated insoles, then woolen socks are better not to wear – feet back. Leave these socks for shoes easier. And in cotton socks do not warm at all, the legs in them will be frozen in them.

Little things

Do not forget about the header, scarf and gloves / mittens! But there are people who categorically do not wear caps for various reasons. Then take with you at least warm headphones or a dressing. But in general, the heat is warm – warm and body, think about it.

How to collect all this?

Deciding with the weather and wardrobe it remains to understand what to take with you: a suitcase / bag or in the old man – go with a backpack.

What is comfortable backpack:
Travel in winter what to take with you and how to dress
  • hanging behind his back and does not interfere
  • Everything you need will fit into it – standard size 40-45 liters.
  • No need to spend money on the purchase of baggage
Than inconvenient:
  • if you strongly fill with an excessive trifle, it will become heavy and carry all day will be hard – shoulders in the evening will send you much away
  • No opportunity to buy gifts, large souvenirs or afford shopping, because all this does not fit into the backpack.
The more convenient handbag on wheels or suitcase in size hand-made:
  • You can arrange shopping
  • anyway do not need to spend money on baggage
  • Even a hairdryer will fit
  • You can take more diverse things
What are uncomfortable bag and suitcase:
  • Hands are always busy, and if the suitcase can be held, then the bag without wheels only the handles will have to carry in their hands.
  • Not in all airlines Size suitcase suitable for hand baggage

Weigh everything for and against and choose with the mind. Good flights!

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Travel in winter what to take with you and how to dress

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