Travel route to Indian Himalayas (description + photo)

In our world, dozens of thousands of places in which you will capture breathing from delight! But the worst news is that we do not know about these places. These places do not advertise anywhere, and the photos with them are rarely flashed into social. Networks.
But you are very lucky that you are still opening my letters, t.To. We always try
tell about such great places that no one tells about.

Route on Indian Himalayam

And the route on Indian Himalayas just applies to such places.
Little-known, but who leave an indelible mark in the chain of your memories of all life!

The most ideal time to travel for this route – May and June.

  • The route begins and ends in Delhi, the capital of India.

Direct flights from Moscow go there.
At the moment there are a lot of dates to which you can find tickets in just 19-22 thousand rubles therea-back.
And with 1 transfer, the minimum price is generally 16,992 rubles! From other cities of Russia with 1 transplant is extremely more expensive! There are also direct flights from Astana and Almaty (Kazakhstan) in just 13 -14 thousand rubles back to many dates. The city itself Delhi spirit and the subject of this journey does not match,
so it needs to quickly slip and go to the north.

  • Amritsar, Punjab.

Here is the most important shrine of the whole state – the "Golden Temple" Harmandir-Sahib,
which belongs to the Sikh religion. More than 100,000 pilgrims visit him daily!

The temple is in the midst of a reservoir, which is called Amritsar, which means "the source of nectar of immortality".
To get to the main part of the temple standing in the middle of a sacred pond to go through the narrow marble bridge. He symbolizes the path separating the righteous from sinners.

  • Dharamsala, the capital of Indian Tibet.

Here and then on the route Himachal Pradesh, in which only 6.8 million people live.
That is why this is completely different India.

Dharamsala is the Residence of the Dalai Lama. There is also a monastery where Dalai Lama participates in services, many meditation centers, Tibetan knowledge storage – Norbulinka, and all this is available for visiting!

Massage, yoga and meditation

Here you can go to an excellent massage, or take part in master classes, yoga sessions and meditation, which here regularly pass. And all this around the mountains of fantastic beauty!

Travel route to Indian Himalayas (photo description)
  • Manali, Kulla Valley.

Cool valley is called Indian Switzerland – dense coniferous forests grow here, the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas are visible from everywhere. Here it is necessary to live for several days in the heart of this magic edge – in the resort village of Manali. Here you can just walk along the magic coniferous forest, and you can look at the center of Tibetan medicine, and to undergo diagnosis for the best Tibetan doctors.

  • Naggig, home-museum Nikolai Roerich.

Here spent the most productive years of life Russian artist Nikolai Roerich. He chose this place not by chance – here is a special energy that cannot be not felt. Here you can visit the tomb of Roerich and the art gallery, where the original of his best works are presented.

  • Holy City Manicaran.

Mountain Temples and Hot Springs

Here are famous mountainous temples and hot springs
with healing water in which you can swim.

  • Pass Roktang (3900 m)

This is a real power of power with indescribable energy. An unforgettable feeling – to be at the top, among the peaks of majestic Himalayas.

  • Highland city Shimla.

This city must be in Switzerland or in Bavaria.
Nothing reminds India here! Here you can enjoy these beautiful city
and walk in picturesque places around.

  • Rishikesh.

This is the last stop on the way back in Delhi.
Rishikesh &# 8211; This is the world capital yoga. But most of all the city became known after 1968, when the famous group The Beatles spent some time, studying meditation practices and yoga.

And all this can be visited independently, if you watch the video guide Maxim Shahinsky!
He has already passed this route several times, and therefore all the smallest details of which do not know about which in advance – how to move on the route as comfortable as possible, where to live and what to see.
Includes Maps Maps Tags.Me with all points on the route,
as well as the basic video guide in India.

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Today, the price of the video guide &# 8211; 1000 rubles,
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It makes life incredibly interesting! And we will continue to open you the most interesting places of our immense peace!

Travel route to Indian Himalayas (photo description)

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