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In every city there is some place where its essence is most concentrated, the place of force, where I want to go back again and again. From my own experience: Paris – the Elysees fields, in London – Trafalgar Square, to the singing fountains in Barcelona, ​​in Berlin, to the Brandenburg Gate, in St. Petersburg – Madly I love his white nights and adjustable bridges, in Vienna fell in love with the Museum Quarter … And Amsterdam fell in love with Amsterdam I am all – that is not a street, that is not a house with a cute porch, cozy coffee shops, and these all trend shops with the necessary and not necessary things and their internal mini-restaurants … – How much is it nice to me!

Now I will go to the practical things of my story "What? where? how?". In fact, in Amsterdam, only a couple of streets, fortunately or unfortunately, where tourists are. Classic: start from the central railway station, then you go to Kalverstraat with all friendly crowd, go to HeiliGeweg and put on LeidSestraat straight. But if we roll to the side – the present reincarnation of the city begins! Amsterdam in size is quite small city. In one day, it is possible to proceed to the central part along and in the across, of course, if you do not sit and do not go to all the places you like.

And so, start. I recommend you to visit the colorful market on Albert Cuypstraat. There you can also eat tasty to eat or drink coffee at Cottoncake shop-cafe, or in CT Coffee & coconuts. Sushi lovers, according to the most comfortable system "ALL YOU CAN EAT" = "Everything can be eaten", I advise you to go to Shabu Shabu. All three institutions are not far from each other.

Now we will move in the vicinity of Vondelpark. The park itself is very pleasant for a walk and rest. Here you can lie on the grass, feed birds, take pictures and "try to catch" parrots, arrange a picnic, in general – all you want. Park big and rich in vegetation, as well as a huge number of different birds. From the places to sit in the park itself I attered: vondel cs and groot melkhuis in water. On a parallel street called Overtoom, there are very good canifiers: Mondaine, Koffie Academie, De Koffie Salon. Severe it better in: Tomatillo, Peperworte, Trattoria Toto. 10 minutes walk there is just a gorgeous place – FoodHallen – a new complex in the former tram depot. Here is a paradise for gourmet, and just getting great to look and put it on all this.

Before the trip, I was looking for various information on the Internet about leisure. It turns out in here many Russian-speaking private guides. But most of all I was interested in a photo session for a tourist. I decided to have such a set and was in a huge pleasure from the process and of course from the result. He worked with me a photographer in Amsterdam – Alexandria Rudenko. She is great! I was completely new to the role of the model, but I really liked the city photo session. We went to the calm colorful streets of the city and in the faced places shot. Time flew very fun and fast. Contact her photo session. It is necessary: ​​rudenko-photography .COM Alexandria also told me where you can go here and what is interesting to see and try. Basically, written in my story – this is a fitting from her.

I will tell you about very peculiar places worth a visit. Healthy and modern EYE with a beautiful view of the broad channel IJ. Here on the street Badhuiskade build a 3D house. It’s just fantastic! Nearby is a very tasty place Il Pecorino with a beautiful view of the same channel IJ. And lovers of severity and part – Hannekes Boom.

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Lovers of water shots. On the Central Sit on the Unique Public Transport – "Rocket" (Made in the USSR and still furries the canals of Amsterdam and his suburbs) and go to Velsen-Zuid. On the side of the movement, sit on 82 bus and after 10 minutes you are on the North Sea – your ultimate stop ijmuiden aan zee! And all this can be done for € 7.50, buying a multi-time ticket for a whole day. On the coast there are stalls with fish – try something, and best of all Dutch herds. About herring – she needs to eat her head, and hold the herring for the tail. Surely such a spectacle You will see a laden. There is a lighthouse on this beach if you have time – walk to it.

I will not write a lot about museums, I will not write the following … Take with you an audio guide. It gives good compressed information. Rijksmuseum a huge and whole day is not enough that everything is fine and slowly see. Rembrant Museum and Van Gogh is simply chic!

Amsterdam for me is such a city where you can go to the will of my feelings, where people just live, rejoicing every day. On the rhythm of life of this city do not understand what day the day is now. Here, slowly go on a bike, considering the surroundings of tourists, or, on the contrary, they are rushing that there is a well-old spirit, driven from the bike path of the walking pedestrians. The city is filled with new styles in every sense. On the Dam or Leidseplein Square, you can watch the view of the street musician-magician, and to clap his hands together with the same, like you, and throw 50 cents in the outstretched artist hat. Amsterdam neither can not be compared with Paris, nor with Vienna, nor with Venice and especially with London, at least for my week of stay here, it was rainily. The atmosphere of the canals, bridges, narrow streets is just unique.

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