Travel Tips in the DPRK

Although for most people journey to North Korea Comparable with madness, such a trip will allow expanding the horizon, leaving the train of unforgettable impressions. Only being here, you can feel all the power of the most isolated, mysterious and terrible country on the planet. However, the journey turns out to be as comfortable and safe as possible, before departure, it is necessary to get acquainted with the specific features of this republic.

Movement around the country and prohibited topics

North Korea, or Korean People’s Democratic Republic (DPRK) – This is not the country in which you can serene walk around the streets, admiring the sights and a unique flavor. Visits here are possible only within the framework of organized excursions, with fixed routes and local guides, which will be accompanying tourists everywhere. Without supervision you can move unless on the territory of the hotel

To go beyond Pyongyana The accompanying personality is obliged to get permission necessary for this in competent state bodies. In the entire territory of the country, during entry and departures from the settlements, military checkpits are located, which often check the availability and authenticity of such documents. Also special permission must be obtained to visit the demilitarized zone between the North and South Korea.

Crimes against foreigners in the DPRK – extremely rare phenomenon, and the level of threat of terrorist acts equal to zero. However, being here, you should avoid critical statements towards the political system and leadership of the country. Also Koreans dislike the number "4", since the word "fourth" sounds the same as the word "death". Therefore, residents of the country are trying to do without it.

Mobile communications, gadgets, Internet and currency

Foreign mobile phones can be imported into the country only subject to mandatory registration of them at the airport. Within the territory of North Korea They can be used exclusively with local SIM cards. Any devices that have receivers GPS or GLONASS services, must be left at customs during entry into the DPRK. Leaving the country, you can get back.

Some tourists managed to knock out customs, passing them specially grasp with them old mobile phones, and smartphones are disabled and hide away in the suitcase. Use them for communication in the country, of course, will not be released, but the gadgets will be able to use as a notebook or a camera. However, it should be remembered what an enterprise is an extremely risky undertaking.

But there are no complaints for the cameras, amateur cameras and laptops. However, it is important to take into account the fact that in the DPRK is prohibited from photographing any defense destination objects. It is also forbidden to shoot in photos and video bridges, airports and servicemen, and before photographing someone from the country’s inhabitants, it is necessary to ask him permission. By the way, in order to charge the technique, you should take adapters and carry with you, since all sockets in the country of American type.

Travel Tips in the DPRK

Internet in North Korea is not available. Contact relatives from the hotel. Cost 1 minute of conversation is about 5 euros. However, the money here will be useful not only for calls, but also for various purchases. And since there are no ATMs in the DPRK and bank cards do not accept for payment, it should be seized with it more small banknotes and coins in euros. In this case, the cashier may refuse to accept too frayed or torn bills.

Local traditions

Each country is distinguished by its extraordinary traditions and customs. North Korea is no exception. And in order not to fall into the dirt face, one should remember the main of them:
1. In everyday life, Koreans are sitting, the trapes and sleep on the floor.
2. During food intake, it is impossible to leave sticks in rice, since such an action is associated with the funeral.
3. Do not watch the interlocutor directly in the eye.
4. The manifestation of extreme rudeness is considered open mouth, so during laughing it should be covered with hand.
5. In the presence of senior not accepted to go with bare legs.
6. With respect to the elderly need to exercise humility, patience and respect.
7. Visiting mausoleum or memorial cemeteries, should be observed a formal style in clothes.

It is prohibited to carry T-shirts, shorts and outfits consisting of bright colors tissues.
It is also important to take care of your health: drink only bottled water, avoiding raw milk and frisses, thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits, not swim in open water bodies, and capture with you all the necessary medicines.

Despite the fact that North Korea is not famous for distinctive myths or an exciting history for most tourists a journey here turns out to be one of the most interesting and safe adventures in life.

Travel Tips in the DPRK

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