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The flow of tourists arriving in Campiona does not dry up all year round, not knowing seasonal breaks. People come here, obeying Azart, leading them for the gambling table, additional stimuli to which sports competitions, all kinds of entertainment, fashion shows, concerts and exhibitions.

They elect deputies to the Italian parliament, but receive salary in Swiss francs. The budget of the city is also calculated in the francs, but the Italian police guard itself in it. Residents of the city travel around cars with Italian numbers, but glove Swiss postage stamps on letters.

They are two and a half thousand residents of Campiona d’Iitaly, a tiny enclave, located in the picturesque valley in the Alpine Mountains. From the north, he is surrounded by the Southern Cantons of Switzerland, whose population speaks Italian, one of three – along with French and German – official languages ​​of this country. In the south of Campiona borders with the Alpine Provinces of Italy. Administratively being part of the Alpine Republic, Campione many threads are associated with the southern neighbor.

In 1944, when the republic was proclaimed in the north of Italy, the Campione administration ordered a series of own brands with the inscription in Zurich "Italian royal mail", whose price was put in francs. Collectors immediately opened the season of hunting for these brands, which since then are considered the most valuable rarity. This case is not better shows the independent nature of the Campiona residents.

The population of the enclave has learned to take advantage of its position. Campione was able to survive at the junction of two worlds, happily avoid the fate "Note land", such a historical misunderstanding, remaining faithful to its special, not like a fate, and managed to keep her own "I am", in which the features of the Italian and Swiss cultures and the national characters of both peoples merged.

Campione could be a bridge between the two states and regions, but prefers to be a laboratory in which Italian realities are combined with Swiss, without entering the conflict without entering. In this small mountain enclating, the Italian Greedy and Entrepreneuriousness with Swiss Accuracy and Exchange, Healing Mountain Air and South Generous Nature, as well as a lot of money, which urban treasies is fully gathering with green fields of gambling tables in casino.

The roots of the isolation of this enclave, although they are deeply reflected in the documents in the Swiss. In 777. NS. Local feudal Toton, who belonged to the Langobard tribe, then the lords of the Apennine, showing truly Italian generosity and respect to the spiritual estate, presented as a gift from the Milan Basilica of St. Ambrosia a small, drowning in olive groves, a fishing village of Campiona d’Iitaly, which has passed since The patronage of Milan’s church authorities, avoiding dependence on the feudalists of the nearby region of Ticino, which became in 1500 to the Swiss Confederation.

Despite the isolated position of Campion, much relates to its inhabitants with neighbors living on both sides of the border on the shore of Lake Lugano – a dialect, traditional costumes, as well as extraordinary artistic gifts and creative spirit.

Like many other cities in the district, Campiona gave the world not one generation of masters, architects, sculptors, artists who left their mark in the cities of Italy and other countries in Europe. The natives of Campione were architect Matteo, erected the majestic cathedral in the city of Monza, and the sculptor Bonino, who drove out the tomb of the family of Della Rock in Verona – one of her outstanding attractions. This feature of the history of the city is reflected on the modern coat of arms of Campion, where, together with the Episcopian Staff and the White, the attributes of the patron of the city of St. Ambrosia, depicted snail – a creature, which, removing, leaves behind.

When the masters were returning to their homeland, they worked in local churches. That is why the Campione immediately falls under the charm of the atmosphere of the medieval city, which is created from a coarse stone and decorated with intricate carving of buildings, such as Located on the mountainside at the shore of Lake Santa Maria Dei Gyrlie, the first mention of which refers to 874, and the parish church of San Zeno, which in our time was rebuilt and is used as a social center.

But still, it was also destined to be the Campiona to remain a modest fishing village, if it were not for the discovery here in 1917 a casino. Their advent of the gambling house is obliged. Secret Services. The territory of the Anklav, located in Neutral Switzerland, but associated with the entered war on the side of the Antena Italy, as it is impossible to recruit representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps, and the cycle of unfamiliar persons in gambling halls was an ideal setting for spy meetings.

Later, in the thirties, the casino received a formal license and became the main driving force in the development of the city, which turned into one of the centers of international tourism.

Nowadays, the casino remains one of the main, but far from the only subject of attention of tourists. In merit, the city can also be put on the Lake Sports Competitions, and the beach, which became more comfortable, regular celebrations about the presentation of art awards, renovated Church of San Pietro with frescoes having historical value, as well as Outdoor recently when excavations an antique amphitheater, which It was decided to turn into a congress center.

The flow of tourists arriving in Campiona does not dry up all year round, not knowing seasonal breaks. People come here, obeying Azart, leading them for the gambling table, additional stimuli to which sports competitions, all kinds of entertainment, fashion shows, concerts and exhibitions.

There is no place to bored in Campion. Swiss knows this and come to be in a purely Italian atmosphere, in which more cardiac heat and relaxation are felt, where in the evenings and on holidays shops, bars and restaurants.

But, perhaps, illusions are spreading on the other side of the border: the Italians come here to feel the taste of life in Switzerland, where everywhere is perfect cleanliness and order, and the sphere of services works alternately as the Swiss watch.

When the evening comes, the Campiona is immersed in the magical and festive element of nightlife, forcing it to remember Italian carnivals. With the advent of the first twilight, the fountain at the entrance to the city lights up with all colors. Life is boiling in a casino and around it – in restaurants, pizzerias, night facilities and, of course, on the square. Campiona area, as well as everywhere, is the heart of the city, the place where a rare opportunity seems to be a person "on others to see and show yourself".

A characteristic feature of Campiona is a special, free, driving atmosphere: people from all over the world come and go, keeping complete anonymity. Here you can meet all sorts of human types – girls in extravagant butts and elegant seeds "In the fly", Young people in linaken jeans and managers in gray double-breasted costumes. On the streets – and luxury limousines, and modest cars. No one here will answer the question: "Who are you?" No one knows and does not notice you. Perhaps you were seen, but no one will be able to describe or find out.

This is a special style of life, the ancient ritual of liberation: stars flashed, lights, luxurious fireworks, music does not stop, and one motive sounds all the time, which gives the feeling of unambiguousness that makes the night last longer. All night are open shops and boutiques, wide, but not very long, the cozy embankment appears in all its magnificence. It is a night consisting of rustling, whisper, the sensation of the game and theatrical presentation in which you participate. Campiona continues the game and leads it in large.

Sophie Lauren trying on "Gold mask"

A significant contribution made by medieval Masters-Campionans to Italian and European Culture is today the continuation of the prestigious cultural events, the initiator and the organizer of which is the enclave with the financial support of the casino, such as the premium of journalism award every two years "New Anthology" in the field of essays and criticism, the organizing committee leads one of "Patriarch" Italian policy Giovanni Spadolini. Exhibitions of famous artists are often held in the municipal gallery. But still the most notable cultural event in the life of the city for almost twenty years there was a presentation "Silver mask" – international "Oscar" in the field of art.

This premium was born in Rome in 1945. The capital was still in the ruins, but this time was "Golden century" For modern art of Italy, her cinema, theater, literature. The new prize symbolized the exemption after the war. "Silver masks" People who have made the greatest contribution to the development of prose, poetry, theater, cinema, light and classical music, fashion, tourism, circus, radio and television.

Since 1974, the awards ceremony has passed in the holiday hall of Campion Campiona D’Iitaly. And in 1975 was established "Golden mask", The presented culture worker, whose contribution to the development of art was especially great.

According to the rules, the laureate must be present at the ceremony to speak with a short welcome word. Therefore, thanks "Golden mask" In the Campiona over the years, the whole color of Italian culture and many owners of high-profile names from abroad were visited, because the winners of the award were Federico Fellini, Maria Callas, Eduardo de Philippo, Rudolph Nuriev, Michelangelo Antonioni, Alberto Sordes, Luciano Pavarotti, Vittorio Gassman.

And finally, in 1987 "Golden mask" was awarded, probably, the most famous and most beloved world public representative of Italy – Sophie Loren. When the plane delivered her from Los Angeles to Lugano Airport, a huge crowd of admirers met "woman who never defeated the competition "Miss Italy", But the place comes among the first beauties of the world", As stated in "Justification" Awarding it "Golden mask".

Movie star, located in the festive casino hall at one table with "Silver" Laureate designer Gianni Versace, looked like a birthday party, in a straight and figurative sense – the ceremony took place on her birthday. "When you hand the statuette is not just for one of the films, but for some long, but maybe, on the contrary, a short, but the busy period of professional career, then this means that the goals that you once put in my youth, still achieved", – said Sophie after delivery "Masks" and admitted that I would like to answer again with Marcello Masthani.

Unfortunately, "Mask" Sophie Lauren almost became the last – after the triumphal ceremony, it was announced that "According to organizational reasons" Presenting premiums stopping. In the last seven years "Masks" ceased to collect an art elite in Campion.

And last year it was announced that the ceremony of delivery "Masks" Again will be held in the festive hall of Casino Campion d’Iitaly, it means that pilgrimage "Live classics" and "star" In this original Alpine Enclose will not stop.

Formula Success

Water option competitions "Formula 1" Between the heavy duty boats, the barids are not so widely known as the race of sports cars, but they may be no less spectacular and sometimes no less dangerous. So, four years before the death of Airton Senna, the whole world flew out another tragic news: at competitions "Formulas 1" The pilot of the high-speed boat Stefano Kazeragi, Husband Princess Monaco Carolina.

Campiona residents Water races boats are not new: Local club lovers of this sport "Classic Silver Boat" often suits such competitions here. But for 32 years of the existence of the Grand Prix "one" version "Formula 1" Space forms boats that can develop speed up to 230 km per hour, in the presence of 10 thousand spectators located on the embankment of Campiona, entered into confrontation, choosing a platform for the Lake Lugano.

Guido Chapelini, the current world champion, confirmed the title of the Grand Prix winner last summer "Formula 1" Among the speed boats, equivalent title of world champion. Chapelini, team leader "Team Laserline Police", Managed DAC boat equipped with heavy duty motor "Mercury", Immediately after the start, I broke forward and did not give way to the lead, despite all the efforts of other racing favorites – Englishman Jones, German Verner and Pilot "Formulas" From Italy Wilson.

Three days of the world championship ended in a reception in the holiday hall of the casino. "Formula 1" became an integral part of a clearly calculated strategy of authorities and business circles of Campione, the purpose of which is to maintain a prestigious reputation as one of the leading entertainment centers in Europe.

Forty years behind a playing table

But, of course, the most important component "Formulas for success" – This Casino Campione, which is the largest sponsor of the patrons and the basis of the local economy, providing jobs for each fifth resident of the town.

Casino open all year round seven days a week (except December 24 and 25) from 15.30 to 2.thirty. In order to get into the gaming room, you must present an identity card and buy an entrance ticket that costs about $ 15. To be admitted to the green gaming tables, you need to be in a jacket and a tie, on the hall of the playing machines this rule does not apply.

Travel to Campione

Like every gambling house, Casino Campion has its own traditions and secrets. And best, probably, the oldest employee of the institution can tell about them.

Franco Pico, a brittle pension, for forty years spent in a casino, had the opportunity to entertain all "elite" Switzerland and the world.

The sixty-year-old Franco, who was retired last year, is not like the railway employee who comes to the station to meet and accompany the compositions and watches with longing, as the train goes beyond the horizon, turning into a barely noticeable point. No, he infrequently returns to throw a look at a spinning ball of roulette and green card tables.

But still. He has a casino in his blood, and he still lives his life. When he meets the ex-colleague on the street, they don’t talk about anything else, he is happy when the bills agree, Cassa full and in the halls of playing machines crowds people. Together with them, he is experiencing when the Swiss Franc is sharply going up, scaring from the casino of travel players.

"I am very tied to this rare craft and happy that I did forty years. My passion is "Shermin de fer" (Card game, in Russian "Railway" or simply "piece of iron"). Even when with time I became the management of playing halls when a free minute was issued, I came and ordered the game myself. Like everyone, I started with a roulette, but "piece of iron" – I have in my heart. Difficult if our craft? Of course, it is necessary to excellent self-control, talent and psychological flair of a special kind. In roulette, you need to work with both hands, acting the same deft and right and left. The croupier should always be on a centimeter ahead of the player."

When Franco came to the casino before the end of the war, Campione was a town in which six hundred people lived, mostly fishermen and peasants. And precisely thanks to the casino, the city began to return to life after the black years of war.

To pass the atmosphere "Golden times" Before and after the war, Pico tells the story of his family.

"My father came to this island of Italian land and began to work by electrician. Once he was called to one of the rich houses to repair the light. Standing on the stepladder, he twisted the light bulb, and here it seems to be shifted. Fortunately, the reason for this was not electricity, but the appearance of a beautiful girl who worked in this house. He immediately fell in love with her, and she became my mother. Thanks to parents, I stayed in Campiona. I wanted to leave and become a taxi driver, but went to work the croupier, and it remained here forever".

For a tape measure and a card table, he wondered the great and simply known people who, even embraced by azart, did not lose their self-esteem. "And when some of them "Breed Bank", It was like a thunder among a clear sky. "Take bank" – these are great, magic words. This is a real shock. This happened several times. In former times, before the war, when I have not come to the casino yet, the table, for which it happened, was covered with a black bedspread. Then we abandoned this gloomy rite. When a visitor drops a very large gain, the gaming halls managed to the table immediately and brings money to restore "reserve" table and renew the game.

What is the difference between today’s times and former, more fun and carefree? Sixties were a period "Economic Miracle". And success was especially noticeable here, in Campione: the chaufferes in luxury cars were waiting for their owners at the entrance to the casino. Large magnates came to us: Italians, who made conditions in the blink of an eye, European and American players, Middle Eastern "Oil Sheikh", among whom was the Shah Iran Reza Pekhlevie, who had the taste for European fun, which did not like gloomy ayatollam.

Only one senory want to remember especially, he often had, although he was not a passionate player. This is Vittorio de Sica. He kept shumblingly, was loved with everyone. He knew how to win and play with the same glitter. Mary Merkder was often with him, a dazzling woman, who was not inferior to his great satellite. I remember other celebrities from the world of theater, movie and sports.

Of course, like everywhere, we met our slippery types, fraudsters, shuilers. But I would say that we always managed to maintain a high class of our institution. All visitors dressed in immaculately and knew that in order to get here, you need to possess good manners.

Of course, sometimes it happened that it appeared in our institution a sort of elegant lady, the age of holding near the visitor, who this evening was especially lucky. And then offered to continue acquaintance and spend the night. Then women of this kind have become too annoying, and they hurried to fall from the establishment. For someone – sin, but, you know, we say: "Casino – not a church". Thinking, Franco continues: "I often remember the words spoken by Kissinger about those who would like to change the rules existing in such places: "What is a camel? This is a horse created according to expert recommendations".

Despite anything, this place knew examples of true human greatness. Want to tell?

Casino often helped people who lost everything here, starved in the literal sense of the word, because they had no Soldo to pay for dinner. It happened, someone from these people returned to pay debt. Once I myself returned 300 francs. Happened, people came to give "Lifting", which casino issued to those who lost everything and can not return home, as it can not pay for the return ticket. Some return this money because after such a story is repeated more than three times, the visitor does not allow. But in most cases it happened because people were simply inconvenient.

In former times, many solid customers played "Under honestly". Once three visitors from the East lost several tens of thousands. As a guarantee, they left a piece of paper on which it was written: "Pay the bearer of this thirty thousand francs", And instead of the painting stood some kind. But when our employee appealed to the bank Lugano the next day, the cashier paid him the whole amount without blinking the eye".

Franco’s eyes light up when he talks about "Piece": "The game manager should not only thoroughly know the rules, but also to understand the players from the Poluslov. He is an arbiter. His word should be a law and all of his decisions should not cause the slightest doubts, because the acquisition and loss of whole conditions may depend on it.

For the game that goes beyond the tables "glands" We follow especially carefully, as we know that in Trieste there is a factory that specifically fakes the cards used in Campion Casino. Its system guaranteeing protection from shoe tricks, we call "salad". Her meaning is that casino uses blue and red cards. When they are tausal, it turns out "salad". Thus, the different color of the cards creates a warranty against substitution".

Nowadays, even the atmosphere in the casino has become more monotonous, customers have become similar to another. Where is the Persian Shah, where Vittorio de Shika, where ladies with dizzying neckline, where limousines and checks on paper blocks? There is no longer anything, and maybe it will not be, but Franco Pico will return again at the table "Shemet de fer".

Travel to Campione

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