Travel to Christmas

Christmas – the main holiday of the Western world and tribute to tradition. Most people prefer to meet him in the family and with close friends. At the same time, in recent years, Christmas is similar to Valentine’s Day successfully exported to Asian countries, where the family holiday turns into noisy folk festivities. About the features of the Christmas meeting in the West and the East – in the review "My Planet".

Mezamor With Loud Creames Happy New Year, Chinese brassly noted Catholic Christmas. It is unlikely that most of them clearly imagines that they say that. But The fun was great and sincere with all the signs of this holiday: miserable to streets, policemen, modestly standing by the walls, savory fight in the club and beer liters. White stupid Eurotist – the most beloved target for foam shelling. Girls are especially trying. Beauty, not a holiday! Best christmas in my life. You do not think, they are usually not in Chinese very clean city. Nutro he shone again.

dimasu99 Christmas is the biggest holiday from Brazilians. I witnessed the historical event: when the relatives of my host family decided to gather under Cornelio, where Alvaro has a small phasenda. Preparation for the celebration began at the end of November. Cornelio Streets, Rio and Sao Paulo were decorated already in early December. Buses were repainted, and shop windows told about various discounts. In all supermarkets or shopping centers, Santa Clauses were sitting in large chairs and for a reasonable fee provided the opportunity to take pictures with them. The picture is still the: Mulatte with white mustes, from heat in the Uniform of the Messenger of Lapland. So, before Christmas. When they arrived at the place, there was already a person forty. Everyone greeted, trembled, drank, talked – and already without five twelve. Waited for the cherished beep on the radio (there is no TV on the phasende), they joyfully shouted and went hugging and congratulating each other personally. Everyone was suitable for each other, hugged and congratulated Merry Christmas: "Feliz Natal!"And since everyone had to do it, then this procedure took 10-15 minutes. After that, everything, except for those who stayed overnight on the phasende, were rushed by cars and went home: "And all?!" – you ask. "And all," I will answer. True, before going home, we traditionally drove the main, sparkling ornaments, street, made a circle from the local Cristo monument and went home. The time began the time of teenagers. The rest of the people at this time peacefully went to bed. The next morning, the celebration of Christmas continued. The table was leaving for food and wine. When he was empty and all sentenced widow, we went home. Then I fell to sleep truly. Woke up only at ten pm. So my Brazilian Christmas passed.

Travel to Christmas

BlueBird54 We decided to be sick in shopping centers, and I bought a suitcase. It was necessary to guess to buy it precisely the pre-Christmas night? Decided to dine and go to the hotel. It was not here – all residents of the city went to the center, he became pedestrian, no about what taxis and speech was not. People are smiling and kept chemical snow in their hands – as it is problematic in Kuala Lumpur with natural snow, they decided to fix this injustice. Until I am with my suitcase to the Monorails station – all clothes, hair, face was in this snow. Apparently, I had such a funny look that the station’s employee, putting a laughter, offered me a paper handkerchief. But it was cool. Very nice and kindly. It is a pity that I did not prepare for this and in my hands there was no return chemical snow.

FUR In Christmas, December 25, my fellow traveler went to Gold Coast. I had one day at adventure, because tomorrow, December 26, we gathered to leave in the direction of Sydney. What to do in christmas? Nothing works. I opened the guide "Lonelle Planets" and began to read hard. Found a link to a wild beach that had to be visited. I went to look for a taxi, I found, I drove – the beach and the truth was worth it. I decided to move back, buses did not go. It was to overcome 3 km along the forest along the dirt road. 20 minutes I walked through the forest and finally came out on a two-way road, which is infrequent, but still melted cars. I went on the sideline, trying to go as far as possible for the lane, you never know what. Did not pass three minutes, as the car subscribed and stopped. That was a new Toyota with a migrant, as it turned out, which migrated 25 years ago from Slovakia. I asked why he stopped, I did not vote? Just followed. He said that he wondered why the guy goes one on the highway, because there are no buses and this is a Panking of Christmas Time, so I stopped if it is not necessary to pass. Honestly it struck me. Hostel $ 10 cost Christmas party with barbecue. Sausages, meat, salads. Christmas was very cheerful, international. There is something to remember.

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