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". The city is built in a hollow, towering over the sea for 7,000 feet, "Pushkin wrote. – Mountains surrounding it covered with snow most of the year. The earth of the flame, but fruit. It is irrigated by a lot of sources and from everywhere crossed by water pipes. Arzrum is famous for its water. Euphrates flows in three versts from the city. But fountains everywhere many. Everyone hangs a tin bucket on the chains, and good Muslims drink and not grip. There is rivalry between the Arzrum and Constantinople, both between Kazan and Moscow."

At the beginning of the last century, in times.WITH.Pushkin, this city, founded about 415 as the Byzantine Fortress Feodosiopolis and repeatedly passed from hand to hand (Arabs, Armenians, Selzhuki), called Arzrum in Russia. Our great poet in 1829 traveled and shared his impressions about this region in a wonderful way. Besides. There is almost nothing in Russian about the mountain Turkey, which in the minds of modern Russian tourists are associated with Istanbul and Ankara, Antalya and Kemer, with ancient monuments of history, flowery bazaars, fruit, lula-kebab, wonderful beaches. Ski Countries – Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Even Spain with Sierra Nevada. But Turkey.

Today between Istanbul and Erzurum no rivalry, of course, no. Civilization put everything in its place. But today, the water of Erzurum, which is needed to drink exactly the raw, from the source or in the hotel straight from the tap, without a cup, staring out, is famous for all Turkey and Europe. The neighborhood of Erzurum and its ski resorts are famous for.

– For several decades of life associated with mountain skiing, "says Viktor Danilin, director of the Training Center of the Federation of Skiing and Snowboard of Russia, – I have seen a lot of beautiful places in the Caucasus Mountains, Tien Shan. Alps and middle strip of Russia, descending from all sorts of slopes at a variety of snow. To these places had to travel for a very long time: by train, by plane, sometimes for hours by car, then on foot! What you can’t do for pleasure Slice Skiing from the Mountain!

For the first time I saw the mountains of Turkey 6 years ago and was surprised by the fact that my way from home to the hotel in Paratokesen is only 5 hours of comfortable travel. Living conditions, food – gorgeous, but the main thing is for the skier – the mountain. Snow, silence! The presence of lifts and ski instructors, as well as patrols (gendarmes) on alkaline skiing makes rest in the mountains of Turkey calm, homemade.

All sorts of slopes, from green to black, allow the skier to choose the descent to its discretion, it all depends on your ski preparation and well-being.

Every year in Turkey, I purchased friends among instructors, because many of them speak Russian. Together with them a lot of interesting descents in Uludage. Palandokesen. Sarykamyshe, Cartalka. Our schools on learning, demonstration of ski techniques are very similar, contact of Turkish and Russian ski teachers contributes to the development of ski tourism and sports, friendship between our countries.

– It is in Turkey that there are all the conditions for skiing the skiers of any level, confident Anastasia Shilina, a charming instructor of the ski club "Torpedosyl". – A variety of slopes, from the most gentle to those where they need to show coolness and skill, causes interest in people of any age, position and temperament. On well-groomed highways, not boring youth, loving speed, cool descents and risk, nor family couples loving calm, tourist riding. For those who are used to descending slowly, contemplating the beauty of the mountains, azure sky. absorbing the rays of the mountain sun, there is an excellent color track length 12 km, walking through the mountains right until the hotel itself. You can even leave your children for the whole day with an instructor who will teach them and follow their safety on the slopes.

From the windows of the hotel, located just 50 meters from the lift, you can watch newcomers that are just started to dip in this ski world. They still do not dream of descents on the black (most difficult) tracks, it would still have to resist their feet and accurately fulfill all the requirements of the instructor who puts them on this limitless, interesting and sometimes dangerous way – the way of the skiing. Even if you do not have any skis, no boot, no ski suit, you will not stay away from this holiday. In the rolling point of the hotel you will select the necessary gear or you can buy everything you need here in the store.

And who did not hear about the famous Turkish "Swedish table"! Yes, after such an abundance and such a number of kilocalories, you will certainly not be able to stream in your room, and hurry up the mountain to your instructor or, in the extreme case, in the gym or pool. In hotels there are fireplace halls, and several cafes, and night show discos, and video clips, and billiards – all that will allow you to pass the evening, if you are not a fan of evening riding, when everything looks mysterious when the searchlights seems What are you flying on skis by the clouds, illuminated by the shine of night shining.

In the editorial office "Traveler" many letters and responses from tourists accumulated, with the help of Moscow tourist companies who visited the ski resorts of Turkey. Among them both professionals ski and people who have never descended on skis from the mountains. Conclusion One: Recommended! Great service in hotels, cleanliness, friendliness and respectful attitude towards tourists from Russia and just the former USSR, silence, comfort, atmosphere. providing peaceful peace, so necessary to all of us. staying at home in constant stress and struggle. Take a trip to Erzurum in the footsteps of the author "Evgenia Onegin" and "Wonderful moment" – Wonderful moments in the mountains of Turkey, where the air is clean and transparent, as anywhere, and ice water resembles childhood, where everything just began when after riding on golden slopes, as if painted on a bright blue canvas with an old master, after a pair; with a hissing pink crust of a kebab or kebab under the stack of Rakia you admire passionate oriental "Driving belly" Or inhale with all the creature with its smell of hot needles in the bath, – these moments will be remembered forever.

Ski Center "Palandoches" Located on a mountain Palandoken that in the east of Anatolian region, 5 km from the south-west from the city of Erzurum. Catania zone is located at an altitude of 2200-3125 m above sea level. Thickness of snow cover – about 2 m. The climate in the area is continental, and during the winter season periodically snow falls. All tracks prepare snowstore (randics). Snow Pokrov Saves 150 days. The most favorable period – from December 10 to May 10.

Palandoken – High mountain, riding on the top section of unprepared skiers is undesirable, and for beginners is dangerous. Acclimatization passes quickly and painlessly and on the third day can be devoted to skating all day. From the very top go down two black tracks and one red. Bully below, from a height of 2930 m, two red and one green trails passing along the southwestern slope of the mountain. The Red Track goes to the northeast, which goes into the green, and the skiers fall on it to the beginning of a raggy road or a hotel. A large number of shorter routes makes it possible from the first hours of stay at the ski resort to pass active acclimatization and prepare for more serious descents.

The network located on the mountain lifts of various systems and types allows the skiers to comfortably reach the start of the start and get to anywhere in the skiing area of ​​Palandoches Mountain. Nearby there is a wild resort for Frearyda lovers (skating out equipped tracks).

Diverse leisure (skating, shopping. Night disco) is especially attractive for family holidays. Interesting excursions are held in the city of Erzurum and Trabzon.

Travel to Erzrum

Uludag National Park – Turkey Ski Park – located in the south of the Marmara region, 150 km from Istanbul and 35 km south of Bursa.

Wide, well-groomed tracks are most suitable for novice skiers and children. For experienced skiers there are longer and steep tracks outside the forest zone. Snow Pokrov remains from December 20 to March 20. The thickness of the cover reaches 3 m.

Trails have a different length and complexity. For acclimatization is not required long time and you can ride from the first day.

There are 9 chairlings and 5 bougiel lifts. Every hotel has its own lifts. There are cable lift.

The highest point above sea level 2547 m. Ski zone – 1765-2232 m. Total stretch length – 16175 m. The longest descent – 3000 m.

The resort has a large selection of entertainment concerts of live music, discos, bars and t.D. Personal excursions are held in.Bursa (the first capital of the Ottoman Empire) and the thermal sources. You can taste kebabs in nature.

Ski resort in Sarykamyshe. This resort takes skiing from October 20 to April 15. For lovers slide on non-crushed slopes and on excellent winter snow – this is the perfect place. Novice skiers will receive true pleasure from sloping descents.

The total length of the descents is 16300 m. The longest descent is 6200 m. The ski area is located at an altitude of 2169-2700 m. A variety of excursions are organized in.Kare (architectural monuments of the era of Urartu, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, the Hunting Palace of Catherine II). There are discos, shopping.

Travel to Erzrum

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