Travel to Finland Features of rest in 2020

Travel to Finland: Features of the rest in 2020

In the north of Finland, the need for housing is much more important than in climate more warm countries. As a result of the rapid cottage construction in the 1970s and 1980s, the Housing Fund of Finland has been significantly updated. Compared with other European countries, the new and high level of Finland. Many Finns want to have cottages in Helsinki, living in their own house, surrounded by their yard. In Finland, urbanization began later than in other European countries. And many Finns, which have become citizens, dream of more relaxed rustic life. In order to acquire your own cottage and spend the summer in nature, many agree to have an apartment in the city of less.

Cottages in Finland, also dream of removing many Russians, mostly from St. Petersburg. Cottages are mostly standing on the shores of lakes and the sea shore, thus attracting our tourists, in many you can live in winter. Every house must necessarily have a sauna, a sauna for Finn is a holy, like a tea ceremony for the Japanese. From here and a large selection of rental suggestions &# 8211; stay best in a private institution than in a fashionable hotel &# 8211; I recommend on my personal experience regular trips to this country.

What to see in Finland first?

In Finland, there are quite a few attractions, no wonderland call it &# 8211; excursion program here is saturated, quite easily skip something. In the list of key places for visiting I recommend to include:

  1. OlafSborg Fortress in Suwonlinn &# 8211; Ancient majestic castle, spreading on the shore of the lake. Located near the border with Russia, refers to the era of the Middle Ages, well preserved.
  2. Lemmeni National Park in Lapland &# 8211; And this picturesque place is focused on nature lovers. The edges are wild, but, at the same time, clean, lovers of extremes can use for the movement of the boat.
  3. Turku Castle in the town of the same name &# 8211; The building, built by 8.5 centuries ago, survived several eras and the change of power, was attacked and the Danes, and Russian. In the chapel, you can arrange a wedding ceremony.
  4. Village Santa Claus in Lapland &# 8211; Sightseeing, which is clearly needed to visit in winter, when the streets are decorated, garlands light up, and fabulous characters roam around the roads. Ideal for traveling with children.
  5. Suomenlinna fortress in Helsinki &# 8211; A large complex of structures, erected at the beginning of the 19th century, had important strategic importance, and today attracts tourists on excursions.

Also in the list of the attractions recommended for visiting, it is worth incorporating the Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki, the church in the rock, which is the most original temple of Europe, the Turkish Cathedral.

What attracts tourist in Finland?

Finland &# 8211; Country attractive for tourism, stable society, pure untouched and attractive nature – this is what the manitis of our compatriots take a rental of cottages. Different musical festivals are held every year, various congresses and other international events. Many of our tourists meet New Year in Finland and celebrate Christmas holidays.

In Finland, you can also deal with many kinds of winter sports, great opportunities for fishing and hiking through the forest, picking mushrooms and berries. In general, to rent a cottage in Finland, the necessary and useful work. Therefore, many of our tourists book real estate in Finland or remove it for a full-fledged holiday in nature.

Conduct May holidays or summer holidays in Finland in your climatic zone, for the inhabitants of the North-West is useful for health because when traveling to the south to hot countries 2 or 3 days acclimatization passes, temperature under 40 degrees and many people do not endive out this period. So half the vacation time passes. Yes, and the principle of privacy means a lot to us, after all, to rest in nature, away from the city bustle and most importantly, the most importantly in large resorts is not always possible.

When it is better to go to rest in Finland?

The bulk of tourists visits Finland in high season (summer months) and, of course, on Christmas holidays. I will tell you about several recreation features at different times of the year:

  • winter &# 8211; Pleases fluffy snow cover, polar shine, walking in a dog harness, real embodiment of the winter fairy tale;
  • Spring &# 8211; There are few tourists, prices are low, but the weather is raw, the crushed, cool, I don’t want to walk at all, Nature has not yet had time to ride after hibernation;
  • summer &# 8211; moderately warm, but not hot, comfortable in July, at the same time the polar day lasts, when the sun almost leaves the skysclap;
  • autumn &# 8211; The weather will noticeably deteriorates in early September, landscapes are familiar to Russians, and snowfall starts since October, but rest is still comfortable.

For excursions to Finland, it is better to go to the summer months, the weather can raise an unpleasant surprise. On the other hand, the winter months are more suitable for entertainment or family holidays, but prices are essentially higher, it becomes harder to book housing, so the lease needs to take care in advance.

Relax in Finland stands at any time of the year &# 8211; This amazingly beautiful country is ideal for travelers. It is especially attractive for residents of the Northern Regions of Russia, for example, from St. Petersburg to Helsinki for cars we get in 5 hours, and this is taking into account the passage of the border. Unambiguous advice &# 8211; It is worth a ride if you want a variety of unusual rest, no matter in winter or in summer, in nature or in the city. My recommendation &# 8211; Highlight at least a couple of days to inspection of attractions and beauty of nature, be sure to try Finnish dishes and just walk around the streets, enjoying cleanliness.

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