Travel to Finland – where to go? Top 5 places

Tourists go here for cruises in the Baltic, delicious fish, rest in the mountains and a saturated cultural program.

Country Finland – 5 best places to visit tourist

Planning a trip to Finland, you should choose a direction for a trip that meets the wishes of the tourist. This country is famous for the abundance of recreation sites where you can spend time, admiring snow-covered landscapes, in the company of the local Santa Claus or surrounded by the reindeer. Russians come to Finland due to the proximity of the border – the cost of the road is minimal. So where to go to the tourist for the first time?

Holidays in Helsinki – Features of the Finnish capital

Start acquaintance with Finland better, going to Helsinki – you can come to the capital, both in winter and in the summer. What do you do here?

  • visiting parks and streets with incredible architecture;
  • rest on the lake or on the archipelago islands in the neighborhood;
  • entertainment – festivals and parties;
  • recreation in local cafes with national cuisine;
  • Shopping in boutiques and shopping centers.

The easiest way to get to Helsinki is a bus from St. Petersburg, travel time is 6 hours, ticket price – about 23 euros. Also from Pulkovo Airport, aircraft are sent daily by following 55 minutes.

Tours to Lapland for the New Year

Choosing where to go to Finland with children, tourists prefer Lapland. This is the residence of Finnish Santa Claus, similar to the one that is located in Veliky Ustyug. In Lapland, there are no architectural attractions, and you can see:

  • Village Kilpisvyarvi – Located on the border with Sweden and Norway;
  • Center of Culture of Olenevodov Inari;
  • Ski resort Levi with saturated nightlife;
  • Resort Luosto – Opened recently, conquers wildlife and clean air;
  • Travel to Finland - where to go top 5 places
  • Saariselka – Older people come here to ski, the atmosphere is calm;
  • Santa Claus village, where folk festivities are held at Christmas.

You can arrive in Lapland by train, bus or car. True, in winter it is worth being careful – the roads are ignition, manage the car is harder.

Tampere City – Cultural Capital of Finland

For those who prefer excursions to Finland with cognitive purposes, the best choice will be the city of Tampere. In addition to attractions, there are more than 20 unique museums here:

  • espionage;
  • Police;
  • contemporary art;
  • Lenin;
  • Mumiy and trolls.

Tampere is a favorite place to stay Finns, and if you like active entertainment, you can visit Syrkiannia’s rest park.

Attractions Finland-city Turku

The oldest Finnish city is located in the southwest of the country. Why tourists go to Turku?

  • For inspecting the Cathedral and the Abocho Castle;
  • To visit the Ethnographic Museum in the Open Sky;
  • for christmas festivities on the main square;
  • To visit the winter bazaar;
  • To dine in restaurants overlooking the river;
  • for relaxation at the festivals held in the summer.

A trip to Turku can be combined with a visit to Sweden – Cruise liners are sent straight to Stockholm.

Tour in Savonlinna – inspection of vintage locks

Country Finland is famous for the beauty of wildlife, and Savonlinna’s province did not exception. Here you can admire lakes, visit the Kolovsey National Park and Linnananari – Landscapes will conquer an absolutely any traveler.

In addition, it will be possible to inspect the vintage locks, including the fortress of Olavinlinna and OlafSborg, which are located on the river coast. Architectural delights – rarity for Finland, as most structures were destroyed during the retreat of the Germans, and those that have survived – today for the weight of gold.

Excursions to Finland – what to see?

Do not know where to go to Finland? Choose routes where many attractions. So, tourists are popular with the following objects:

  1. Fortress Sveaborg in Helsinki– There are many monuments related to the Russian history, the price of a ticket for 7 euros;
  2. Senate Square Helsinki – Handsome cathedral and monument to Emperor Alexander the second are the pearl of this place;
  3. Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki – Orthodox shrine, built in the spirit of modernism;
  4. Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Helsinki – the scale of construction is impressive, refers to the Lutheran Church;
  5. Sculpture Park Weeie Renkken Near the village of Parikkala – hundreds of figures with real teeth cause a storm of emotions. Park is 1 km from the Russian border, the entrance is free.

However, one excursion to Finland will not be enough to inspect all the attractions of this amazing country. Lakes, picturesque parks, entertainment centers, museums – travel program is distinguished by a busy schedule, and it is not necessary to miss exactly.

Travel to Finland – Useful Tips for Tourists

A trip to Finland will be immaculate if you follow simple advice and recommendations of more experienced tourists:

  • Finns understand English, so there will be no difficulties with communication, service in large tourist centers is provided in Russian;
  • Moving around the city is better on the bike, its rent per day will cost 5 euros;
  • Urban museums regularly spend open days – familiarized with the schedule, you can save on tickets;
  • Taxi in Finland – Cheap Pleasure, the minimum trip will cost 20 euros, and from the center of Helsinki to the airport you will be taken over 50 euros;
  • You can not go to the northern country and do not try fish dishes – specially appreciated delicacies from white wild fish;
  • Water is clean here, so you can even drink it from the crane – to spend money on the purchase of drinks in bottles is optional;
  • Inexpension dinner can be in all establishments that Lounas is served, this is a business lunch, the price is about 12 euros, there are also many places where a buffet is working;
  • Try to behave calmly and speak quietly – respect the national traditions of the country in which you come.

Fabulous journey to Finland is not only a visit to the ski resorts and the Motherland of the local Santa Claus. And in the summer, this country is beautiful, and its nature and attractions conquer at first sight.

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