Travel to India. Agra and surroundings. Taj Mahal

Hello everyone! With you Tanya and today we will go to India, namely the most famous city of India – Agro. We will visit the palace and the tomb of Akbar the Great, yes, yes, in honor of which tea is named. We will see the symbol of eternal love Taj Mahal and his little copy of Baby Taj. We will visit the city of Ghost, and of course feeds pigs!

Today Agra – This is the main tourist center of India thanks to the majestic Taj Mahalu. But no less well known Agra was in the past, because this city was the main administrative center of Mughal Empire. And here preserved the Fort Palace of Akbar Great – Padishah Empire and His Tomb. And there is a tomb in the suburb of Agra in Skandre

Akbar Great was a descendant of Genghizhana and Tamerlan, the grandson of the founder of the Dynasty of the Great Mogolov Babur, and the rules it as much as 49 years from 1556 to 1605.
During his reign, culture, art and science developed, the country with it flourished.

Ankbar has made many major military, state and religious reforms. Strengthened the power of his dynasty. So it is honored as one of the best Muslim rulers.

Designing his tomb in Skandre, Akbar Great began himself, approximately in 1600, that is, more than 400 years ago. The construction was completed after his death in 1613. The tomb is a chic memorial complex, surrounded by a large square of square form

The building of the tomb of Akbar Great was built from the highest quality and expensive materials – White marble and red sandstone. Walls and gates are decorated with artfully laid out multicolored mosaic and thin ornament.

Inside the tomb is rich in it quietly, cool and calm. And here is just incredible acoustics with secret arches for communication.

We will return to Akbaru a little later. And now talk about his grandson with Shah Jahan, or rather about the most famous landmark of India, which he built – Taj Mahalev.

Taj Mahal or a symbol of eternal love, because he was created for the sake of a woman who conquered the heart of the emperor of the Great Mogolov Shah-Jahan.
According to the tradition of Shah, like any Indian ruler, there was a numerous harem, but he loved only his third wife, which Mumtaz Mahal or «Palace decoration».

Shah loved his wife so much that trusted and consulted with her in everything. Mumtaz-Mahal accompanied the ruler in military campaigns, attended all the events of the state level, and if she did not have any event, he was just postponed.

Mumtaz Mahal managed to give a spouse of 13 children, but she could not survive 14 childbirth and died at the age of 38. Before leaving the woman asked the spouse to build a real mausoleum into her memory and never marry. Shah acted!

For construction, he convened more than 22,000 people from all over the empire and surrounding states. The best masters worked above the mausoleum. In architecture, several styles are intertwined, notes are traced from Persia, Islam and Central Asia.

Shah-Jahan left the descendants a lot of architectural attractions, but it was the Taj Mahal who knows all over the world!

Travel to India. Agra and surroundings. Taj Mahal

From the Taj Mahal we reach the Red Fort Agri.

Fort Agra reminds a carved box, thanks to unique architectural forms, generous use of red stone and decorative marble inserts. These materials preferred the Akbar Great himself. True, the subsequent ruler Shah Jahan, remember who built the Taj Mahal, who wished to expand the and without that major structure, insisted on further use in the construction of a white marble, supplemented with gold inserts and precious stones.

After examining Agra, we will go to the suburbs, to the abandoned city of Fatechpur-Sicry.

The history of creating the ancient city of Fatechpur-Sicry or as it is also called the ghost cities unusual.

Indian emperor Akbar Great, remember in the tomb and the palace of which we have already visited, very much about the son. But the sons were not born and then he came to the famous sage and asked him blessings. Very soon the emperor became a father and, being out of himself from happiness, swore on the occasion of such a joyful event in his life to build a new city. He performed his promise by erecting near Agra, unique in his beauty and mystery city Fatechpur-Sicry.

The city was built in 1565 and existed due to lack of water only just over 15 years. 450 years have passed, and the walls and palaces still stand in the form as at the life of Shah Akbar, all this time the city was as it couldweed, because people simply left overnight.

Now I think you know why go to Agra and what to see in it except the famous Taj Mahala. Well, if you plan to visit other cities of the Golden Triangle of India, then you will definitely visit Jaipur. About Jaipur Smoke Other My Video. To new meetings! Bye

Travel to India. Agra and surroundings. Taj Mahal

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