Travel to India: attractions, natural parks, sea resorts

After all, it was here that the main world religions were born, the fate of Europe and Asia intertwined, the largest trading paths crossed.

Mysterious Republic of India – Attractions and Dicks

Make a travel route stands in advance. This will help you with a brief acquaintance with several pearls from Indian Necklaces of man-made and natural wonders.

  • Temple Akshadham

The largest cult factor of the Hindus, located in Delhi, is rightly inclusive to the world book of records. A spectacular building is characterized by a rich finish: it decorates nine domes, more than two hundred columns and 20 thousand sculptures (including one and a half hundred festys of elephants). Tourists like the surrounding temple magnificent parks, a canal for boat walks, a spectacular show of musical fountains.

  • Taj Mahal (Agra)

The beauty of this attraction of the Republic of India is famous for all over the world. The Grand Mausoleum of the Queen Mumtaz was built on the banks of the Jamna River in the 17th century for 22 years old workers forces. In architecture and finishing, the tomb was mixed with Indian, Persian, Islamic motives. The central building of the structure is framed by the fortress walls, and 4 minaret costs in the corners. Walls of the world masterpiece are decorated with stone mosaic and gems. Taj Mahal is surrounded by artificial ponds and decorative plantations.

  • Victoria Memorial (Calcutta)

He is the name of the British queen, which during the colonization period also owned the title of Indian Empress. The architecture of the white palace combines the Italian Renaiss Style with East Colorite, remotely reminding Taj Mahal. Inside the building there is a royal gallery of paintings, thematic exhibitions of artworks of fine art are held. A visit to the Memorial is necessarily included in a survey tour of Calcutta.

  • Caves Ajanta and Ellora
Travel to India Attractions, Natural Parks, Sea Resorts

The complex of Buddhist cave temples and monastic cheels carved in the rock over the 15th centuries ago, stretched out on Polkilometer along the Waghora River. The inputs in the caves and ceilings are based on carved or painted columns, walls are decorated with ancient frescoes and bas-reliefs. Topics of paintings &# 8211; Religious, domestic, erotic plots. You can get to Ajanta from Jalgaon, then through Aurangabad to drive to Ellora.

In this complex, the most interesting cave number 16 – Hydrophic temple dedicated to Shiva.
India attracts visitors not only by works of art, but also the beauties of the original nature, unusual animals and plants. To watch the coupons of tigers in the natural zone of their habitat will allow an excursion to the National Park Kanch (Maharashtra, 70 km from the city of Mandla). Very rich in the Fauna Reserve of Somesze, located in the south of the country. Here on an area of ​​88 kV. km inhabit Leopards, Langura, Shakaly, Tigers, Pythons, many exotic. You can get to Somesze from Bangalore or Mangalore.

The best resorts in India by the sea

The length of the Arabian coast of the country is more than 6000 km. It is here that there are beautiful beaches of our planet. Each of them has its own highlight, has an atmosphere characteristic only to him, offers tourists a certain set of entertainment.

The championship in the number of beaches belongs to the state of Goa: at least 40 comfortable swimming places are located on a long strip of a total of 100 km. Fort Aguada divides this territory into two parts – Northern and South.

South Goa

Beach here are equipped for bathing, sandy and very clean. The sea is rare a storm, the water near the shore is warm. For vacationers, open their doors hotels with all amenities. Here are some remarkable resorts of South Goa

  • Aguada

The luxury beach is located right at the walls of the same fortress, built by Portuguese in the 17th century. In addition to traditional holidays by the sea, it is proposed to visit the tourist village "Taj".

  • Varga and Cavelosssim

Gorgeous beaches of the highest category stretched almost 10 km. You can settle in one of several comfortable hotels.

  • Palis

One of the little resorts, where you can easily go fishing and admire the nature – palm trees, snow-white sand, blue waves. Those who wish can ride a boat to the sea at sea with a small wooded island or to the place where dolphins frolic in the wild.

North Goa

The northern part of the state was chosen by students, musicians, informals. Vacationers have fun on discos, attend countless shops and bazaars, feed in eateries. Municipal beaches are located here: enter them free, like inventory. However, the seaside sections, fixed behind specific boarding houses, are guarded.

  • Anjuna

One of the most popular and populated resorts (is 8 km from Mapusa). It is famous for the largest in the state "flea market", where the products of Indian artisans are offered, antiques, souvenirs.

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